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  1. maximus96

    Exterior front lights dilemma??

    not for anyone here to answer, that's how it is and that's how Tesla wants you to love it. I actually tried to get rid of the white and tried some yellow film over the fogs. Not sure if I'll keep it though
  2. maximus96

    rust under front seats

    those are probably too new to notice anything like this
  3. maximus96

    Exterior front lights dilemma??

    that small yellow parking light is only visible up close and is supposed to be there.
  4. maximus96

    Model Y DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF

    I bought a pack of these to extract water and air from the bubbles. Works really well and you can't see the puncture since it is so small.
  5. maximus96

    Model Y DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF

    The water sprayed at the door windows won’t do any damage. Most are squeegeed out the sides and not down the window. Whatever that makes it down the window comes out of the drain hole at the bottom of the door. The windshield takes more prep work and the installers will wedge a microfiber rope...
  6. maximus96

    My 2021 MY is totaled at 6k miles. Is FSD transferable?

    If not by market value of recent sales of comparable vehicles, how do insurance companies determine payout amount?
  7. maximus96

    My 2021 MY is totaled at 6k miles. Is FSD transferable?

    except this year where your car may worth more a year after purchase...at least for the LR version
  8. maximus96

    Anyone tried to DIY install homelink?

    i have a pic on the very first post
  9. maximus96

    Tesla shield business practice

    just dispute the charge with credit card and let them deal with it
  10. maximus96

    New Official Illuminated Door sills

    I find the AE support is actually pretty good about getting you refunds from the shop provided that you wait out the entire shipping period which is like 2-3 months...I've gotten two or three orders refunded. But it takes a loooong time.
  11. maximus96

    Is this PPF on my MYP front bumber?

    try to lift a small corner and cut if off if you're successful
  12. maximus96

    Swivel Screen : Warranty Issues

    voids the warranty of the respective parts if found to be the cause...not a whole-car warranty void like they would like you to believe.
  13. maximus96

    Please help me identify Model Y window trim part number...

    no idea, try and see
  14. maximus96

    yellow fog lights?

    Well I took the cheap way out and applied it to the outside without taking anything off the car. TBH I'm not sure how I feel about them but they peel off easily and I'm out $10 at most.
  15. maximus96

    Please help me identify Model Y window trim part number...

    WD40 also seem to clear up the car wash discoloration, spray on a rag and rub on the black trim.
  16. maximus96

    I finally changed my seat cover to the white I wanted!

    Post says Y but picture shows a 3. Something fishy or you made a big mistake on the car you bought...
  17. maximus96

    yellow fog lights?

    I can't recall if anyone tried these yellow tint vinyl to change the fog light color... just bought the $10 set to be the guinea pig.
  18. maximus96

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    you can always just format the Pi USB, or let the car fill it up and overwrite as needed. TeslaUSB knows not to copy old files.
  19. maximus96

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    Anyone have issues with the car not seeing the USB after a deep sleep. I never had this problem before but three times now with 2021.12 software, the car doesn't see the drive when I leave in the morning. Never happened before for the past year that I've had the car and TeslaUSB. Thanks
  20. maximus96

    Does the paint really suck this bad???

    I recall reading that California mandated water-based paint. Not sure if really true.
  21. maximus96

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    From a few versions back, TeslaUSB no longer delete videos after transferring.
  22. maximus96

    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I also started with a Zero W but the 2.4ghz is too slow. I bought a 4 a few days later. The same config can be used on the 4 and it works so much faster. Even the boot up is faster
  23. maximus96

    PPF - Clear or Stealth?

    stealth on some colors gives it that "fresh coat of primer, waiting for paint" look
  24. maximus96

    How many years is Tesla ahead

    the guys stupid face makes me not want to watch it
  25. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    I put 30% in front and its fine seeing at night. so far no issues with cops. 20% will be a closer match to the rear windows but i feel that is asking for a ticket in CA.
  26. maximus96

    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Tesmanian, Taptes, RPM Tesla, random companies on Aliexpress and Amazon, their products probably all come out of the same factory
  27. maximus96

    Model Y tint pictures

    When the car is parked outside in the sun, the best ceramic tint still lets in heat but very slowly compared to bare glass. After enough time, the inside will get just as hot as a car with no tint. The real improvement is during drives when you physically feel a drastic reduction of heat coming in.
  28. maximus96

    DYI Rear Fender PPF - Scotchguard

    Pretty easy to do. Soapy water spray and squeegee. Amazon has 6" wide ppf film rolls including xpel. I bough some to install behind the rear wheels but I'm not sure if it makes that much difference there. I installed pre-cut ppf at the 4 doors but they didn't have anything for the rear bumper at...
  29. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    Those eyebrow strips should be 5%. Otherwise they're not that effective in blocking the sun especially at 50%.
  30. maximus96

    My first ding, how much does a trunk lid cost?

    Can you buy one of the bigger spoilers and cover it up? I think RPM has a big one that covers more than the typical lip of the trunk.
  31. maximus96

    Trunk door protector (interior)

    like this? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003017320184.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.105d5b32M5LSkO&algo_pvid=51f621de-dcba-494a-9d5a-c986846e1096&algo_exp_id=51f621de-dcba-494a-9d5a-c986846e1096-43
  32. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    windshield is very hard for newbs like us. like many times harder than side windows and hatch. i screwed it up 3 times and still have creases
  33. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    I have read one post where someone mentioned that exact thing - melting snow was very difficult after ceramic tint.
  34. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    yes, lower the %, less light passes thru and darker it is. 70% or 80% tint is practically clear and indistinguishable to the naked eye. You won't get stopped by the cops with a windshield tint in this % but the reduction in heat from ceramic is pretty drastic compared to no tint.
  35. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    I did all the windows and eventually the windshield, and yes, all will require heat shrink This is the one I bought, https://www.ebay.com/itm/333753257807?hash=item4db53e8f4f:g:8GIAAOSwqmJfhixI
  36. maximus96

    Windows tinting questions

    Instead of no-name tint, you can buy pre-cut XPEL ceramic tint on ebay for about the same price. The liner has the XPEL label so you know its real. Opus is the seller but I forgot their username. I'm sure you can find them on ebay easily. I bought and installed it myself as a first time DIY. No...
  37. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    Unless your coating is already worn, clay bar won't remove it. You'll need to polish it to fully remove the coating. If you have a polisher then its quick work. Polishing by hand shouldn't be too bad since its a pretty small area. But either way, polishing will be required to fully remove a coating.
  38. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    The hell, i don't ever remember seeing "massaging" as a use for rubbing alcohol...imagine that happy ending
  39. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    yes 70% rubbing alcohol will work.
  40. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    You see how when they pull the tape liner and put it on the trunk, it sticks right away. You don't want to pull it off to make adjustments after that initial tack. With a spray of alcohol you will have a small window to made adjustments before it tacks. But if you're certain you'll get it right...
  41. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    spray the trunk lip area with alcohol right before you set the double-sided tape. you'll have a very small time window for adjustments before the alcohol evaporates and the tape bonds.
  42. maximus96

    To Spoiler or Not To Spoiler

    Try and see, these are cheap and plenty now. Worst case is you're out $40.
  43. maximus96

    New color change vinyl wrap concerns

    Typically what they do is pop the circle cover off and wrap that separately. They can then wrap the bumper and ensure proper coverage with no white paint showing around the hole. Then they just push the cover back on. Somebody forgot to do that so now they're coming up with excuses why its...
  44. maximus96

    New color change vinyl wrap concerns

    What I meant was, after they cut out the circle cover, there likely won't be enough material on your bumper to stretch over and cover the exposed white paint. If they peel back some of the vinyl on the bumper around the circle to pull and stretch, you might see a stretch line but that depends on...
  45. maximus96

    New color change vinyl wrap concerns

    As it is wrapped now, they won't have enough material to cover the original paint after they cut out the circle cover. They will have to redo the bumper or otherwise you'll see seams where they have to add new vinyl. That's why they're coming up with the crap excuse and reasoning. They hope you...
  46. maximus96

    New color change vinyl wrap concerns

    You can easily cut thru the vinyl to open the tow hook cover in a dead battery situation but you definitely shouldn't have to. Their excuse is a made up on the spot to appease you so don't accept that as an answer. Nobody willingly chooses to cover that up.
  47. maximus96

    What a Midnight Silver, stealth wrapped, Y should look like

    8,500 reasons why it wasn't done sooner
  48. maximus96


    tried, vinyl doesn't stick to the texture.
  49. maximus96

    Is the front plate required in California???

    This is prime bizarro logic

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