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    Wiki FAQ: TSLA Investor Discussions

    This is the FAQ for TMC's TSLA Investor Discussions threads. The purpose of this set of forums is to discuss items and issues relevant to investment of TSLA stock, factors affecting the stock price and personal forecasts of quarterly earnings report results. The main thread is Tesla, TSLA &...
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    *** Anyone who submitted our invoice and got denied. Appeal your denial, restate all the info from your invoice, and let them know we tested your chip for failure, Then repaired your board with a new chip. We are working with Tesla to help them approve all our eMMC repairs. *** ***Luckyluke...
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    Wiki Tracking FSD Feature Complete

    Updating this after a long time as V12 is gaining attention. Previously .... Background : In the Ark podcast Musk said they are planning to be feature complete by the end of the this year (2019). Feature complete is a specific software term that means set of features that are planned for a...
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    Wiki Supercharger - Australian Index

    NOT a discussion thread. See the individual threads linked below OR Superchargers in Australia Possible locations for future Superchargers Open (549 stalls, 91 sites) (👐 265 stalls, 44 sites) 👐 Open access for non-Tesla vehicles 🏛️ Government funding attached ⌚ Time-Of-Day pricing applies 📶...
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    Wiki Tesla Predictions Competition

    18y9gvFmC31TDVTb48uco0jPVNSspcy5feaKeHT8PzDw/pub?chrome=false&gid=306836733# 18y9gvFmC31TDVTb48uco0jPVNSspcy5feaKeHT8PzDw/pub?chrome=false&gid=480287942# 18y9gvFmC31TDVTb48uco0jPVNSspcy5feaKeHT8PzDw/pub?chrome=false&gid=333055892#...
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    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    Hi, Check out this tool I created: Tesla Model 3 Delivery Estimator Here is a screenshot: How it works: Step 1: You enter your exact reservation time and the sheet calculates a global reservation number. Let's say you entered 31st March 2016, 08:00. Your reservation number would be 1 because...
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    Wiki Tesla Service Center Stats

    1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=508601280# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=2127072447# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=863082372#...
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    Wiki Tesla Supercharger Stats

    1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=1458216633# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=2069371326# 1sxjuCM9VMtLXsIOvw_uSNbUZG4SCY4w7e_inyEDw-Kg/pub?chrome=false&gid=1302613061#...
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    Wiki Help Generating TMC User Guides

    Viewing Threads Grey thread title means no new posts. Black thread title + red dot means there are new posts. When viewing lists of threads outside of the "Watched Threads" list, a red bar on the left indicates a watched thread with unread posts. The red bar is omitted in "Watched Threads"...
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    Wiki Model 3 Reservation Tally

    Date/TimeTally 2016-05-15373,000 (2) 2016-04-13392,000 (1) 2016-04-07 10:21325,000 2016-04-02 23:59276,000 2016-04-02 07:00253,000 2016-04-01 19:26232,000 2016-04-01 10:23198,000 2016-04-01 09:11180,000 2016-03-31 20:30115,000 [/th] (1) Electrek reported by Tesla VP BusDev at AVERE E-mobility...
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    We are live at the Model 3 unveiling. Please join us in discussing the event as it unfolds.
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    Wiki Forum stylesheets

    With the redesign, there's a bit of angst about screenspace usage and formatting. I figured it might be interesting to start a thread for people to share stylesheets. Instructions for application: For those using Internet Explorer... Internet Options General Accessibility User stylesheet...
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    Wiki Direct Sales Laws

    STATEStatusStatutory textProposed Legislation Activity and other NotesTexasNo direct Sales"Except as provided by this section, a manufacturer or distributor may not directly or indirectly; (1) own an interest in a franchised or nonfranchised dealer or dealership;(2) operate or control a...
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    Wiki Setting up a free AWS cloud server for VisibleTesla etc

    Amazon AWS offer Free Cloud services for 12 months when you sign up for a new account. You get use of their smallest "instance" which is more than powerful enough to run VisibleTesla, so on request I've drafted a small HOWTO that will help you get started. After the free period runs out it...
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    Wiki Wiki p90d metrics

    This is a thread summary for P90D Metrics LINK TO NEW GOOGLE DOCS VERSION ->Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.
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    Wiki Tesla Europe Registration Stats

    This wiki belongs to the thread EU Market situation and outlook. Click HERE (CTRL-click to open in new tab) to add new data using a Google form. Any forum member can contribute. We encourage you to do so! Your entry will appear after the data is double-checked by other volunteers. If the data...
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    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    Front Door Handle? ----- ACRONYMS FWD = falcon wing doors fwd = front wheel drive AP = AutoPilot MX = Model X MS = Model S SC = Service Center DS = Delivery Specialist TMC = Tesla Motors Club ICE = Internal Combustion Engine ----- EXTERIOR and MEASUREMENT REQUESTS, GENERAL STATISTICS Q: What...
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    Wiki Trip from Ct. to Fl.

    We're planning to drive our 2014 model s down to Fl. from Ct. this Dec. It's our first road trip with Tessy. If anyone has done it, 95 south all the way. Is there a gap greater than 230 mile on the way down. We're thinking of getting a ChaDaMo adapter just as extra security. Is it necessary? How...
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    Wiki Tesla Videos List

    To other editors of this wiki: You are welcome to add new items after you check out the criteria at the bottom of the list. Tesla related documentaries longer than 20 min 2011, Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers, 44m, Youtube, LINK2, Also available on Netflix US and Canada 2011, Revenge of...
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    Wiki Tesla and Elon Musk videos longer than 20 min

    To other editors of this wiki: You are welcome to add new items after you check out the criteria at the bottom of the list. Tesla related documentaries longer than 20 min 2011, Elon Musk: Bloomberg Risk Takers, 44m, YouTube, LINK2, Also available on Netflix US and Canada 2011, Revenge of...
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    Wiki Remote S, Version 2.0 User Guide (Draft)

    This draft is for the Remote S iPhone app by Rego Apps (Allen Wong). He may edit it and use it any way he sees fit. [Note to Wiki Editors: The font is Tahoma. Select all text and change front name to Tahoma to clear font differences but don't change font size while all text is selected.]...
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    Wiki Europe 2015 Model S sales

    This wiki is now discontinued. Click here for the new wiki. Update (30 Jan 2016): We have moved to a new wiki HERE. The table and graph below are left here for archive purposes and won't be updated with new data. For the latest version of the 2015 table, check the link in the new wiki. Thanks...
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    Wiki Firmware Upgrade Tracker

    Thanks to HankLloydRight we now have a great way to track firmware upgrades and create statistics based on the data: Go to the Firmware Tracker Web-App and enter your TMC user name and pick a PIN (simply something that prevents others from modifying your data) and then enter your data there. It...
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    Wiki Model S options by year - a running history

    TESLA MODEL S - OPTIONS BY YEAR WIKI A Running History of the Tesla Model S Last update: 14 December, 2016 by ARTinCT Introduction: This WIKI is an attempt to log all hardware and design studio changes for the Tesla Model S. This doesn't include software/firmware changes. There is another...
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    Wiki Mobile Charger Comparison

    Please note: the following table looks best in a browser on your desktop PC. Model S United States t.b.d. -> any US citizen knowing what types of mobile chargers are available there? Feel free to update here or post in the discussions page. Europe Comparison of popular mobile chargers in...
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    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    **** NOTE: We have transitioned to a new platform **** More Info: Supercharging.Life database This is a friendly contest for Tesla owners to track the number of unique public Superchargers where they have charged - "Supercharger count" is the number of unique public Superchargers where you...
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    Wiki Battery table

    Please keep the table sorted by VIN. "Build date" is the date of manufacture of the car, found on the lower sticker by the driver-side door which lists "MM/YY" "Delivery date" is the date you received the car, which is on or after the build date. Battery models: P/N 1014114 is described as...
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    Wiki Supercharger Progress

    This is a wiki page about prospective Supercharger locations and their progress. Once open they can be moved to the archive table. State Location Hwy (Exit) Chargers Status Expected Open Date Notes Thread Link AR Lowell I-49 8 Under construction 1/29/2020 898 West Monroe Avenue Thread...
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    Wiki REST API Tools and Apps

    This is a simple user contributed list of tools and applications that implement the unofficial Tesla Model S REST API Programming Libraries by Language - These toolkits should help developers get started in the language of their choice. Python - PyTesla or Teslajson JavaScript - TeslaMS and...
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    Wiki Model S software/firmware changelog

    List of changes to software versions and what is known about them: Version 8.0 (v2.50.114) - December 22, 2016 (2.50.114) - Supercharger Amenities - Automatic Driver Profiles (link keys to profiles) - 5 Equalizer Settings - November 12, 2016 (2.44.130) - Bug fixes - October 28, 2016 (2.42.40) -...
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    Wiki EV Acronyms

    As might be expected in any specialized area, we use a lot of acronyms on this forum. Below is a list of some of the more common ones. To Editors: This list is only for acronyms, not for EV or Tesla specific terms like "Supercharger", "Vampire Loss", "Frunk". Add new acronyms in alphabetical...