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  1. Danny_

    Tesla Mule 1 is For Sale

    Working on it!
  2. Danny_

    The drivable "mule" (modified Elise)

    Even if we don't find or track down the drive train which I can't detail yet what stage we are in or how close, if a certain person at Tesla corporate decides to move ahead and reacquire the Tesla Mule 1 chassis, most likely it will be on display at one of our factories. Not planning to retrofit...
  3. Danny_

    The drivable "mule" (modified Elise)

    Saw Jenni's ad on craigslist and she also called into our showroom the same day I saw it that morning. Relayed the sale to some Tesla corporate friends and it has been moving up the ladder. Some questions popped up regarding where the drivetrain is now for mainly historical reasons.
  4. Danny_

    The drivable "mule" (modified Elise)

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of the drive train for the Tesla Mule 1 (Lightening Yellow) please let me know :) Trying to reunite it with the original chassis.
  5. Danny_

    Tesla Mule 1 is For Sale

    Good history :)
  6. Danny_

    NVX B.O.O.S.T. for Model S New in Unopened Boxes

    @tcoombes I'll get back to you on this when I get approval from my older folks. But interested.
  7. Danny_

    Service Centers not pushing the newest firmware

    I haven't used TeslaFi before but does it account for the different country you are in? Tesla releases different firmware updates depending on the car being NA, EU, ect.
  8. Danny_

    How much would you pay for new fobs so your car cannot be easily stolen?

    I heard a story on VIN wiki where some guy stole a car in Miami and wrapped the car in tin foil in fear the car would be tracked. I haven't seen any tin foil wrapped Tesla's yet ;)
  9. Danny_

    Avoid RPMTesla...

    Also, this delay has me kind of feel they would have forgot about my order completely if I had not emailed my order #.. but that's just me. Who knows
  10. Danny_

    Avoid RPMTesla...

    As any new Tesla owner is, we are excited about our cars. Upon research I made sure to order Sun-glass holder and just a pair of license plate LED upgrade for my 2015 Tesla MS CPO. I put the order in September 2nd. The website says "We are growing, and increasing our staff. New orders ship in...
  11. Danny_

    Tesla Wireless Phone Charger

    Sigh it kinda sucks having an iPhone 7 since it doesn't have wireless charging, otherwise I need to get a different phone case for it but the Morphie ones dont have a lightport on them and the ones from apple are weird looking and both of them dont offer great drop protection :( Wired it is I guess
  12. Danny_

    Were early 70Ds with 230 EPA?

    CPO Model S 2015 70D with 49,8XX miles on it Last week charge amounts: 80% = 185 Miles 100% = 230 Miles
  13. Danny_

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    I used to think someone gave me wrong battery in my Tesla on both my Model S 70D CPO and my new Model X 75D, then I found out the "rated" and "ideal" settings button showing indeed did not have the range I thought I did ahah... :(
  14. Danny_

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D CPO (Worth it or not?)

    Hey guys! I was due to pick up my 2015 Tesla Model S 70D yesterday but it was delayed due to a "nail in tire" & "scratch on wheel", so they are ordering a new set and rescheduling my pickup, which is fine by me because then I get new wheels and tires.. I think. Tell me, did I snag this CPO at a...
  15. Danny_

    Advise Needed - CPO: Take delivery or not ?

    I'be been hunting CPO's for about 2 months (California) now seeing new ones added and old ones bought and how the prices flux on the website at a certain time every day. That car is not worth 52k. Hard Pass for me
  16. Danny_

    how to add profile picture and contact administrator?

    This thread certainly helped me and here is my comment LOL