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    Soft start for my new replacement HVAC Carrier system

    I have a 5 Ton Lennox 2 stage compressor and variable speed air handler. I don't need the soft start even when running much of the house on my gas powered portable generator (7.5 kw). The comp alwasy starts on stage 1 (low) and the air handler fan also starts out very slow and ramps. So the...
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    Strange rainbow effect on windshield

    I have a similar look after applying 3M film on the inside of the front windshield for heat rejection.
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    Rear Window Tint

    I did 5% on rear pass and hatch windows. I think the 5% is darker than the top glass. But I don't have a pic showing it.
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    Power use while plugged in but not charging

    the cars system will not show current draw for things other than charging. For example, if you are plugged in and turn on the environmental controls to cool or warm the car before a drive nothing will show on the app or in the car for current draw. But your wall power supply may show you...
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    Delayed start of drivers screen after AP3 upgrade

    17 MS FSD AP3 and MCU 1, same thing here on 36.11 software. The good thing is my phantom drain is way down so I just assumed they improved the sleep. In the AM I unlock the doors via app before going out to the car so I don't have to wait in the drivers seat for it to turn on.
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    Did you get the Auto pilot HW3 upgrade and do you see Cones?

    I think the car sees the cones though. My 17 MS with MCU 1 has navigated through construction cones even though it doesn't show them to me.
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    Just got my car vinyl wrapped and the proximity sensors no longer engage

    If they removed the bumpers (plastic covers really) with the sensors and did they plug the harness back in when they put them back on? Some time they pull a lot of the car apart to get the wrap tucked into the seams. Also if they did disconnect the harness is there a reconfig process to get...
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    Extension cord for dryer outlet.

    I purchased a Might Cord RV extension off amazon. Works great.
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    Do you regret AP3 upgrade with MCU1?

    I have a 17 MS 75D and got AP3 hardware a month or so ago with MCU1. Yes MCU1 is slow, but it doesn't affect drivability or FSD use at this time. I don't get traffic cone images on the IC but the car seems to drives through them just like a MCU 2 car. Given how many times FSD has been put on...
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    Chademo Adapter

    I’m fine with something like that. Give me a text at +1 (832) 623-5280 and we can set something up if you’re still interested.
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    Chademo Adapter

    I will sell you mine. $425 plus shipping. I never use it. Still have the box.
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    Model S strange indications on display

    are you sure its not the traffic lines showing up. I haven't noticed brown but they do get pretty dark red. I would think a traffic circle might be so slow going that you would get the darkest color.
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    Is this Supercharging throttling normal?

    That's beyond the throttling I read about if you SC too much, which it doesn't sound like you have.
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    Why are Car Nav % Remaining Predictions so Wrong?

    of course the onboard system is giving you a conservative estimate just like an ICE car fuel gauge. You can always go past the needle hitting empty or the miles to empty readout saying zero. Call it a little built in reserve as long as its constant you can learn how it really performs. But...
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    New P-MX (5K miles) is very bouncy and unstable at highway speeds

    What is your ride height when on the highway? Try going to low and see if that stabilizes things. I'm wondering if your air suspension is working properly.
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    Who sees street cones in their AP display?

    I have Sept 17 MS w/ MCU 1 and the new hardware 3 FSD. My display is now showing stop signs and traffic lights but not cones.
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    Nonengaging AEB/accident avoidance

    From what I have read about EAB on several car makers, they really don't work for the case you are describing. A stationary object on the roadway. Consumer reports did a study with Cadillac, Subaru and another maker I cant remember. None of them activated for the non-moving object/car in the...
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    Software update lagging

    No I didn't see the need for MCU2 yet.
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    Software update lagging

    well one would expect that the new hardware is getting more updates than the older... as fate has it my car just jumped to 2020.32.1.
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    Software update lagging

    Ive had it a little over a year. I see hardware 3 now on the additional data.
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    Software update lagging

    I have a 17 MS that came with hardware 2.5. Watching teslafi I seem to follow the AP 2 cars. I recently had the hardware 3 FSD computer installed and thought maybe I would be getting the more advanced updates going forward but my software hasn’t really advanced at all. I’m still sitting where...
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    Leaving 110 Charger Plugged In

    No issue leaving it plugged in. And the start up surge of the freezer is so short of a transient load you may not have a breaker trip, give it a try and test it so you don't end up with a dead car and freezer melting in the morning.
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    Old 3 prong 40 amp Kiln outlet and circuit for Tesla charger?

    You would use the mobile charger provided with the car and the new adapter to plug into the outlet.
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    Questions for owners in hot states (texas, Arizona, etc)

    Speed is your biggest range variable. If you cruise in the left lane on Texas highways you will get lower range for sure. I had to let AP do the driving and move over a lane to stay closer to my needed range on trips.
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    Hello. Considering purchasing a Tesla. Have some questions...

    I think the battery issues are all behind us. Motors and drive units are sold and warrantied for a long time. Door handle issue is fixed. Don't buy a first year run because as with most new models that come out there are things that aren't perfect yet. Most people complain of paint, body...
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    Lowering Links Install

    If you set it right you can ride at the standard setting but be a little lower, though not all the way down to stock low. This lets you cheat and get an in between setting. You get a lower low for looks when you want, a lower standard for looks and better aero all the time and loose a little...
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    Not sure if this is a sign of an impending issue - IC is not always on anymore when I get in the car

    the scroll wheels reboot the MCU main screen/computer, the upper wheel buttons reboot the IC screen/computer.
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    75D July 2018 build. What rate of charging at a Supercharger?

    I have a sept 2017 MS and it will hit 125kw for a short time then 122-120 for a few minutes.
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    Weather Radar on Navigation Map?

    I think it was Tezlab that would load your profile in the browser and track your car with radar updating every few minutes. I cant remember because my MCU1 web browser doesn't load anything any more. I liked it when I had it working for sure.
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    MCU1 with HW3 dashcam video. Very bad

    Yes I have Dashcam on my MCU 1, hardware 2.5 and it works fine.
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    Converting to a salt water pool

    I did it and the mod is pretty easy and very effective compared to chlorine. I used floater and inline chlorinator here in Southeast Texas to keep up with the chlorine demand during the summer. If I went out of town for 3 days or more someone had to do the chem checks for me or I would come...
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    PlugShare Not Showing NRMA or ChargeFox

    Ive been having plugshare app issues showing all chargers for a month or so. I let them know but they don't see the problem on their side.
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    Home charging fluctuates from 8 kw to 4 kw

    I believe even a single charge has two units inside.
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    Home charging fluctuates from 8 kw to 4 kw

    Either the above or the wiring in your home is heating up. To test this theory set you charging limit to something in between 4 and 8kw, like 5. If the lower limit solves the problem then its likely wiring in the house problems. If it still goes down to 4kw and back to 8 then the onboard...
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    MCU 1 GPU Glitches

    I have a sept 17 MS and see that from time to time. A reboot of the MCU seems to clear it up just fine. It does seem to almost always be the AC controls I have issues with.
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    Slow start - MCU1?

    You say you have all energy saving features turned on. Turn off the energy saver feature that lets your car deep sleep during the day and see if you have an improvement. It states on the little info that the car may take longer to wake up. That might be all you are dealing with.
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    Mobile detailing in Houston, TX?

    everyone in the Tesla club of greater Houston on FB seems to like David Sotelo.
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    AP2 (HW2) to HW3 (no MCU2 upgrade)

    My Sept 2017 MS shows hrdw 2.5 and has MCU 1, I purchased FSD, but Tesla app says I have no upgrades available. Where is my MCU 2 upgrade offer?
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    Reduced charge rate - mobile connector

    It could be the cable heat. Do you have cabin heat protection turned on? Any power the car uses will come from the cable charging power and reduce what goes into the battery.
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    MS 75D Charging

    I've driven my S 75D all over the South with little to no issues at SCs. Yes had to move a few times because of a bad stall, but never had to wait for a stall. Even using the urban SC which only put out 72Kw but don't share power with other stalls and are usually found in parking garages are...
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    AP2 (HW2) to HW3 (no MCU2 upgrade)

    Im with you on this one. With no discount to install MCU2 with FSD 3 hardware Im not buying now. I will try it out with MCU1.
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    Emergency brake assistance

    Have you set off the warning? Like when a car is turning right and you are approaching too fast the car start flashing red on the screen and a beep to warn you? A little after that it will brake for you. I think it has happened to me when a car emerg braked in front of me. Not sure I would...
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    Are 21 inch wheels THAT bad on our cars ?

    Ive have not noticed any wear issue. 10k miles on 21"s since last June. Mixed highway and city driving.
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    Slipstream vs Arachnid?

    I have a 2017 MS 75D with air suspension. I went from the 19"s to 21" arachnid. I noticed a stiffer more sporty ride and handling performance was much snappier with the lower profile tires. My performance impact was 3-5% in the city and 8-12% highway. I have driven it about 10K miles on the...
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    Buying used from Tesla

    My car was well represented by the pictures provided. But I did get to inspect and accept or reject in person prior to final signatures. This was in the US.
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    Frimware 2020.12.10 MCU1/AP2.0

    Keithf, does your car show the MCU2 upgrade option in the phone app? Mine doesn’t and I’ve wondered if it’s just avail for us yet. Mines a sept 2017 MS 75D shows AP2.5.
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    First Supercharge for our Model S

    Perfect supercharger performance. Last 10-20% goes pretty slow compared to the low and mid state of charge area. Most dont bother to top off unless it’s really needed for you trip. The cable does get pretty warm and you’ll notice your car uses the Freon cooling system to cool the battery...
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    Frimware 2020.12.10 MCU1/AP2.0

    Same car here, downloaded this evening but haven’t driven it yet to see what I got.
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    Anyone with MCU2 and AP 2.5 still waiting on their HW3 retrofit?

    MS MCU1 hdwr 2.5, requested upgrade last week, told not to request, SC will contact me when available. Guess I'll just wait for it...

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