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  1. RV8R

    Any News When Prepaid FSD Will Come to MS?

    It is now three years since I prepaid for FSD and no news yet. I see where subscription is coming to M3 and nice upgrades to autopilot for M3, but nothing for us?
  2. RV8R

    Can I Add the Hepa Filter Myself?

    Sadly my MS is in the shop for a minor fender bender repair. I visited the shop today and was asked if either I or Tesla had removed a filter element from a large rectangular frame that is located under the frunk liner. I think it is for the Hepa filter? If I buy the element and have them...
  3. RV8R

    Fender Bender Repair in South Florida

    Sadly, I've got some bumper/fender damage to my Pride and Joy. There are a few Tesla certified shops in the area, but my insurance company is encouraging Collison Care Express-McNab in Broward. Has anyone had personal repair experience with them? I would be grateful for any feedback of your...
  4. RV8R

    AP3 Upgrade: What Gets Erased?

    I just got my appointment for the FSD AP3 upgrade. What, if any memory loss /resets take place when the new MCU is installed? Are there any precautions to take prior to the swap? Thanks.
  5. RV8R

    WTB: Used 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel

    Looking for a wheel to use for a spare. Would consider with tire, but not necessary. Thanks!
  6. RV8R

    Motorcyclist Hostility

    I've been driving I-95 MIA-FLL for a year now, and today for the first time had a motorcycle whack my driver's mirror as he raced between lanes in stop and go traffic. I hit the save icon but can't find the clip. As there is no damage fortunately, I wonder if this sort of thing is reportable...
  7. RV8R

    Autopilot and HOV double lines in Florida

    I have a recurring problem in that the autopilot starts to cross double white dashed lines (HOV in FL) and then reacts with a sudden return as if seeing solid line instead. This happens about 75% of the time and scares passengers. Are others having this problem and if so, I tesla working on a...
  8. RV8R

    What is the Difference Between Rated and Ideal Range

    I continue to ponder the significant difference in numbers, about 20%, between the two. Where does 'Ideal' come from, and what, if any relevance does it have to actual driving range? Thanks!
  9. RV8R

    Speed Adjusting Audio Volume?

    I am constantly adjusting my volume to match background noise, generally speed related. I have owned much less expensive cars that had this feature. Is there a control I am missing, or does everyone just deal with it?
  10. RV8R

    Can You View Sentry Video on the Car Screen?

    The sentry mode is a great feature. The only problem is that you have to either carry a laptop or wait to view in the office or home. Since you may want/need to view before departing the area, is there a feature to view on the car screen? If not, Tesla should consider this.
  11. RV8R

    Model S/X TIre Tote for Sale Palm Beach/Broward Florida

    I recently purchased the tire tote from Tesla to carry a spare. It comes with two totes. I am selling the second one for $20 plus shipping, or local delivery. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  12. RV8R

    Black Signature Gen II Wall Charger $500 South FL

    Black Elon Musk Signature Wall Connector (HPWC) Charger Gen II with 24' cable brand new in unopened box.(Referral Award). $500 for pick or meet-up from Palm Beach to Miami; no shipping. Thanks!
  13. RV8R

    Signature Charger Box ID

    What, in marking or serial/ number number denotes the signature charger in the box. I have a sealed box and want to confirm it is a signature before opening. Thanks.
  14. RV8R

    WTB: One 19" Wheel Rim in SoFl

    I am looking for a single 19" wheel rim for a spare tire. Must be in safe usable condition, style/color/condition doesn't matter. (Probably going to sit in the frunk on road trips). Thanks.
  15. RV8R

    HPWC Cable Shield?

    Has anyone seen significant wear of the charge cable from being dragged to and from the charge port? I have been researching a cable cover to prevent wear (and need for replacement), but wonder if it is a non-issue.
  16. RV8R

    HPWC Not Opening Charge Port

    Looking for any suggestions/ideas to resolve. Initially the HPWC 'button' opened the charge port door. Recently it stopped opening the port, but would open from fob or pressing door. Tesla sent a tech out to check it out. We used the portable charger button which opened the port, therefore...
  17. RV8R

    Is There a Vent Setting (Neither Heat nor A/C)?

    Here in FL we have our first 'cold' spell. I did not need A/C this morning, and didn't want to use heat, just an open vent to the outside air to cool the solar heat gain. It appears that there is either A/C or heat, all automatically adjusted by the car. No 'vent' position. You can turn off...
  18. RV8R

    Best Web Site for Real Time Weather Radar While Driving?

    Has anyone found a good quality weather radar site (similar to MyRadar) that projects real time precipitation that can be used in parallel with the map while driving? I have tried a few but none that are large clear color displays that make it easy to visualize weather ahead at a glance. Thanks!
  19. RV8R

    Auto Present Door Handle Feature Not Working

    I disabled the auto present feature when I first picked my MS three weeks ago. Now that Version 9 is installed there is no longer that feature (I can't find it). Therefore I can't figure out how to turn on the auto-present feature again. What am I missing? Is there another way to activate...
  20. RV8R

    How Perfect is Your PPF?

    I finally got my new S back from the aftermarket folks; tint (3M 20%), front wrap (SunTech), and Ceramic. Looks great and am looking forward to many years of riding pleasure. However, they had to redo the hood PPF for some reason (prior to ceramic) , and upon final inspection under the garage...
  21. RV8R

    Will Sensors Work When Covered by PPF

    I've read a few short threads about covering or not covering sensors when wrapping. What is your current experience? Do sensors function as intended or does the wrap need to be removed for accuracy?. Thanks!
  22. RV8R

    So, Do I Take The Car or Not?

    Today was my big day!. After a10 week wait for my MS 75D in multi coat red,I go to pick it up at the Dania Beach Center,FL, prepared for the unexpected after reading the forum for months. As we walk up to my car under long florescent tube fixtures,I can spot paint irregularities across the...
  23. RV8R

    WTB: Model S All Weather Mat Driver Side

    Looking for a Tesla or WeatherTech type all weather drivers side mat. Please PM if you have one available. Thanks!
  24. RV8R

    Downloadable Model S Manual

    Is there a copy of the manual online which can be saved? While there are a few places to find downloadable versions,I have been unable to save any. It would be nice to reference offline. Thanks.
  25. RV8R

    Recommendations for Wrap/Tint in Palm Beach / Broward County Areas

    Waiting for delivery of my MS 75D, multi coat red. Looking for an experienced Tesla tech to tint and front wrap. Any recommendations from first hand experience?. Thanks!
  26. RV8R

    Anyone Have partial hood and partial fender PPF?

    I'm pricing out PPF for my MS coming soon, and find wide price difference between full front and partial front coverage. The vendor with the partial says you'll never see the line, and you get the impact areas covered. Any experience/feedback?
  27. RV8R

    Does Tesla Have the Equivelant for LeafSpy Pro?

    I just turned in my Leaf as a trade on my new MS. After a year with LeafSpy Pro I'm used to looking at very detailed reports on battery status and other car functions. Is there a similar app to monitor and review that information? I connected through an OBD II Bluetooth. Thanks!
  28. RV8R

    Self-Wiring an HPWC

    Has anyone ever attached a plug wire to the HPWC to plug into an existing outlet? Specifically I've got a generator connection to my panel through an L14-30 male receptacle, feeding in/out through a 30 Amp breaker. I understand I would not be maximizing charging ability, but could still access...
  29. RV8R

    Anyone Ever Get a 'Bonus' for End of Quarter Purchase?

    I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on an S at the end of this month or beginning of next. Has anyone been successful in squeezing a perk to close the deal at quarter end? Traditional dealers go a long way to get the extra sale at month/quarter end, however Tesla seems to be pretty firm...

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