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  1. Pluto

    Supercharger - Alexander City, AL

    Here are some pictures I took from Sunday (older than the one above)
  2. Pluto

    Supercharger - Birmingham, AL - US-280

    I was just coming here to share my pictures too! I was there on Sunday, tested it, but it wasn’t powered on yet.
  3. Pluto

    Supercharger - Prattville, AL

    Apparently a photo in this thread was featured in an Electrek news article: Tesla brings V4 Superchargers to the US – critical to Cybertruck and non-Tesla EVs
  4. Pluto

    Supercharger - Prattville, AL

    Here are some pictures I took when driving by today 😊 We have 12 V4 stalls! And as a bonus, most of these have their internals exposed. Transformer already installed! ✅
  5. Pluto

    Supercharger - Memphis, TN - 4062 Elvis Presley Blvd

    Good find, we'll have to keep an eye on it. Here's a link to the permit portal these were sourced from: Accela Citizen Access It appears to still be an incomplete application, in other words it hasn't been submitted yet. I don't think this can be added to supercharge.info until there's more...
  6. Pluto

    Supercharger - Fort Myers, FL - Gulf Coast Main Street

    For this site, all looks good now. However originally this was a single location and we don't have a way to represent OPEN > PERMIT > CONSTRUCTION locations (since the previous stalls are also closed). We're working on a way to distinguish a site and its history by each set of its stalls in the...
  7. Pluto

    Supercharger - Decatur, GA - East Ponce de Leon Ave

    Here are the property owners:
  8. Pluto

    Supercharger - Fort Pierce (Kings Highway)

    I spoke to the GM on the phone and he let me know construction hasn't started yet and he'd usually find out about two weeks before it does start.
  9. Pluto

    Supercharger - Lake City, FL - US-441

    I figured I'd call the Shell station since it's been a while to ask if there was any construction for a charging station, and they said "Not yet, there will be."
  10. Pluto

    Supercharger - Wells, ME

    We have two APIs available for further manipulation of the data, but I think we're going to restore the status text in the changes tab soon so this older behavior is enabled again. Generally you can use the "all sites" endpoint and each entry either has an "open date" or a "status days" field...
  11. Pluto

    Supercharger - Livermore, CA - Vasco Plaza (permit found, 32 stalls)

    Marco found a permit for a Tesla supercharger located at 1472 N Vasco Rd. It'll be located in a shopping center along with Rite Aid, Mountain Mikes, Starbucks, 88 Seafood Market, and more. The permit lists 32 stalls and I called to confirm it is a Tesla supercharger station (some details were...
  12. Pluto

    Supercharger - McFarland, CA (permit found, 8 V3 stalls)

    From what I can tell, it was Kern County that renamed the locality in the permit to McFarland. It originally listed Famoso (unless Marco took a screenshot after modifying the webpage).
  13. Pluto

    Supercharger - McFarland, CA (permit found, 8 V3 stalls)

    It looks like Marco has discovered and unscrupulously shared the permit with @supercharge.info here: New Supercharger along Highway 99 Ca Here is a screenshot of the permit:
  14. Pluto

    Supercharger - Guin, AL

    Thanks for sharing!
  15. Pluto

    Supercharger - Edison, NJ - US Hwy 1

    The nav is showing all stalls out of commission for this site, can anyone confirm?
  16. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tracy, CA - North International Parkway (location found)

    I haven’t talked to him since, but I’m guessing Tesla is waiting to apply for a permit until there are amenities. I suspect they’ve started construction of the building already. The permit to install the temporary power meter for construction has been completed, the commercial permits for the...
  17. Pluto

    Supercharger - Winston-Salem, NC

    Yeah I see there being two main ways to update this behavior. Displaying truncated coordinates would be the simplest change to make, and the other way would be to change how new data is inserted via API and update existing data via SQL. I’ll probably just put a PR in to change how the...
  18. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tifton, GA

    I figured I'd share this picture I found on PlugShare, which shows a very tiny sticker on the pull-in pedestal informing you it's "Intended for trailers. Please use last." I noticed the sticker last time I was here. I don't really think there's enough space on the roadway for a trailer, but a...
  19. Pluto

    Supercharger - Dublin GA

    Still shows as up for me on the map:
  20. Pluto

    Showroom and Service Center - Fayetteville GA

    I’d recommend reporting the first post of the thread and including the suggestion.
  21. Pluto

    Supercharger - Grass Valley, CA (LIVE 25 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    There’s two more in the background by the building, all by themselves:
  22. Pluto

    Supercharger - Lodi, CA (Permit not found)

    The only thing I found at that address is a 4 year old weed abatement permit: Community Development | San Joaquin County
  23. Pluto

    Supercharger - Dublin GA

    As of today, the supercharge.info editor team can now edit locations on the map from their mobile devices, which is something that stopped me from making updates since I’m mostly checking TMC on the go. So if you do post an update, that may help us get it published there sooner.
  24. Pluto

    Supercharger - Grass Valley, CA (LIVE 25 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Permit was issued a couple months back, I happened to be visiting this area today and found the site is under construction. The location is actually on the side of the Dollar 25¢ Tree, split up on either side of the alley way. Two pull in stalls, the rest are back in. At least two stalls are out...
  25. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tracy, CA - North International Parkway (location found)

    Right it’s not confirmed yet. All he knew about the supercharger is it’s supposed to be in the parking lot with these amenities at this address and that the permit is going to be submitted in the next few weeks. I didn’t see your post earlier either otherwise I would’ve mentioned it, sorry!
  26. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tracy, CA - West Grant Line Road (LIVE 21 Apr 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Found it! It'll be on the very edge of town by the 580/205 interchange: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/supercharger-tracy-ca-north-international-parkway-location-found.280768/
  27. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tracy, CA - North International Parkway (location found)

    Today I spoke to my friend in city hall and asked about the second upcoming location for a Tesla supercharger in Tracy, CA. He said it's coming to a future location tentatively called Promontory Station and that the address is at 815 North International Parkway. Like much of the construction on...
  28. Pluto

    Supercharger - St. Augustine, FL - World Commerce Pkwy

    Stopped by today, I can’t tell that any significant work has been done but fencing was removed.
  29. Pluto

    Supercharger - New Plymouth, New Zealand

    It looks like Tesla removed the coming soon pin for this site from their map. It would be good to have a follow up on this site.
  30. Pluto

    Supercharger - Daleville, VA

    It looks like Tesla removed the coming soon pin for this site from their map. It would be good to do a follow up on the permit for this site.
  31. Pluto

    Supercharger - Albany, GA

    Yeah I’m gonna get clarification with the planning office over the phone tomorrow. I checked and technically this is barely in Lee County and I believe outside of the city limits. I bet you’re right though. It borders the Toyota dealership too, they’re not exactly buddies either 😛
  32. Pluto

    Introducing the Official TMC Native iOS and Android Apps

    I got an ad for the same app again, this time with a focus on that 36-24-36 figure. At least the number of ladies is being reduced, but she’s hiding her face 🤦
  33. Pluto

    Introducing the Official TMC Native iOS and Android Apps

    Found an ad centered on women’s chests with literally no description until you click it, not sure if this fits your advertising guidelines: Here’s what it links to: ‎Cozy - Group chat room
  34. Pluto

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    Tesla should just select random owners once they plug in every X vehicle charges at a location and offer them temporary free charging to take the trash to a designated dumpster or something. Then the owner needs to upload a picture of the location before and after to the Tesla app and the refund...
  35. Pluto

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    Lol I think you caught them mid-edit, nice sleuthing!
  36. Pluto

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    Instead of making it complicated combining boolean logic, I think having a simple “Any of the following” and “All of the following” radio buttons should be used. Then leave out the “Unread content” from your filter and in the list of results look for anything with a red dot to the left. I made...
  37. Pluto

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    It looks like it's an option when clicking the vertical ellipsis on the top right of every page now, that is probably the easiest way to access what you used to before:
  38. Pluto

    "What's new" link in navigation bar going away soon - here is how to keep it

    Wow this is my first time using the "New" feed and I'm loving it. I was able to set it as the home/default, and won't need to use the "Watched Threads" link anymore. Just two questions: is there any way to hide the filter at the right of the "New" feed, and is there any way to revert my...
  39. Pluto

    Supercharger - Huntsville, AL

    I’d be able to do that. Where do you see that someone charged this morning though? There have been lots of false reports of people plugging in but not actually getting a charge before, so pictures are useful to make sure we don’t make a mistake.
  40. Pluto

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL - South College Street

    This location is currently running! Stalls 2A-2D appeared to be trying to stay cool; I could hear them making sounds lol.
  41. Pluto

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL

    In case anyone wasn’t aware, a new Auburn supercharger location is near completion off E University Dr and S College St (Winn-Dixie): Supercharger - Auburn, AL (Winn-Dixie)
  42. Pluto

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL - South College Street

    Just stopped by, transformer is installed but there is no power at the moment. There’s also some loose cut cables and useful signage telling you which stalls to plug in with.
  43. Pluto

    Showroom and Service Center - Fayetteville GA

    Finally a possible service center on Atlanta’s southern side! I will definitely appreciate this location.
  44. Pluto

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL - South College Street

    Wow that was incredibly fast. I swear I checked the permit portal only a couple weeks ago and there were no results, yet it was issued April 1. Obviously the transformer is still needed but I'll keep an eye on the location and post any updates. Separately, another permit was issued to install an...
  45. Pluto

    Supercharger - Newnan GA

    This supercharger has been working well, but today we tried charging on stalls 2C and 2D and they appeared to have no power (button didn’t respond when vehicle was unlocked, charge port showed no colors when plugged in, vehicle said “Ready to charge”). Someone was plugged into stall 2B but they...
  46. Pluto

    Tesla Supercharger network

    That’s off-topic to the current discussion bro, this is the regen vs. coasting hypermiling thread. Please use the godforsaken search function.
  47. Pluto

    Unsubscribe from Podcast Notifications

    So it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to unsubscribe from the new TMC podcast’s notifications. Does anyone know how to do this, and if not possible can it be added in? I would’ve thought I could hit unwatch, but it doesn’t seem like that’s why I’m getting notifications. I don’t even mind them...
  48. Pluto

    Tesla Supercharger network

    I haven't traveled much over the last year since leaving California but I haven't heard much about lines/waiting to charge at superchargers. How is this problem currently, specifically in 2021 and more recently? Are people in California still seeing regular lines in high demand areas (ie. Bay...
  49. Pluto

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Plaza (LIVE, 14 V2 stalls)

    Hey y'all, how's this station doing these days, does it still have regular lines and have the other San Ramon and Dublin superchargers helped at all? Did the V3 upgrade ever complete? Also how many new stalls will it be if it's an expansion?
  50. Pluto

    Supercharger - Tracy, CA - West Grant Line Road (LIVE 21 Apr 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    It’s a shame that Arby’s is in such a sketchy looking part of town. But if you are stopping by there, I highly recommend trying out the starbread down the street (I remember it as Ling Nam Express but they might’ve changed the name since I left California). That is a fantastic snack for the car...