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    Model X deliveries for September and beyond

    Hold on, there are others that have been able to change their code from SC04 to SC05?
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    Model X deliveries for September and beyond

    I stopped by a service center to get clarification on the FUSC transfer eligibility requirements, specifically the line that states Tesla will make an exception and honor your free Supercharging transfer request after the Dec 31, 2023 deadline if you were "provided with a delivery window in 2023...
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    2021 Refresh Tail Lamp and Charge Port Retrofit Project

    @Hotboy408 Your taillight refresh mod is SO clean bro! I've been wanting to do this on my 2018 100D since the refresh came out. Way to prove the naysayers wrong and get it done. Seriously impressed. So much respect! 👏👏
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    Chirping sound from rear passenger side

    Does it sound like a faint high pitched squeak or chirp as if something in the suspension is rubbing against metal?
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    Traffic Light Detection for Standard Autopilot or FSD only?

    Will the new traffic light/sign detection be available for all vehicles equipped with the latest standard (basic) autopilot or for FSD owners only? So sorry if this question was already answered in a previous post. Pending Model Y (non-FSD) and first-time EV owner here!