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  1. Not1Drop

    2015 S 85D 305k km, Fix or sell for salvage?

    Found a great team of professionals, through a post mrElbe had made, at Evolution Racing on Brisbane in Toronto(GTA) that were able to quickly help me find someone to sell the S85D to for salvage. Highly recommend giving Tito or Bruno a call if you're looking for pricing on repairs of any make...
  2. Not1Drop

    3rd party Tesla mechanic in GTA (Toronto)

    Thank's mrElbe, using the name and address you posted above I found Bruno at Evolution Racing along with Tito the founder. They helped me arrange selling our S 85D for parts, and it was a great experience to meet such a team of professionals.
  3. Not1Drop

    3rd party Tesla mechanic in GTA (Toronto)

    I have a Tesla S 85D currently at the Innisfil service center. With it being eight years old and 305k km, and it's passenger rear suspension having failed on 14 Feb Tesla's estimate to repair it, along with replacing the left rear and front suspension due to age and rust (cost $14-$20k) I am...
  4. Not1Drop

    2015 S 85D 305k km, Fix or sell for salvage?

    A month shy of eight years and our much loved S 85D has finally had a failure that is simply too much to consider repairing.....or should we take the $19k gamble? Quickly, after it being suggested, during an unrelated service visit in January, that the rear suspension be replaced due to age and...
  5. Not1Drop

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Similar to several others who've posted we also had paid for the repair, at Tesla Service May 2020, however the result just posts ineligible after clicking submit and the top fields are blank. Also paid late in 2018 to replace the SD card and still have that receipt as well. Are we supposed to...
  6. Not1Drop

    A/C Compressor finally failed. But $3400??!

    i wouldn't be surprised that an increase in failure of AC units for models affected by the May 2019 update imposing charge rate and battery capacity (batterygate chargegate) are related. Our 2015 AC has recently failed and we're nervously waiting for our SC appointment in anticipation of yet...
  7. Not1Drop

    MCU1 S Owners: Logic FOR/AGAINST Tesla's $2,500 "Infotainment Upgrade"? (Not required for FSD)

    Not interested in upgrading to watch Netflix when the battery range and charge rates should be restored for our generation of car to what we'd purchased. Seem's costly to spend $2500 USD so we can be entertained longer while having to wait longer to reach 80%. Restore the vehicle to how it was...
  8. Not1Drop

    Tesla Offers $2,500 Infotainment Upgrade

    Sorry to vent however gradually becoming more and more frustrated with reading all the joys of a $2500 upgrade when there are issues with these generation of vehicles with MCU1 that Tesla should be fixing first. While having the ability to watch Netflix when supercharging, or not needing to...
  9. Not1Drop

    Losing charge while car is plugged in

    Yes it is normal to drop a small amount of range overnight and ambient temp can play a part. Think it can also depend on the generation of the car though. Since the battery and charge limits forced on our 2015 S85D last year our vehicle now runs it's cooling fans regardless of the ambient...
  10. Not1Drop

    Adding a 60 amp circuit for a HPWC. 200 amp service.

    We put the HPWC on a 100 amp circuit so it maxs at 80 amps, back in March of this year. So much better than the 32 amps off the 40 amp 14-50 we used before. The electrician will give you the proper answer based on your service. however you basically would have 160 amps of useable from the 200...
  11. Not1Drop

    I have to make this confession...

    My signature sort of has it covered when it comes to our mileage. We're in love with the car still after three years and all the km's or miles. There is a daily competition in our home of who's driving the most that day. Took it to Key West - Mile Zero last year, can't wait for cross-Canada...
  12. Not1Drop

    Tesla Model S recall email

    Seems like they do, unless they just take the car offsite for the day. I'm normally getting a service appointment at the same time based on our mileage and how it seems to match the seasons, so i'm usually gone with a loaner and never asked if they take them away for it. This visit in April...
  13. Not1Drop

    Could the HPWC status LED be re-designed

    As the subject reads. I'd like to have the HPWC status LED re-designed so it would be horizontal instead of vertical. Change the colour to, red when not charging, orange for trouble, and stay green for the charge, but lastly and the main reason for changing the orientation, then i'd also like...
  14. Not1Drop

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Started out as Blue Rocket, these days it's the same as the plate. Not1Drop. First Tesla I saw had a plate that read "No Gas" and that concept just stuck for the name of our car as well. Granted often people that don't realize the car is electric will ask if i'm an alcoholic instead.....
  15. Not1Drop

    How Much Would You Pay for MCU2 Retrofit?

    Would definitely appreciate a snappier browser, although as others have posted I'd need to see something more than just a faster processor to run the screen and apps before the cost, which I expect will be higher than $1k, could be justified. If it involved a better cellular modem and more media...
  16. Not1Drop

    1st annual check up fee? $450??

    In twice a year, tire change in spring and fall. Car get's a once over and don't mind the service every second visit as it's usually been 40k km since the last service as opposed to 20k. Only scheduled visit i've strictly followed so far was the 80k km fluid change, so guess we're coming up on...
  17. Not1Drop

    Tesla Model S recall email

    Just got mine a few minutes ago, think it is taking their Exchange server quite a while to process 123,000 emails. Funny thing is i'd just stopped at the Toronto Lawrence Service Center yesterday a short while before the announcement, too bad or I could have made an appointment for it at the...
  18. Not1Drop

    Where\how to recommend an electrician for north of Toronto?

    Recently, after having our S for three years charging on a 40amp plug, we bought and had an HPWC installed. The first question we faced was how to find an electrician in our area. The Tesla site has a handy tool however most electricians were not in our immediate area and I was concerned that...
  19. Not1Drop

    High mileage due to road trips. Continue?

    We average 150km (93 miles) per day, then at least once a week there's a trip to my head office that works out to 250km (155 miles). today's mileage is in my signature below. She's made one trip to Mile Zero from north of Toronto and my next road trip i'm hoping to head to our Head Office in...
  20. Not1Drop

    Great News! Tesla Financing Rates Dropped to 2.49%! (not anymore)

    If your budget requires 8 years you should really step back for a moment....or two....I can remember considering 72 months for an ICE when that was a new financing option and then realizing there is no way I'd keep the vehicle for six years..... What is the rate for 60 months? Would that 60 rate...
  21. Not1Drop

    Advice on choosing 75 or 100

    Don't forget, unless something has changed recently, you'll need to tack on a few hundred extra to buy the CHAdeMO adapter....it doesn't normally come with the car. While the 75 may be fine, I'd still go along with the other posters that mentioned not needing the extra 25, until you found that...
  22. Not1Drop

    Ontario Supercharger 2017 Report Card - Grade is 50% (being generous)

    I would definitely look forward to it. Sorry I should have added that although most of what is promised is delivered, we have all learned that timelines are often stretched a bit farther out. I also don't hold my breath that they'll make it to Mars by 2020 on a BFR, but I won't cast stones when...
  23. Not1Drop

    Ontario Supercharger 2017 Report Card - Grade is 50% (being generous)

    And Swift Current now shows end 2018......as does the rest of Saskatchewan....
  24. Not1Drop

    Ontario Supercharger 2017 Report Card - Grade is 50% (being generous)

    Sorry took a moment to go back and find it, he'd been exchanging messages with a follower about charging in Saskatchewan. @elonmusk 27 May 2017 "Should finish trans-Canada this year. A stop in Swift Current for sure!"
  25. Not1Drop

    Ontario Supercharger 2017 Report Card - Grade is 50% (being generous)

    Did any of us really believe that tweet, that we'd be able to drive cross country by the end of the year in the first place? Disappointed North Bay was put off to 2018, then again can still just stop in at Pinewood and have lunch instead.
  26. Not1Drop

    Blog How I Created My DIY Clear Aero Wheel Covers

    Have you seen any issue with slush or salt\sand build up now that the winter weather has arrived? Or are the covers, even for ICE vehicles and trucks, something that is only really suited for outside of winter time?
  27. Not1Drop

    Supercharger - Hamilton ON

    Gotta love seeing more of these sites suddenly coming online to try and meet the end of 2017 tag for most of them. Did I count correctly and this is another 20 charger location?
  28. Not1Drop

    Worthless internet browser?

    Would love to get Outlook Web Access so I could be checking mail on autopilot without breaking Ontario's handheld laws. Instead I spend an hour plus commuting each way listening to the phone chirp every ten minutes as yet another person forgot their password.....oh wait i could just relax and...
  29. Not1Drop

    Warming up Car Battery?

    Original Dark Blue Metallic as well!!, Nice. How many miles do you have on it?
  30. Not1Drop

    Supercharger - Concord ON

    Best news of the day!!! Had started to doubt all the charger sites on the map that reported as end 2017. Oh me of little faith. Thank you TESLA, now everyone go buy a boring hat!!!
  31. Not1Drop

    Warming up Car Battery?

    Ahh but what does everyone do when the car has been sitting in the parking lot at the office through the day and is now starting the drive home at -10C(14F) to -25C(-13F)....? Drives me to distraction sometimes when i'll start the 125km (77.6 Miles) highway journey home and will spend the first...
  32. Not1Drop

    Planning a U.S. road trip - Toronto to Key West

    Hi, I've always meant to post a long addition to the thread but work, life, kids etc...always seem to tie things up. When it comes down to it the short version would be: we had zero issues, zero range worries even coming through the mountains in winter through Pennsylvania on the way home, and...
  33. Not1Drop

    85D Whine

    Was one of the first things we checked when we took delivery. Went through the test drive and recording by the SC being sent back to Fremont. On ours it is precisely between 60 and 70 kmh. We've learned to find it normal with all the driving we do. Granted the stereo is usually on anyhow...
  34. Not1Drop

    Find My Tesla - can the car be disabled?

    Or an enhanced Valet mode, speed limit 60kmh, all lights flashing. In the near future, for models capable once the feature is released, doors, windows lock so thief can't get out, displays blank out, steering and pedals are unresponsive, then the car drives autonomously to nearest police...
  35. Not1Drop

    Assuming you have a Tesla - S, X, or 3 - what would you want as a second vehicle?

    Our other vehicle is an Explorer however it will go when either of the following happens: wait list for a 3LR (with D option) delivery in Canada is less than 4 months, or Tesla has a vehicle comparable in size (and shape actually) to either the Explorer or F-150
  36. Not1Drop

    Do you Wave or Wave Back at other Tesla drivers on the road?

    Wave at every Tesla we see, then again we're Canadians so we also say "sorry" as we wave and finish with an "eh" Ha Ha. Not worried if there is no wave back, just happy to see more and more Tesla's.
  37. Not1Drop

    Being forced to sell our two Teslas- Moving from Michigan to Ontario- PLEA FOR HELP!

    Problem the OP would face if setting up an address in MI and just keeping his vehicles and license registered there, so he's trying to get by posing as an extra long term tourist as opposed to a resident, will be when it comes time to sell the S and X in the future....since they're still US and...
  38. Not1Drop

    Ontario green plates

    Realize it's an old thread, however I can confirm from my experience using the HOV on the 403 through Mississauga this morning, that flying solo, in the epitomy of a green production vehicle, without a green plate will result in a $110 ticket. Law is the plate must be a green one. Constable...
  39. Not1Drop

    Solar power solutions in GTA

    Thanks for the replies sakimano. Sorry brucet999, had posted Toronto as GTA as I figured it would be mainly folks from up here checking the thread. i've done a fair amount of research on solar in general but was wanting to start digging more specifically with people's experience here in my...
  40. Not1Drop

    Solar power solutions in GTA

    Has anyone on here in the GTA completed going down the path of TESLA's Solar Panel and Powerwall solution? Or what about companies like EnergyGeeks.ca where they advertise doing the specs for the job and arranging with an installer in your area that they recommend? If you've done the project...
  41. Not1Drop

    New Ontario rebate payments?

    While it's been two years since we got our car i can remember that it took about three months back then. I'll dig around and see if i can locate the number but there is an Ontario gov line to call and inquire on the status of your rebate. Or check with Lawrence ave SC I believe they were the...
  42. Not1Drop

    First "mini" road trip (Ontario)

    Used to do the drive from Mount Albert to the Bay before Huntsville opened, doing a quick top up in Barrie for the drive up. Then would hit Pinewood for a bite to eat using their destination charger once i arrived and before heading south again sometimes with a pitstop in Barrie on the way...
  43. Not1Drop

    Truck Lust is a real thing...

    Just completed a 6,700km round trip from north of Toronto to Mile 0 in Key West three days ago. We use AP quite a lot as we're just hitting 99,500km in two years (today actually). Have never experienced truck lust prior to this trip though. I had multiple instances of truck lust happen going...
  44. Not1Drop

    150,000 miles. How much Energy did it use?

    Just hit 23 months and 91,000km. Works out to 56,544 miles. We should hit just short of a 100k at the end of this month after a long road trip we're taking when the car will be two years old. Anyone else celebrate their Tesla's birthday?
  45. Not1Drop

    Utility Bills and Electric Car

    Ahhh, David29, I'd almost take your 18.5 cents per kwh if that's the all in price. Granted we should probably move to a different thread about hydro prices. We're a family of five, rural so everything is electric, septic, water heater, geothermal heat and a 4000km per month S85D we only charge...
  46. Not1Drop

    Model S accident - seeking advice

    From when we had some damage a year ago the only TESLA certified shop was Excellence Auto in the GTA\Toronto area. StateFarm then, Certas now, is who we dealt with and there were no issues with our experience except at that time the adjuster didn't have a Tesla in his list of cars for doing the...
  47. Not1Drop

    Utility Bills and Electric Car

    Being rural in Ontario comes with additional surcharges compared to being in the city. In the most basic terms though, averaging about 4000km per month, we're hitting about $150 on our bill trying to be faithful about charging only during low rate hours, setting the time on the charging screen...
  48. Not1Drop

    Planning a U.S. road trip - Toronto to Key West

    Hey there, thanks. Hadn't expected any more posts. Actually i'm one of those guys that likes to keep a 15 to 20% buffer anyhow. We quite often will make little side trips along a given path although this will be our first long haul in the Tesla, just a bit under 6000km round trip. One thing...
  49. Not1Drop

    Frunk Security Issue - can be opened without a key - Feature not a bug

    But am i the only one that puts Beer and Ice Cream in the frunk in the winter?
  50. Not1Drop

    Pet Names for the Model S

    She started out as Blue Rocket because our daughter would sit in her babyseat and shout "Boost" each time we got on the highway, eventually we changed it to our plate though. Not1Drop