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    Keyless Car Thefts

    They can't clone your "key" though, and if they could they can't change your pin without the existing pin or your tesla credentials.
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    Stalkless....until 2026 anyway!

    This is kinda a moot point, they are just saying they need to be "buttons", which indicators are buttons now, regardless if they are on a stalk or not. The only thing that I believe doesn't meet the criteria is the SOS button which was moved from a physical button to the screen
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    EO Mini Pro 3 - Socketed (untethered), BRAND NEW just unboxed. EO sell for 1K, you can get for about £700 elsewhere, open to offers.
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    I had a call from as sales representative at Tesla today...

    There are lots of cars in the inventory at the moment, mostly for the reason the OP has mentioned. Cost of living has increased in the UK, the price of used cars have dropped considerably to what they were a few months ago (though most of those were previously overpriced because of the lack of...
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    Steam on Ryzen M3/MY?

    I wouldn't think likely, it will be for the new S/X that have much more power for gaming.
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    2022.20 .6 .7 .8 all crash and require reboot

    I have had a few times where the regen doesn't kick in for a few seconds, and the car appears to coast/continue when lifting your foot off. Happens randomly, I don't have the screen crashing though.
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    LV hiking insurance prices again

    Very few will say they will, and those that do such as novo will likely be considerably more expensive in the first place
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    How Secure Are Teslas/Tesla Thefts

    The problem is if it is put on a low rider then the GPS won't update, it only updates if the wheels are spinning. It also isn't too hard for someone to block the GPS or cellular signal either if they wanted to.
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    Tesco free Pod point charge rate

    Rarely look at the miles per hour rate, podpoints are 30amps vs 32amps for most home charge points, so you'll lose a little there, voltage also can vary. If you are in the car with heating/ac on, then that will pull the figure down more as well.
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    Does AP adjust lane position now?

    It's done this for a long time, I think more noticeable in an S or X as they are wider cars so it is more likely to move over a bit. I also agree, I don't think Tesla have made any change to AP, no reason develop the old software brand when they are focused on the vision based system.
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    Spotify question

    I've been through the whole process, I can confirm if you have no premium connectivity you don't get given the option to use it. If you are signed in and lose premium connectivity that time varies. Initially it took a long time and then there were lots of people in FB groups complaining they had...
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    Spotify question

    That is not correct, you do need premium connectivity to get the free Tesla spotify account. You may get away with using the free account if the premium connectivity expires for a little while until the session expires/tesla expire the account. If you sign out of it before then you won't be...
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    Netherlands Netflix

    Model 3's have always been esim, it is the S and X that had regular sims. They esim can still be changed by tesla (as they have remotely in the past and it caused issues for M3 owners).
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    M3 Gone Wrong

    Have you tried a power off? Sit in the car, power off from the screen, sit there for about 5mins doing nothing, wake the car up. The brake pedal does nothing on an M3 and the other reboot is just rebooting the screen, the only way to do a full reboot is to power off (which I believe is described...
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    Tyre pressure alert this morning - all values the same?

    The reason why one has triggered and not others is because of rounding, one maybe 39.6 and the screen rounds it up to 40. Pump it up and you will be good, the cold weather will affect it. You don't (and probably shouldn't) reset the tpms, it will tell you when doing so it is only if you are...
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    Insurance UK

    My insurance through churchill was about £30 cheaper than last year, I have a high excess but insure that excess from ALA which works cheaper than having a much lower excess. Churchill also do not seem to care about non-fault accidents.
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    Tesla approved dent repair

    I had some minor scuffs after a rear end, I was told my local tesla approved bodyshop charged the insurance 2.5k+, im sure a chipsaway sort of repair would have been around £500
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    Why I bought a SR+

    I agree, I wouldn't have minded the slightly added functions (speakers, ambient lighting), and faster 0-60 is also nice, but not worth the extra for me when I rarely need the range, any trips I've done I've not needed to stop off to charge, either because the round trip isn't actually that long...
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    M3 Paint quality comparison USA vs. China

    It was the last batch from Fremont, Dec 20 deliveries, that seem to have had the worst paint, mainly regarding sills of paint peeling off and peppered with stone chips. I have a Sept 19 delivery, there were some paint nibs and drips, but a year and a half on there is next to no stone chips.
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    Model Y - UK estimated dates and pricing.

    There was an SR+ for the Y briefly, but then it got pulled. I agree they should consider a RWD LR, they did have it for a period on the 3 in the US.
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    Passenger side window crack - any experiences?

    If there is an impact mark then try your insurance, otherwise if there is no obvious impact it maybe something tesla replace under warranty. Though i'd think there is less chance of it being stress related for a passenger window, normally it happens on one of the windows where there is...
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    Do you have a pocket full of RFID tags or don’t bother?

    Most have apps these days as well, a lot offer contactless too, I have a few rfid cards that I leave in the car but have never once used.
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    OTA Software Updates

    It's unlikely to meet regulations so yes, though none of the current cars in the UK have the speaker anyway, so even if it was allowed, it isn't possible :)
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    LFP battery, charge to 100% each night?

    I think there is no harm doing so, it seems some things have been floated about doing 100% once a week or so, but I wouldn't do 100% regularly, if nothing else you won't get regen braking for the first part of your journey. At the moment with hardly travelling on my non LFP battery, I have my...
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    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    For some reason mine hasn't got it, September 2019 SR+, yet it seems other September 2019 SR+ have got it :(
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    Questionable Bodyshop treatment of battery!!??

    Tesla won't because they put the car in service mode, this isn't tesla, this is bodyshops. For a while they weren't able to put it in service mode, and possible some bodyshops do not know how to.
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    Flaking paint on 2021 M3 LR

    The majority of these paint flaking seems to have been in the run up to the end of the year. Those before and those after appear to have been fine, and Elon seems to be well aware based on that interview. China seems to be pretty decent in the paint department, but so have Fremont cars after...
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    Where is regen setting on Model 3

    Tesla have said, my guess is it must have been some change to the motor which made it harder to be able to adjust the regen.
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    Questionable Bodyshop treatment of battery!!??

    My car was with a tesla approved repairer, I specifically told them, car is driveable, book it in when you have the parts you need and you have a slot in your workshop for it to go in, I know lots of bodyshops have cars sitting around for ages before they start work, was told it was a three day...
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    Insurance renewal

    Try churchill, also try negotiating with direct line, churchill put mine up on renewal by about £150, phoned them up, they made it £80 cheaper than I paid the previous year.
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    EAP [enhanced autopilot] is back

    You need to be pretty much next to the car and holding down the button, if it has a considerable slope to go down or surrounded by lots of objects that may also hinder the experience.
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    Schedule charging start time and end time advice please

    As others have said that isn't possible. You can either setup a start time, and work out by the time it will take to charge and adjust your charging limit to that. Alternatively use an app such as EV Energy, you can put in your tariff and it will only charge in off peak times.
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    Year Old - Tyre rotation / brakes

    I think Teslas recommendation is to test the brake fluid every two years (not replace), I think you can get strips or pens that will tell you how much water is the brake fluid, but since you use the brakes a lot less than a ICE i would assume it probably doesn't need to be replaced as much either.
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    Tesla don't do bodywork, they would refer you to one of there approved bodyshops. Since its damage from a key, any bodyshop should be able to do it. If you use a tesla approved it will be very expensive, and in this case there isn't really a need to. The alarm won't go off, the alarm is only...
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    Timer charging restricted to 16A?

    Normally if its seeing a max of 16amps that is what the car sees the charge point advertising, if you stop it and then start it again from the app does it then show 32? Or does it require you to unplug and plug back in before it will then see 32?
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    Other automakers using Superchargers

    Nose in yes if the charge port is at the front of the car, though that doesn't mean it will reach without partly going in another bay. But it doesn't help those that don't have it at the front.
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    Warning: Gridserve Braintree Superchargers don't support all cars - V3 CCS only

    There is a reason why it didn't show in your nav ;) Lots of new sites are V3 only (CCS) as others have said, you can pay £280 to get the upgrade then be able to use them.
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    DC charge pins cover - a warning

    I see, but 99% of the time that I would precondition the cable would be plugged in anyway, and in the case of US socket that would fill the whole socket so no air could escape anyway, so I don't really think there is any issue caused by using a cover, and i've done so for over a year now to. The...
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    Regen has mostly gone. What’s left is intermittent.

    It doesn't sound particularly wrong to me. How far did you drive, you mentioned 5 miles but that is nothing and will hardly warm the battery, especially if you aren't doing a bit of spirited driving either, I hardly ever see full regen in the winter. While it may have been 12c when you were...
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    Free premium Connectivity ending

    On third party leases it continues for free, until Tesla put a method to charge leases in place.
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    DC charge pins cover - a warning

    On an AC charge? I've never seen it, also never had any issues caused by the silcon cover and why would tesla then add a heater on if it was blowing warm air?
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    How NOT to recover a Model 3 Mr AA

    Yea I mean the main thing here is to not get to the point where you run out of juice in the first place. It's a poor show by the AA guy.
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    Other automakers using Superchargers

    I think it is most likely a small chinese company producing EV's that are likely that he is talking about, that would probably be "low key", unless Tesla are going to go round replacing all the cables of the superchargers with considerably longs ones (which wouldn't really fit in with the design...
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    DC charge pins cover - a warning

    I had a hard plastic one from ev accessories and it was hard to get out, some other people also had some from there and suggested it was pretty loose, as they are 3D printed I guess it depends which ones you get. They sent me some silcon cover which seems to be much better and I've had it on for...
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    Cost for Model 3 Tyres from Tesla

    Many people get the non TO tire version, and have reported no difference in sound, the only difference between the TO version is that it has the foam inside. Just like any car, I wouldn't go to the car company to get a tire, they don't want to replace the tire for you, but they will happily...
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    Long Trip - Chill or Sport

    Not sure what you mean by "power on tap"? It's all to do with the throttle response as far as I'm aware.
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    Got crashed into whilst stationary - Advice

    Who is your insurer? Are you speaking to your insurer? It sounds like your dealing with a claims management company? If you use your insurer and use one of there approved repairers (and assuming a tesla approved one nearby isn't one of them) then normally the repairer will provide you with a...
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    Long Trip - Chill or Sport

    All chill does is adjust the throttle response. It won't make it any more efficient than you simply pressing the accelerator slower/smoothly. Obviously if you struggle to do so then chill helps with that.
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    Home charger in block of flats?

    I know this doesn't help in your case, but thankfully my flat is a ground floor flat and my parking space is behind my flat, so other than getting written permission from my leaseholder (which took a lot of bugging), it was fairly easy, my consumer unit is in the middle of my flat, and my meter...