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  1. winehillranch

    Software Update 2019.4.x

    How can I tell if I have Autopilot 1 or 2?
  2. winehillranch

    2014 Pearl white Model S 85

    SOLD! Congrats to Sean, you were a great buyer. Safe travels!!
  3. winehillranch

    2014 Pearl white Model S 85

    2014 Pearl white Model S 85 This car has been garaged always, hand washed always. 85kW battery, pano roof, 19" upgrade wheels, tan leather, obeche wood gloss, tech package, parking sensors, ultra hi fi stereo, premium interior lighting, subzero weather package, parcel shelf. Also...
  4. winehillranch

    2014 Model S 85 Kw for sale

    I decided to sell my 2014 Pearl white Model S 85 Kw, 9K miles. We moved to a ranch and it's not a good car for that type of area.It's like new, always garaged and hand washed. $70,000 email me for pix, can't upload here for some reason. thanks, stacie [email protected]
  5. winehillranch

    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Does anyone know if the new software update will install while the car is plugged in and on wifi,or do we need to activate it somehow? My car is parked elsewhere and I can't get to it for 6 weeks.
  6. winehillranch

    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    I should have thought of that. bwahahaha my husband will never notice, and he doesn't drive it anyway! He loves his '92 diesel MBZ.
  7. winehillranch

    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    well are you drooling? Are you considering trading up? I'm not allowed to yet....
  8. winehillranch

    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    OK, I'm just wondering. Yes I have the regular version, a S 85 and no P or +. (I had to cut myself off somewhere when ordering ). So, the D's are fast, and will the increase in acceleration time from 3.2 to 2.8 be useful? How fast has anyone had theirs, and don't you feel a little sick from...
  9. winehillranch


    Hi, Does anyone know of a good charging site in Bakersfield? I see there's no superchargers except Lebec Rd south of Bako, but I'm driving E on 46 to Bako for occasional work. Wondering if there's any decent way to charge there, coming back without a charge would be dicey. Thanks in advance,
  10. winehillranch

    What's your favorite trip planning app?

    Hi, THanks in advance for your answers. I am searching for a great Tesla trip planning app. I've tried a couple but haven't found a super user friendly one yet. My husband is suffering from range anxiety, the tesla is really mine, and I need to find a great app so he won't make me travel in...
  11. winehillranch

    Range Anxiety in desert

    Hi, I asked re route suggestions for Paso RObles to Tucson, and a couple of you were very helpful. However, I'm wondering, after a night of charging at Indian Wells Resort near Palm Springs, how's that long leg til Quartsite, it's over 200 miles and up hill at parts - anyone have experience in...
  12. winehillranch

    My mother is afraid to drive her model s P85!! please help

    tell her it is dangerous then you take it so she will relax. bwahahaha!!
  13. winehillranch

    Single Women Tesla Owners

    single woman owner Well, I'm married altho I might as well be single re car stuff. My husband does not care at all about cars, he's 68 and is on his second car (' 92 MBZ) before that a paleolithic Volvo. I, on the other hand, have had more cars than I can count, 356 bath tub '63 Porsche...
  14. winehillranch

    where is best tire shop in paso robles, ca

    I'm a new owner here in Paso. I know I've seen at least 2 other model S here, where does one get best tire service here in paso? ie rotation, etc. thanks, stacie ie winehillranch