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  1. AudubonB

    2021 update/consensus on Denver area Service Centers?

    It’s been fun persuading family 3,000 miles to the south to choose a Model Y over Volvo’s EV XC40, but - 1. They’re in the Denver area and I told them I’d try to learn which service center in that region has the best reputation. All I‘ve been able to glean from here is that back in 2019, the...
  2. AudubonB

    Temporary Thread for Itchy-fingered Investors

    ~~~For the small number of hours during which the Main Thread is closed, here is a very temporary location you may use to post whatever you need to share with others. Once the Main Thread is unlocked - in 6-12 hours - these may be ported over to there.~~~
  3. AudubonB

    China EVs in Netherlands?

    Is there any ‘hard’ news in this NRC article? I didn’t see any mention of this throughout the NL/BE forum here. If there is, then perhaps @Right_Said_Fred or another could make reference to it in the Investors Forum, als’t je bleeft - thanks. Met de Chinese e-cars is elektrisch rijden een stuk...
  4. AudubonB

    Temporary thread

    Once again, I fired up the Way, Way, Wayback Machine: On April 27, 2014, Standard & Poor's gave Tesla's credit an unsolicited junk bond rating of B-, or "highly speculative", with its analysts' comments including the categorization of Tesla as a "niche" automaker, and cast a shadow on the...
  5. AudubonB

    (Coronavirus) On UV Sanitization

    Preamble On Edit: As previously suggested, I have created this new thread, carving out from the main 'Coronavirus' thread the initial responses. ON UV SANITIZATION I have seen reference from some of you in this thread regarding UV-C lights as being an effective sanitizer. I consider this an...
  6. AudubonB

    Charging ring discoloration

    Has anyone experience with this sort of discoloration to provide some insight, please? Note: those small circles represent moisture droplets inside the ring; I’d not be at all surprised if they bear on the situation.
  7. AudubonB

    Exploring Possibility of an Investment Roundtable Conference in Alaska

    MODERATOR EDIT: ...Being a thread in response to a discussion begun Saturday, 11 January 2020. Thread will be locked until posts made in the Main Thread are ported over to here. (This thread is now OPEN) Quasi-serious question: Were I to set aside a few days this summer at our Lodge to host...
  8. AudubonB

    "Most Off-Topic Post" Contest

    MOD: Here you go. If you Absolutely, Positively cannot keep your fingers from sharing something off the wall, this thread is specifically for you. HOWEVER - there are some conditions. A small amount of discussion re any such post is allowed but if you have any desire to keep this thread...
  9. AudubonB

    Boeing 737 Max Discussion

    As the 737 Max situation never should deserve its own thread on TMC, yet has been brought up here a number of times, I'll use this thread to chime in. My mole in the FAA had, inter alia, the following to say. Of note: (1) his bailiwick does not include oversight of Boeing. (2) He is far more...
  10. AudubonB

    General Interest: NYT photo-essay on Baikonur, 13 Mar 2019

    For those of you with access to NYTImes articles, they have just published a photo essay on Kazakhstan's famed...or somewhat infamous....spaceport. Introductory paragraph reads - From Russia, With Thrusters As another Soyuz space rocket prepares to send a new batch of astronauts to the...
  11. AudubonB

    6 March 2019: "LOOT BOX" has disappeared

    I just went to check for my product statuses and my Loot Box has disappeared. The last time I looked at it was about 3 days ago - perhaps March 3. Without the Loot Box, I know of no way to learn where in production/delivery/cancellation etc., any of the products are. There is at present a new...
  12. AudubonB

    Wiki Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Welcome to the 2019 Investors' Roundtable. This year, we are not going to try to split discussions between a "Market Action" and a "General" thread, as years of experience has shown all are too enthusiastic about putting their opinions and observations in a fairly random dispersion. So post...
  13. AudubonB

    Merry SpaceX Christmas!

    So who says 15-month olds get to have all the fun? Look what Da-da got in his stocking. Supposed to be a fridge-crawler, but it does just great moving itself up the big safe:cool::
  14. AudubonB

    Playful Discussion of Birds and Names related to Falcon

    Hello?:cool: Yes, "gyrfalcon" is indeed pronounced "jeer..." Howifinever...........that fantastic creature very often is referred to solely as a "gyr". Wherein we then can see some setup whereby SpaceX dubs one of its craft "Gyr" as a moderately subtle way of jeering at - who? ULA? NASA...
  15. AudubonB

    Call for Techie-type Answer (HomePod/Sonos/Alexa etc)

    Our desires: Get music back into our home(s). Either OUR music (couple 'a hundred CDs) OR streaming music But both would be best. We're not the sharpest tech-pencils; "organizing" into sub-categories seems a little daunting, but...??? Asking a Siri-type system "What's the 2029 expected...
  16. AudubonB

    Humorous Pic of the Day thread

    As my first post after quite a long time off - mostly because I've been away from the world of the internet and interconnectivity and inter-just-about-everything - here is an absolutely unretouched photo I just snapped: To be titled, perhaps, GeeX vs JoX:
  17. AudubonB

    The first - that is, FIRST! - EV Porsche

    Rather tardily, I just came across this 2014 article. Good story - fun to read! First Porsche was an electric car
  18. AudubonB

    Audieism of the Day

    I should have started this thread long since..... 22 August 2018 For those of you who know and love - or hate - Saul Goodman: Better Call Saul! We have another, real-life fixer upon whom to fix our attention. So I have a modest suggestion for a motto for him: If a hooker you’re owin’ - Call...
  19. AudubonB

    S&P500 listing and moderator actions (out of Market Action)

    Ugh. I just thought of a MonkeyWrench ex machina bizarre undesirednessmenthoodship, as follows (===>As per my MOD posts, ALL below are suppositions!<===) 1. Time to deal-completion takes 2 quarters 2. Those two quarters show nice profits 3. Therefore, the last hurdle for S&P 500 inclusion...
  20. AudubonB

    Best eating options at Superchargers on I5 Central Valley

    Had to choose between this thread and the Harris Ranch thread to pose the following - Can any of you I-5 regulars apprise us of what you think the better eating options are between, say, Sta Clarita and either Harris Ranch or Paso Robles? Will be heading toward Monterey in very short order (so...
  21. AudubonB

    The TESLAQUILA thread

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who instantly thought Mr Musk's April Fool post should develop into yet another marketing ploy. So here's a thread about that. First question from me: Whoever first tries this, what are your impressions of the joy juice? There have been a spate of celebrity...
  22. AudubonB

    2 Teslas' electronics interfering with each other

    I have created a post in the Model S forum regarding its affinity toward our Model X, as follows: "Cross-interference" between 2 garaged Teslas Please confine responses to that page, rather than responding here - thanks.
  23. AudubonB

    "Cross-interference" between 2 garaged Teslas

    Am wondering if others have this situation: The 'activation' button on our Model X's charge cable, when depressed, consistently opens the charging door of our Model S, some 20 feet away. Our Service Center claims ignorance, "never heard of this". It has happened effectively every time I have...
  24. AudubonB

    New (Mar 2018) all-time vehicular speed record

    Lesseee....where, oh where, to post this thread? Can't decide, so I'm putting it <here>. An Australian has just established an all time speed record, surely, with his Porsche. Not sure he's happy with it, though: Man buys new Porsche, loses it to police 10 minutes later for speeding
  25. AudubonB

    Nikola Motors: Factory in Buckeye AZ as of 31 Jan 2018

    News out of Phoenix this morning is that Nikola has come to an agreement with a west-of-Phoenix suburb, Buckeye, for their HQ and factory. * City gave them for $0 a 500-acre plot; * Sales tax on plant & equipment reduced by 50% and some other incentives * Plant to be 1mm sq ft; they mention a...
  26. AudubonB

    "Tesla Transport" - for owner<-->owner shipments

    Jan 15 2018: Am beginning this thread, which is similar to ones found on other enthusiast boards, as a clearinghouse for members who either are in need of assistance of (usually awkward) shipments, or are headed in some reasonably long-distance direction and could provide same. My first one...
  27. AudubonB

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Welcome to the discussion of Tesla's activity in the marketplace. Doors open 1 January; until then confine all market discussion to the old thread (spoiler: markets are closed for the rest of the year). Update: its thread-name now begins with "Market Action", which should lessen the frustration...
  28. AudubonB

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Welcome to the 2018 general discussion page. Doors open 1 January; until then please continue to use the hoary ol' 2017 thread.... Update: its thread-name now begins with "General Discussion", which should lessen the frustration many had over the past year in posting to the wrong thread.
  29. AudubonB

    Bloomberg 29Dec2017 on Tucker Sno-Cats

    This just came across my screen: A $125,000 Snow Machine Is the Latest Toy of the Superrich Anyone know anyone superrich? One of the happier moments of my life was when I sold my 1956!!!!! Tucker. And I didn't get $125,000 for it. You'd need to chop off a lot of zeros and still perform...
  30. AudubonB

    I am SO sorry -

    ...for all who are not privileged to be sharing in the caribou stew we're eating this evening. Whether you are Jeff B, or Warren B, or Bill and Melinda G, or Elon M..... you are truly unfortunate. I've made stews for lo these many years, but this new recipe we're trying, plus a little custom...
  31. AudubonB

    (Serious Q) - I'm thinking of starting a new company. Input please?

    (as my wife looks at me with not the most pleasant of faces, as she knows what I'm contemplating....) So, me hearties: What say you to the concept of a Tesla Semi-based motor coach/motorhome/toterhome design, fab and sales business? Beginning by taking the tractor as is, with its...
  32. AudubonB

    14 Nov. 2017: # of USA SpCs now at ===>500!<===

    501, actually. When supercharge.info brought the Jersey City, NJ SpC into its knowledge fold a short while ago, we now are at: 433 SpCs in operation 47 SpCs under construction 21 SpCs known to be permitted _____ 501 in total. An average of ten per state! We have graciously allotted to...
  33. AudubonB

    Supercharger - NW Phoenix

    (On edit: Locals may consider this to be "N Phoenix", not "NW". If so, someone other than me will have to change the thread title - sorry!) Supercharge.info just posted a permit for Phoenix's first SpC: off the junction of 101 and I-17. A map search shows it to be about as accessible - or not...
  34. AudubonB

    Ellis & Noone's "Relativity Space, Inc."

    Beginning this thread to discuss the firm these alumni from Blue Origin (Ellis) and SpaceX (Noone), after reading of them in today's (18 Oct) Bloomberg article: These Giant Printers Are Meant to Make Rockets The first topic I'd like to throw out: Can anyone challenge or confirm their claim that...
  35. AudubonB

    If Lithium is...

    ...the National Element of Lithuania, and Fe the National Element of Iran, Is Copper the National Element of Cuba? Is Silver the National Element of Argentina? Is Nitrogen the National Element of Japan? Is Sodium the Adoptive Element of Nationalists everywhere? Is Sb the Regional Element of...
  36. AudubonB

    NZ Sept 2017 elections & Tesla

    For those of us who try to keep abreast of things political around the world: Can someone knowledgeable chime in about what the various outcomes of government formation might mean for Tesla's near-term fortunes in NZ? If not so complicated as the recent Norwegian elections were, the Kiwi...
  37. AudubonB

    Vox Clamantis

    Is anyone headed to a certain Tech Entrepreneur/Investor/Headhunting/Networking forum on Sept. 8th at the UCSF Misson Bay Conference Center? I'm not going to be able to make it:mad::mad::mad:!!! Respond here or PM.
  38. AudubonB

    More info (Aug 2017) about LNG and GHGs

    I just came across some data regarding what is effectively the cleanest of commercial hydrocarbons - natural gas. As its transportable form - LNG - this is an increasingly important global commodity. LNG tankers are transporting product from port hubs as far as halfway around the world. LNG is...
  39. AudubonB

    Pitching (film) Screenplays: Who has experience?

    ...and is willing to divulge/discuss same in an open forum. I have an itch I've got to scratch; with today's announcement that Apple has a $1bn plan to join Netflix, HBO et al I thought I'd see if the obvious connection between Tesla owners and that industry could generate any results.
  40. AudubonB

    Ohmman's out. Don't let you be next.

    There. Made ya look.
  41. AudubonB

    21 July VIP Factory Tour

    For those who know Fremont, a question about where to stay: Tesla has made available rooms at the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay for Friday night. Now, that sounds like a very fine place to stay and, if Jenny could come with me I'm sure we'd avail ourselves of that but, since she can't...
  42. AudubonB

    Breadcrumbs to follow for NEURALINK discussions

    Thu, 20 April 2017: Please direct all discussion regarding Mr Musk's new venture, Neuralink, here: The Neuralink Master Thread Thank you.
  43. AudubonB

    The Neuralink Master Thread

    I have initiated this thread to be the initial catch-all for discussions involving Mr Musk's new venture, Neuralink. In short order, we hope, we'll have a permanent sub-site for Neuralink. At the outset, we'll most strongly suggest (from Lord Vetinari's Dictionary: see "DO") that before chiming...
  44. AudubonB

    Body panel rivets: 8mm? 9mm? 6.5mm?

    I tried to put the relevant material in the thread-head in order to make it easier for others to perform a future search, as I know this question has come up before: What size diameter are the Model S & X plastic pop-up panel rivets? I'd like to order a good number of them; Amazon has good...
  45. AudubonB

    Some rare good environmental news: oil spills

    Of course, the following is not all good news; perhaps this should be filed under every silver lining having a cloud around it, as Argonne Nat'l Lab is under the budget-cutting knife. But: Read the following and esp. watch their demonstration video. ANL has developed a way to infuse a fairly...
  46. AudubonB

    To Whom It May Concern

    Kin I be your +1? Firsties!:D
  47. AudubonB

    A General Purpose NON-PARTISAN response to USA's 2017 Presidential Inauguration

    Irregardless of who you voted for*, here is an appropriate response to the 20 January Presidential Inauguration: "I'll drink to that". * 45 Teslapoints to the first to show the three errors in this opening clause.
  48. AudubonB

    Moderators' Choice: Posts of Particular Merit

    This thread displays posts from the Investor Sector that the Moderators deem worthy of an especial place where they most easily can be located and re-located. Moderators have been collecting such posts over a period of time; to the extent more time appears on the event horizon then perhaps some...
  49. AudubonB

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    As I wrote elsewhere, for 2017 we are going to be splitting off STRICTLY & EXCLUSIVELY market-themed discussion to the "Market Action" thread. All general discussions regarding Tesla that presumably are of interest to the investment community are to be confined to this, the 2017 Investor...
  50. AudubonB

    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    As I wrote elsewhere, for 2017 we are going to be splitting off STRICTLY & EXCLUSIVELY market-themed discussion to one thread - this one. All general discussions regarding Tesla that presumably are of interest to the investment community are to be confined to the 2017 Investor Roundtable...

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