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    yes, Tesla replaced my non-working keyfob for free

    someone posted awhile back complaining that tesla charged them to replace a non-working keyfob on a vehicle under warranty. I just had the Tesla mobile service guy out to do some recall service items and told them when they called to setup the appointment that one of our keyfobs was dead. The...
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    16 mi per day phantom drain, sitting in an airport. 2nd car on the same app the problem?

    2018X is sitting in a (covered) airport parking lot for the past 10 days. We peeked at it for the first time yesterday and the battery was way down. Sentry mode is (and was) off. Car interior says 85deg, and interior climate control is off. We've lost ~160miles of range in the past 10 days. We...
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    Tesla Buys $1.5B in Bitcoin, Will Accept as Payment

    why? so there aren't enough whole bitcoins. Fine. price inflates by 100x and the unit of trade becomes 1/1000th of a bitcoin. I'm not a BTC fan, but this isn't a reason to be against it.
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    2020.48.30 Firmware curse - now AP and pillar cams gone

    Recently got the 48.30 patch. This is the first non-trivial drive since the update. The cruise-control is behaving weirdly. - no one else around, but multiple times it's acted like it detected something and dumped the speed - twice when that happened it dropped the target speed from 65->55...
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    What have you named your car?

    Puppy. Every time you walk out in the garage while carrying the key it perks up like it wants to go for a drive....like a puppy when you walk near the leash.
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    Supercharger Connector and Covid-19

    we did a long-haul trip 2.5 weeks ago and were concerned about exactly this. A thing of disinfecting wipes solved the issue, trivially. Before picking up the handle, you just wipe it down, and use the wipe to hold it with while you plug it in. solved, without any real extra fuss.
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    what's needed to plug the mobile charger into 220?

    Recently took the X half-way across the US and we'll be staying put where we are for several weeks, likely months. I brought the mobile charger, since this house doesn't have a wall-charger installed. I forgot to bring whatever adaptor it needs for 220. :/ Since we aren't going _anywhere_ for...
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    COVID-19: Superchargers Unavailable due to Closures

    Can confirm the larger (new, 250kw) Reno station is closed. There was a truck parked across the entrance through the adjacent parking garage. The older, 6 plug, Reno site is avail but 2 are down. Expect it to be very slow due to heavy demand
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    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    we've arrived. Over the weekend there was rather more traffic in California than I would have expected. Everywhere else it was pretty much just semi's. We have 3 drivers, and didn't want to stay in hotels, so we just rotated. The only stops were @ superchargers to power up (and nap!). The car...
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    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    We need to make a treck half-way across the US. Elderly MIL is in the mid-west and there's no one else around to help her. We're heading out from CA tomorrow AM and will be driving the X to get there. (we have a place near her, so we're fine as far as where to stay once we're there). It'll be...
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    iPhone ap deleted my X?

    "logging onto tesla.com I still see everything." X was always there @ tesla.com Went to check it this AM and the car was in a weird state. doors unlocked automatically, car would shift in to drive, AC was on...but both screens were blank. I had to scroll-wheel reboot it to get them to come...
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    iPhone ap deleted my X?

    went to up the target charge to 100%. There's discussion here about packing up the X and driving to the summer cabin because everyone would rather hunker down for a month or two there than our rest-of-the-year place. As soon as I opened it I got a notice that 'puppy' (the nickname of the X) was...
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    heat under passenger seat?

    the other day I was rummaging around in the back seat foot-well while sitting in the drivers seat and was surprised to notice it was distinctly warm. I think it's related to the heater (forced air, not seats) being on. It's directly UNDER the front passenger seat, and not under the driver's...
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    Blog Tesla's Full Self Driving Option to Receive $1,000 Price Increase

    I know a fair bit about how this sort of ML approach works. It's less push-button, just add data, than people describe it as. Overfitting is the biggest concern w/ insufficient data, and yes - more data makes that less likely, but you may need __A LOT__ more data if you haven't tagged things...
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    Only hitting high 60s? I checked it was a 150KW site

    Thanks for replies. -> it was ~65deg F outside, sunny and dry. Yes, we Nav'd to the chargers but in both cases I was charging for more than an hour, so doubt that'd be the issue. -> it's a late 2018 w/ ~8k miles on it...I'd hope there aren't modules failed that would limit this, but it'll be...
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    Only hitting high 60s? I checked it was a 150KW site

    late 2018X. Haven't done a lot of supercharging - it's generally just plugged in at home. This past weekend we took a road trip from the Bay Area to LA and used the superchargers at Buttomwillow & Kettleman City. Both say they're 150KW charging locations on the map. Both times I made sure...
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    Blog Tesla's Full Self Driving Option to Receive $1,000 Price Increase

    I would throw down 10k, even money, that L5 FSD will not be available before 2025. Certainly, this is a thing that will eventually happen. However, it is substantially far off. I honestly can't tell if Elon is delusional or lying when he says things like 'FDS by the end of the year except for...
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    rear-ended by someone elses rear-end

    That is a super (SUPER) helpful reply! Thanks. The reason I was asking if it's different from replacing some other car's bumper cover was to see if I should go to Tesla, or someplace else. This sounds like just the thing to do.
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    rear-ended by someone elses rear-end

    was stopped in the grocery store parking lot, waiting for the car in front of me to park. someone backed out of their parking spot and backed into the left side of the bumper. totally cosmetic damage to the 3....but more than just paint. The plastic of the bumper seems a bit cracked +...
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    Future 2047 barn find

    it really will be the SW that's the issue. 28 yrs isn't too old for a car...but how about a desktop from 1991? Odds you can find a functional copy of Win3.1 to run on that 486sx with 16MB of RAM? Have an actual CD so you can enter the serial # off it? How about when it wants to connect over...
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    Amazon Reports Fire From Tesla Solar, Walmart May Not Remove Installations

    "I have no idea how a solar panel can "catch fire" ....color me skeptical" It's a passive DC power source with enough voltage to arc. If you don't see how a solar panel can catch/start a fire it's because you don't understand how they work. Panels can, and do, start fires. It's not super...
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    EAP hugs the right side of the lane?

    It's consistent - it's further to the right side of the lane than I'm comfortable with. I attempted to lean over and look from the middle (and also check my mirrors) and it does seem to be much closer to the right side of the lane than the left. Human drivers (in the US) tend to be closer to...
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    bluetooth/phone unlocking doesn't work if the app has my other tesla selected

    blech. what a PITA. this seems like it'd be easily fixable. someone who uses twitter should ping musk.
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    bluetooth/phone unlocking doesn't work if the app has my other tesla selected

    Have 2 Teslas (a 3 and an X). Unlocking w/ the phone is hit or miss...probably works 80% of the time. I think the issue is that if I have the other car selected in the app it breaks the bluetooth connection w/ the 3 and hence won't unlock it, or if it does it won't let me drive it. super...
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    FWD dumps water on passenger when opened

    looking through forums I'm seeing conflicting reports on this. First heavy rain since we got the X a few months ago. I didn't see it, but my kids report that when they opened the door it dumped material amounts of water on their lap. This can't be the intended design. Is something wrong w/...
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    Dash screen died on me while driving and on AP

    +1 DW reported it a week ago. yes, we're MCU2 and were on 42.2
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    ALL sound goes away? Requires a reset?

    2 month old X. This has happened twice in the past week, so apparently this is a recurring thing. :/ DW hops in the car and all sound (not just the stereo, but also turn signals, navigation, etc) is gone. Both times I tried everything I could think of to get it back w/o success. Eventually...
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    how am I losing 10mi worth of charge over night?

    because I can charge it for free @ work. surely there's a ton of valid reasons why it might not be plugged in overnight, right? As it happens, the X is plugged in overnight in the same garage and that's already enough to trip the circuit breaker occasionally (have to get someone out to install...
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    how am I losing 10mi worth of charge over night?

    no 3rd party apps (wasn't aware there were any). I don't check anything frequently using the app, but overnight I certainly don't check it at all. I'll checkout TeslaFi.
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    how am I losing 10mi worth of charge over night?

    it's not plugged in. where's the heat coming from? 10 miles is...2-3 KWH. That's a lot to power a fan to cool it off from the drive home. Is there a log or something to see when it does something to bring the temp down?
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    how am I losing 10mi worth of charge over night?

    2month old M3 LR-RWD. Sits in a garage in northern California overnight, unplugged. Weather during the drive home is clear/dry, temp about 65. Ovenight low is maybe 50...it's t-shirt weather basically all the time right now. I notice, pretty consistently, that the miles-estimate the next...
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    Resolved. Posting for future owners who might have the same thing. Went to the SC. Tech put a new on on and was going to send me on my way. I checked an X on the showroom floor and nope - on THAT car you cannot trivially slide the handles off, so clearly something was wrong w/ mine. Sales...
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    got home and took a look @ the other side. I didn't realize just how cosmetic and unsubstantial the door handle covers are! The other one was trivial to pull forward and take off. Are they supposed to be like that?
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    I'm the orig owner. the car was purchased in late Aug (so it's pretty new). Wonder if I can convince them it just fell off and get it replaced under warranty?
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    'clipped correctly'...meaning not installed correctly @ the factory?
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    ETA - she reports that, on further inspection, there is no sign of damage, scratches, broken anything, etc. if someone pulled it off they did it without having to force, scratch, or damage anything. Could it have just fallen off???
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    FWD handle fell off / was taken?

    Haven't inspected the car myself. DW just texted me that she was parked at a TraderJoes for a short visit and came out to find we're missing the door handle on the driver side FWD. No other signs of damage or forced entry. Maybe it fell off while driving there and she didn't notice? (we have...
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    So when do I schedule the service appointment to beat everyone to the front of the line here? :D

    I have a HW engineering background. I've done tapeouts & part bringup, board design, etc. This is much more involved than it seems. As an org, this is their first go-round w/ doing this and the first time (even if you hire all the best people who have done it before elsewhere) it always...
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    Options for covering up the truly awful faux-wood dash bits?

    overall...this is a beautiful car and I'm super happy. I really (really really) hate the fake wood dash business. Can anyone recommend something to cover it with?
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    Car waking on & off?

    I'd speculate that your keys are JUST at the limit of range for it to detect them and auto-wake. Try moving them a few feet further away and see what happens. We named our new X 'puppy' because every time you walk near the garage it perks up like a new puppy who thinks maybe we're going to go...
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    Ordered Sunday, got a call about delivery today

    Just got a call - they have my car (blue, LR, RWD, std wheels) available and would like to schedule delivery asap. Should I be concerned that they've already got a car - clearly, it was pre-built and looking for an owner as opposed to built to order. Is this likely to be one that someone...
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    M3 test-drive: turn-signals and the head-rest

    test-drove (and ordered) a 3 yesterday. We recently got an X and I was quite surprised by how differently it drove. First irritating thing...the turn signal. Why does the stalk not stay put when you use it to signal left or right? I get that the turn-signal continues to be on after just a...
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    Auto-LaneChange non-functional on new X

    Was at the Sunnyvale store yesterday ordering a 3 and the sales folks there took us for a test-drive in our new X to walk through some of the things we'd missed/misunderstood. It seems auto-lane-change is non-functional. The (super, super nice) Tesla assoc checked that it was enabled and was...
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    Does your X role (fwd or bkwd) when you stop on an incline?

    I've got creap mode off. Talking to a Tesla sales rep he mentioned that it should essentially place itself in park when you have your feet off both pedals and it's at a dead stop. Mine doesn't..if I'm on even a modest incline it'll role fwd (or bkwd). Does yours stay put or also roll?
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    options for reducing dashboard glare?

    really? that cuts down on the amount of light entering the car by enough to reduce the reflection off the dash materially and yet doesn't make it hard to see out the front window at night and such? or are the tints polarized or something?
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    options for reducing dashboard glare?

    Day 4 w/ the X. It was very bright and sunny out this afternoon. DW is having an issue w/ glare. She's prone to migraines and is concerned this will contribute. The issue is the grid-like part of the dash near where it meets the windshield. That part seems fairly reflective and you can in...
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    Disapointing Delivery Experience

    I will add...we've had the car for 3 days now and love it. Wife is super comfortable driving it (often not true w/ new cars and this one is 'big'). Kids are enthralled. Everyone's looking for an excuse for a roadtrip soon.
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    Disapointing Delivery Experience

    wait...videos? You guys got videos before you got the car? I went back and checked my email and all I've got is a few from the delivery specialist who arranged the delivery date. A 'coming soon', followed by a 'setup a time'. I gather there were supposed to be more, including some that...
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    Disapointing Delivery Experience

    Picked up the blue MX 100D today. Car looks nice. Wife was nervous because it's bigger than what she's been driving but reports she was quite comfortable driving it, etc. So far, the car's fine. The pickup experience kinda sucked. I'm sure it's partly that expectations were high. It's been...

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