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    Model 3 @ Local Time Attack in 2024

    Went back and looked at your old videos, nice time at VIR Full @ 2:05. That's C8 Z51 Corvette on R compound times. Made any significant changes since then?
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    Is it really worth it getting a Tesla?

    File for a divorce or grow some balls?
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    Supercharger - Suffolk, VA

    Thanks Desmond for the pictures, excited to see new V4s in the area. I may be passing through in the next few weeks so I may stop by and check on the progress.
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    TEWAMO - Tesla Wallbox Monitor App for Android

    As a new Tesla owner and data geek, THANK YOU MeEr! Exactly what I was looking for. Too bad I charged last night and will be a few days before I can charge again for an overnight session. I'm curious to what my temps will be but at only 32A from a Model 3 RWD LFP, it should be fine.
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    Supercharger - Suffolk, VA

    Excited about this location. Perfect to top off place on the way back from Virginia Beach area to south Richmond. Especially in a LFP Model 3.