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  1. lumoart

    Navigation changes

    Checked, no it does not show the total travel time or total distance when using waypoints or calculating SC Stops...bummer!
  2. lumoart

    Navigation changes

    hello and thank you for your reply :-) I will test later today and report if this solves my issue..
  3. lumoart

    Navigation changes

    Hello Patrick, I'm guessing that since you are from CH, you probably speak german;) for forums sake I will keep my writing in english..First off, thank you for your answer, I know about this possibility of removing SC stops but this renders the trip planning "useless" in my opinion. Another...
  4. lumoart

    Navigation changes

    @PatrickCH4313 NO you don't...look at your screenshot, it clearly only shows you the time to the next SC Stop..no info on how many KM total for the trip or the Total time for the whole trip! Your screenshot only shows the estimated arrival time, you need to calculate the total time yourself:mad...
  5. lumoart

    Navigation changes

    @moa999 there is only the arrival soc and the round trip info...but not the total km or total driving time (including sc stops)...as soon there are sc stops or waypoints added this information seems not available anymore? This is a HUGE step back in the wrong direction, this information is key...
  6. lumoart

    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    Hello! Just wanted to check in and ask if the problem reocured since updatin to 2022.8.2? Kind of hesitant as I'm still on a pre V11 Holiday Version on my AP1 MCU2 car...Thanks!
  7. lumoart

    Not having regen after the last software update sucks

    Hmmmm...am I understanding this correct, Tesla is limiting the charging/ draw / regen/ heating of our battery packs because they have realized that the gen1 batteries (18650) are slowly showing signs of capacity loss? Artificially limiting everything through SW Updates? I have noticed on my...
  8. lumoart

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Big shout out to LuckyLuke for saving our two Model S's and replacing the eMMC on Dec 27th 2019! Great guy, very supporting and patient person. We can only recommend his services A+++++++++++++ :)
  9. lumoart

    Preventative eMMC Repair - options

    tried to contact you but somehow I cannot PM...could you please give me a shout and PM me instead? Thanks for all your help in the community. Cheers Anton
  10. lumoart

    Triple App Screen on v9!

    Here's my two cents for what it's worth...I can totally see the point in streamlining the UI on all models for many reason, one of them being costs and having to deal with different versions and HW etc. But and this is a Big but, if someone at some point bought a Bentley cuz he could and liked...
  11. lumoart

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Excited for some real world results Tested again yesterday and with outside temperature sitting at 95f i've reached a 3.75s time. Awesome tool btw. P90DL with 21" wheels no launch control or pre-heated battery. SOC at around 40%
  12. lumoart

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Since I've received 2018-24-1 12dd099 my Model S P90DL feels not the same anymore..0-60 (or here in Europe 0-100km/h) is definetly slower... just can't get under 3.8s, before I always hit the mark at around 2.8-3.0s..same with another Tesla Model S Owner P85D previous the update 3.1-3.0 now...