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    2021 Refreshed Model S w/ 21" tires - suspension issue?

    I've completed multiple road trips (each average 1000 miles) in my Plaid and have had no issues with 21" wheels. For the long highway portions, I keep it on Comfort. IMHO, the comfort mode reminds me of a floaty boat -- good for long stretches on autopilot only. As the name implies, we can...
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    19" winter tires - clearance issues?

    My winter setup is a 19X8.5 RIAL LUGANO with the 245/45R-19 MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 XL tires on my P85D. I didn't add any offsets and installed the wheels myself with a hydraulic jack. Absolutely no issues. Yes, it may barely touch when you do a full wheel lock but in reality this is not an issue at...
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    Vampire Drain in Houston without a tesla connector...

    When I go on long trips, I leave the battery at around 50% charge and plugged in. Does your parent's garage have a 110v outlet? If so, why not leave it plugged into that? That should be enough to cover any vampire losses per day.
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    Fell asleep using Autopilot - admission from a Model S owner

    I've nodded off in a very expensive Porsche. Yup, with all that incredible din behind my head. That's what working 80 hour weeks does to you. I only woke up when the car drove onto the green grassy strip between opposing lanes. Fortunately, nobody and nothing was hurt other than my ego. Pretty...
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    Tesla specific Michelin tires under development.

    I have a colleague who is also a Porsche enthusiast. He sent me this email, which I'm quoting for context. The second para relates to Tesla.
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    Hunter Road Force Touch a must for balancing wheels and tires

    Totally agree. Also, worth pointing out that tire and wheel packages purchased from TireRack.com get Hunter Road Force alignment performed before being shipped. I've never had any problems with purchasing winter/summer packages from them.
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    Keeping the radio ON when exiting the car

    The only way, as @iffatall correctly pointed out, is to put the car in neutral, and apply E-Brakes from the Settings screen. The car remains "on" with the HVAC and audio systems continue staying on.
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    California, how long do you wait for your plates to be delivered?

    Got my car on 8/22/2015 and got the tags on 10/9/2015. They had to mail me another set of temp tags after the first set expired after 30 days. Pretty poor service and a complete lack of proactive response from the DS. I had to goad them with multiple emails asking them to track down the plates...
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    Cruise Control Not Available (Autopilot too)

    Happens to me quite a bit. While seated in the car foot on the brake - go to control settings and press the e-brake button then the "power off" button. Remove your foot from the brake. Wait a full 90 seconds and press the brake and the car will restart and you should be good to go. This usually...
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    Summon out of garage, did NOT open door! Bump!

    I use this feature twice a week -- on trash/recycling days. When taking out the trash cans, I have the car pull out first by itself and then I roll the cans to the curb. When I get home from work, I park in the driveway, drag both cans back into the garage and then tell the car to park itself...
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    To Elon Musk, highly suggest two wheel driven Tesla Model X

    The two motor design is also more battery efficient than a single large motor. I'm sure this has more to do with a dual motor design than an obsession to provide AWD to those who don't need it in warm weather climates.
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    Germans claim paternity over Tesla Model S

    Right on the heels of the news that Tesla may have outsold every German luxury car manufacturer in its class last year, I’m now starting to see the Germans take Tesla a bit more seriously. Success has many fathers as the old saying goes, and the Germans are not about to let you forget that...
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    Exiting the third row in a 7-seat X with a power failure?

    Most media outlets are posting that he died from heat exhaustion after struggling to get out of the car. Quite the tragedy and it made me look up the mechanical releases for the rear door on my MS. http://ktla.com/2015/06/11/elderly-man-dog-die-because-car-doors-wouldnt-unlock/
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    Rain and/or Snow eXperiences

    I suspect that these complaints from Model S drivers have something to do with body size of the driver. I'm of medium build (5' 7") and can't stand the cold (grew up on a tropical island). Anyway, I find the next gen seats to be fantastic when it comes to heat. In fact, I only ever use 1 or 2 on...
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    Firmware 7.1

    I drive the Express lanes on the toll road and I chuckle at this all the time. This weekend, I drove down to Middleburg and Route 50 has sections where there are two speed signs posted directly on top of each other "55mph for cars, 45mph for trucks". Sadly, the Tesla latched on to the latter. No...
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    Firmware 7.1

    Ever had to park in a very tight garage spot in the city? And then you find out that neither you nor your passengers can get out of the car? This would be perfect for the times I'm in downtown D.C. where all the parking spots underground are built for 2 door honda civic hatchbacks. I can pull up...
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    Post delivery paperwork and vehicle registration

    They will send you another temp tag good for 30 days after the first one expires. It took almost 2 months for me to get my permanent tags. Absolutely pathetic. First time in 15 years I've taken a new luxury car of the lot without the permanent plates already on them.
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    Winter wheel/tire package questions

    When I called TireRack in November, the incredibly helpful person on the phone noticed that I've been buying Blizzak's for all my other cars over the years. He then pointed out that the max inflation seems to come in just below the 45psi requirement. Based on that he felt that he could not...
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    Winter wheel/tire package questions

    I have the same staggered 21" setup and I just popped in my winter wheels in early December. I went with the 19" Rial and the Michelin X-Ice because the Blizzak's (which I prefer and have always used) do not support the correct tire pressure required for 19" wheels (45psi). Make sure you get it...
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    Only 6 radio station presets?

    Well, don't look now but I hear that the Model X drops the AM band altogether. Between that and the limited number of presets, I think Tesla is trying to drop a hint. I to like the unexpected nature of radio, but I can't stand commercials -- so Spotify via Bluetooth it is.
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    AP Question

    Yes, to both questions. AP includes multiple technologies including TACC, so yes, the car will slow down to let someone else cut in front of you and it will also slow down if the car in front of you slows down. If you see a car completely stopped in front of you, you may want to take over at...
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    Winter Tires question - rolling resistance?

    Highly recommend the 19" Rials. I've used them on Porsches, BMWs and now my P85D. I went with Michelin X-Ice tires. If you get them from TireRack.com, make sure you check the box for TPMS. It will come with TPMS installed and the tires mounted and balanced. All you have to do is swap them...
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    Couple questions on charging outdoors at a condo especially in winter

    Exactly what ccharleb said. It takes 1 second to grab the HPWC handle and shove it into the car. It takes 10 x longer to open the trunk, fetch the bag, unravel the UMC, plug it into both ends, and close the trunk. I do this when I travel but I can't imagine doing this every single day! Now if...
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    It's a known bug. While seated in the car foot on the brake - go to control settings and press the e-brake button then the "power off" button. Remove your foot from the brake. Wait about 90 seconds and press the brake and the car will restart and you should be good to go.
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    A real pain removing J1772 adapter from Model S.

    As everyone else has already said, remove both at the same time. Never try to remove them separately. So press the button the cable and then pull on the adapter and remove both at one go. 100% success rate with this technique.
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    Is a 60kWh pack large enough?

    Range is clearly no issue. You just have to consider all the other factors that may be important to you, including resale value, the willingness to do a bit more planning for road trips, etc.. Good luck - the 60 definitely sounds like it meets you basic commuting needs.
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    I hit a roo and the "active hood" deployed

    I suspect this is a foreign regulation that is designed to reduce damage to pedestrians when they hit the hood. In a conventional ICE car, there is a molten hot engine block underneath the hood, so this makes perfect sense. I do wonder how much sense this makes in a rear engine car (like a...
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    Will Spotify come to US Tesla owners now?

    As chummy Elon is with Google leadership, I have doubts whether Tesla would be open to giving up telemetry data to Google to get Android Auto integration. Porsche recently publicly announced that they will not support Android Auto because they would be forced to provide telemetry data (data...
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    Normal AP/TACC behaviors?

    Sounds reasonable. I have a 70 mile round trip commute (95% freeways or divided thoroughfares). I've never had trouble going through large intersections either. Given the gradient of the road and large cars ahead of me, I know that the car is not relying on a visual cue to find the lane on the...
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    Manually Adjusting Amp for Non Tesla Plugs

    Once you plug the EVSE into the car, you get the option to dial down the amps. It takes quite some time for the amps drawn to increase so you have plenty of time to jump in the car and dial it down appropriately. You cannot do this beforehand. Also, if you change source (110v instead of a 220v...
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    Tow Mode Woes

    Always insist on sitting in your car and keep it in Neutral. That works perfectly, and I don't want anyone else sitting in the drivers seat while the car goes through the wash. Absolutely no reason to fiddle with Tow Mode. I have an unlimited car wash pass and I go through there at least twice...
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    21" Tread depth after 6000 miles on a P85D

    I stand corrected and am glad to learn something new today!
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    21" Tread depth after 6000 miles on a P85D

    Pretty sure it is PSS as I don't recall seeing PS2 anywhere on the tire. The inside shoulder of the tire looked good. Definitely no visible un-even wear issues. My estimate of the remaining life of the tire is a total guess. I really don't hold on to cars long enough to totally wear out tires...
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    21" Tread depth after 6000 miles on a P85D

    So here is a data point for those considering the life of the 21 summer tires. Obviously, your mileage will vary, but this data point may help. My lifetime average is around 320 Wh/m if that helps you figure out my driving style. I got my P85D with 21" wheels and summer tires in August 2015. In...
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    Road hazard Utility cover VS Tesla = Small Disaster

    That totally sucks! I drive by that road all the time. Hard to believe this happened on your 19" winters (and imagine the damage if you were riding the 21"). I recently swapped out my 21 summers for 19" winter package (Rials + X-ice). Anyway, another reason to avoid Tyson's Corner and go...
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    Ticket While Using AUTO-PILOT " Failure To Stay In Lane" "Reckless"

    While I feel some sympathy for the OP, the argument by the defendant will be thrown out by the judge in 5 minutes. Less if the judge is in a cranky mood. The OP isn't denying that he was speeding, and hence the speeding ticket will stand (ticket + court costs). Yes, most people in America...
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    New 90D Feels Loose Above 75MPH

    Sounds like an alignment or a wheel balance issue. I periodically hit 75 or 80mph in traffic each day (for limited stretches of the freeway) and I don't ever recall ever feeling a different sensation from the wheel. Now I do have the steering wheel set to to the heaviest weight so perhaps that...
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    New owner - issue today I haven't seen discussed

    yes, it has happened to me about 3 times since July. Each time, I had to get out, lock the car and walk away to run an errand. On returning, it magically fixed itself. Rebooting computers and powering the car off does not fix the problem. Annoying for sure but does not actually require a trip to...
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    Do not use automatic car wash!

    I just took my 21" summer wheels off and put on the 19" winter tires. I have an unlimited car wash package (limited to once per day) right next to work. Needless to say, I take my car through that at least 2-3 times per week. It works just fine with both 21" and 19" wheels. My car is white so...
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    Autopilot and Exit Lanes

    So here's an interesting example. I travel on the DC Beltway (495) in the right most lane. As I go past the exit for I-66 on the right, the car stays in the correct lane and does NOT dive for the lane on the right. Notice how the lane splits and there is no dotted line. I am not using GPS or...
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    Swapping winter tires onto the one set of rims

    When I first started using winter tires, I would simply replace the summer with the winter tires on the same 19" wheels (this was on a Porsche). It was fine for several years and then I sold the car. I repeated this exercise on another Porsche for several years. Finally, I got tired of paying...
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    New Superchargers coming to I-81 corridor in Northern Virginia

    Thankfully the supercharger dead zone on the I-81 corridor from Winchester and points south is soon going to be history. Supercharge.info is now showing permits being pulled at Lexington and Wytheville, with 8 stalls each. Now I can finally drive down to Nashville from Northern Virginia using...
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    Ludicrous with 19s: dumb? or negligible difference?

    If you've never owned a high performance car with summer tires, stick to all seasons on the 19" wheels. You won't know what you're missing. If you're coming from other high performance cars, go with the 21" and summer tires. I live in Virginia. We are quite used to potholes and cracks in roads...
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    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    This seems to be a common sentiment on this forum but I haven't actually heard of anyone saying that auto-park has actually curbed someone. Despite the oohs and aaahs, auto-parking is a commodity off the shelf technology that has been around for ever. Heck, even the 2016 Kia Optima has this as...
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    CHAdeMO Communication error

    Here is what I found that works reliably for me in Northern Virginia: Step 1: Plug the Tesla CHAdeMo adapter into your Tesla Step 2: Go to the CHAdeMO computer and swipe your card (if required) to initialize the session Step 3: Plug the CHAdeMO plug into the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter that is...
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    Has anyone ever been stranded with an empty battery?

    This is a pretty common question from those who have never owned EV vehicles, so please don't feel bad asking it. Just like with a gas car, you will only run out of juice in the middle of nowhere if you really plan on doing that on purpose. Unlike a gas car, you can always revive a Tesla...
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    Wiki Trip from Ct. to Fl.

    Mnlevin is quite right about DC beltway traffic when you take the I-95 corridor. I live here in the DC area, and I can assure you that hitting the beltway at rush hour is a recipe for sitting in traffic for several hours. Just don't do it. There really aren't any other reasonable parallel...
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    Sold my 2013 S85 to CarMax - Price Data Point

    My experience has been that optional items that I pay for (sound system, mats, hitches, etc.) have minimal impact on the resale price. With the exception of leather seats, I've never been able to get any money back on options. Used vehicle pricing is entirely (in my experience) driven by...
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    Smart Preconditioning

    The funny thing is that Tesla has also done it. When I drive in to work in the morning, I get a warning pop up about an extra long commute due to traffic. I had to go into settings and tell it to only notify me of an alternate route if traffic delays were greater than 15 minutes. So clearly...