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    Electric utility does not recognize energy coming from powerwalls

    6.88 solar system; 2 powerwalls My two powerwalls were powered on July 10, 2022 . Since that time my electric utility has not recognized energy coming from the powerwalls to power my home and instead charged me as if the energy was coming from the grid. My smart meter was changed Jan 5, 2023...
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    Discrepancy between Powerwall data and El Paso Electric usage data

    I think I may have the answer (not sure though) I emailed Tesla concerning my situation and received the following response: I do not believe net metering goes into effect until your system receives permission to operate. Your application is in the queue to be prepped and submitted, but has not...
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    Discrepancy between Powerwall data and El Paso Electric usage data

    Lots of clouds and rain yesterday and today.
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    Discrepancy between Powerwall data and El Paso Electric usage data

    For July (since July 12 when the powerwall was powered on) the app shows 33% solar, 19% powerwall, 48% grid. for August(so far) 31% solar, 21% powerwall, 49% grid. We are in monsoon season here in Las Cruces so there are many clouds, preventing us getting the normal amount of solar during the...
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    Discrepancy between Powerwall data and El Paso Electric usage data

    I've had a 6.88 kwh solar system since 2013. On this past July 12 my new Tesla powerwall was powered on (this date coincided with the start of the El Paso Electric billing cycle). Upon receiving my first bill with the powerwall in operation I was stunned to find that my smart meter reported that...
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    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    I ordered two powerwalls in February 2021; permit was applied for in June 2021. Since then I have been unable to contact cusomer service in order to assess progress (or lack of same). Up until June 2021 I had, on my account web page, the name and extension # of an advisor (who never answered...
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    Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control not working

    Issue resolved. Why? No idea. Perhaps it was the latest update (2020.26.4), perhaps I was doing something wrong initially, perhaps the gods smiled on me.
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    Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control not working

    Thanks for the suggestion JulienW. Tried it; did not work. Scheduled Tesla mobile service for July 22 (unless it is changed by Tesla). In the meantime, I'll keep trying other solutions (short of disconnecting the 12-volt battery).
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    Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control not working

    Last Wednesday I received my HW3 retrofit. After the latest maps were downloaded Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control worked as promised. However, after I received update 2020.24.6.1 the control disables itself (via the icon on the screen) every time I try to use cruise control and/or autopilot...
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    Homelink unable to auto-close after HW3 retrofit

    I've had my Model 3 since August 2018, and from the beginning was able to program Homelink to auto-open and auto-close from 60 feet away. Last week I got my HW3 retrofit and since then have been unable to have Homelink auto-close the garage door (it will auto-open). I've programmed...
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    A TeslaCam anomaly

    Not true; it's back- without me doing anything excepting to leave the car parked for an hour.
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    A TeslaCam anomaly

    Was driving to get a haircut this afternoon when I noticed the TeslaCam icon had the gray X instead of the normal red dot. When I parked I noticed a red icon (circle with an exclamation point in the middle), pressed it, and got the message that my USB stick was writing too slowly to record...
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors under report...

    Thank you for the quick response; never thought about elevation (although I should have done so as I am aware that water boils in the high 190s here instead of 212).
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors under report...

    at least in my case. I used two separate tire gauges to check my tires after refilling. All four times (reported by the two guageswere either 44 lb or 44.5 (when cold). The monitors report two tires are 41 lb and two at 42. Not a large difference, but something to note.
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    Anyone know what this part is? Found it in my center console...

    I had the same thing happen to me when I received my Model 3 Premium RWD vehicle last August. Same part was there, and I had the same questions. And- I received the same answers as you- an extra partthatwas not needed. I'm going to give it back when I have a chance to visit a service center.
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    Model S front fascia for Model 3?

    Am I the only one who feels that the front fascia on the Model S looks much better than the plain front on the Model 3? Perhaps Tesla or an aftermarket company could market the S front logo/badge.
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    Accessing third brake light...had an insect in it

    I hope someone has an answer to your question as I have the same problem- not with an insect but with a piece of translucent tape covering part of the third brake light. Although I've tried i can find no easy entry.
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    Why isn't sentry mode default?

    I found that one has to turn sentry mode on each time he/she leaves the car. Would not it be more simple to have sentry mode as default as turn it off on the few occasions it is not needed?
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    Model 3 TPMS off by 3-5 PSI?

    I live five miles outside of las Cruces New Mexico at 4400 feet- and my tire pressure is spot on. Why an additional 800 feet in altitude would make such a difference I have not a clue. On your next service center visit you could ask that the TPMS be checked on all you tires.
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    Slow air leak in the tire

    Same problem here (Las Cruces, New Mexico). Slow leak; took it to Martin Tire; had my own set of jack pads to place in holes at lift points as needed. This was the first Tesla the shop worked on, so I instructed on what to do. Found that I had run over some type of blade as there was a longish...
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    Bluetooth won't disconnect?

    Do you use your phone as a key? If so force-close the Tesla app qhich (I hope) will do the trick. Open the app when you want to use your phone as a key.
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    Saw another Model 3 in Las Cruces today

    Parked at Walgreens. Just like mine (white) except for the wheels. Had a temporary license tag so mine may be a bit older (got mine August 4). And here I thought I was the only one in New Mexico's second largest city.
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    Phone key drains iPhone rapidly

    I believe i have figured thing out: When i first mentioned the four strings (letters/numbers combination I meant to say that this was under bluetooth connections. When I force-closed the Tesla app the four strings disappeared and the phone did not drain nearly as quickly. However, my phone key...
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    Phone key drains iPhone rapidly

    the interesting thing is, before i force-closed the app key it was not connected, but there were four different strings of letter/number combinations that were connected. These strings are what I think kept the phone connected to the car so it can be used as a key. I reopened the app after...
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    Phone key drains iPhone rapidly

    Many thanks for the info HelloJohnny. I've previously done all but force-closing the app (a great idea, so I force-closed all). As for constantly checking the app I have never done this excpet on very rare occasions.
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    Phone key drains iPhone rapidly

    Have other iPhone phone key users noticed the following: I used to charge my iPhone once every two or three days (I don't use it very much)l however since I've used the Tesla app as my key to the vehicle I have to charge daily. I presume this is because bluetooth is constantly connected to the...
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    Is my "home delivery specialist" legit?

    All was perfect, Robwoodruff- and we inspected very carefully.
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    Is my "home delivery specialist" legit?

    I worked with Grant, who had my Model 3 delivered to my home in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He always responded promptly to my questions, and told the trucking company that I did not want a night delivery. Everything went extremely well.
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry, I meant between the front seats.
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    Many thanks. It would never have occurred to me to look between the rear seats. And yes, it is an extra.
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    Found this part underneath the center console. Lying on top were the two USB to lighting cables (actually one lighting and one other). I can find no mention of tis in the manual or anywhere ese, and the part does not seem to fit anywhere. There is a sticker underneath with the part # and the...
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    A question about home delivery

    I do have a (hopefully hypothetical) question re: home delivery. My home is Las Cruces (southeast New Mexico), and I am scheduled for delivery to my home, probably in early August. If upon offloading the vehicle I find paint scratches, glass scratches, or some other undesirable problem, how...