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  1. Atari2600


    I am under the impression this will be used by Tesla insurance in the future or possibly is used now. Sure, not getting into a beta is one thing but I assume this score is sticking around with us folks forever. If this data only exists for this beta and is gone later then it's not a very big...
  2. Atari2600


    Each person receives a score based on a statistical model, yes you are correct. However a safety score is based on user data and the statistical model. An individual's safety score is garbage if there are a lot of mistakes with the head on collision portion. The rest of the inputs are solid but...
  3. Atari2600


    If it is based on reality sure. When I drive down the road the correct direction on my street cars often set off the collision alarm. I got my score up from a 3 to an 86 the first day. The next three days I got a 100 each day. Basically I have to drive out of my way when I go anywhere. My...
  4. Atari2600


    So if I was on autopilot the entire time I would have been fine. I will stay off my shorter route from my house until the 7 days are up then deal with the numerous head on collision issues with this road. Off topic from the post above but keeping everything in one post: The past two days I...
  5. Atari2600


    So if driving down the road around 65 MPH, in a 60 MPH area, and you see a yellow light if you slow to 0 any quicker than 10 seconds you trigger this. Insane! I am pretty sure autopilot was more aggressive than this and it did not register on my trip today. I'll try it again tomorrow and see...
  6. Atari2600


    It does not seem to count when autopilot does hard braking. Does anyone disagree or know? There was one case I know for a fact it hit the brakes very hard and was not counted on my "perfect" run.
  7. Atari2600


    Got my score up to 86, much better than 3. edit: Had it up to 88 but had to stop at a red light on a 60 MPH road and got nailed with the hard braking?? , probably should have just played it safe and ran the red light. Tesla is already making me a safer driver.
  8. Atari2600


    So you can get hard braking points with regen? I’ve been driving for almost 40 years and never caused an accident. All the false head on collisions are going to keep my score horribly bad.
  9. Atari2600


    Think I will get the beta?
  10. Atari2600


    All three were in about the same 1/8 mile stretch that went off with each passing oncoming car. Was on autopilot the entire time. There are sealed cracks in the road. I’ll see what happens when I go back home in a bit. That drive was less than two hours ago and part of the trip was on two...
  11. Atari2600


    I just had THREE! while in autopilot. It’s a specific back road with a double yellow line. Nothing was off, wrong or confusing in the least. It triggered with each passing car. I’m going to set a camera up and drive that road and open a support call with Tesla. Cannot wait to see the FSD...
  12. Atari2600


    Waiting on my home theater seating stuck off the coast of California and FSD button. Are both stuck off the coast of California? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/23/business/cargo-ships-supply-chain.html I have never had two first world problems at once and I'm having trouble coping. /s
  13. Atari2600


    2 on 1 off on the same road. And the road is nothing special. Collision warning not the big red steering wheel of death warning. 1 happened while I was trying to engage AP so count that as on or off as you wish. To be more specific the AP ones happened in the 2021.12 series, including the...
  14. Atari2600


    Picked up my model 3 in Sep 2018 and for some reason I've been having false collision warnings, about 4 of them, over the past two months. Never had that happen before.
  15. Atari2600

    Good body shop in Cincinnati?

    Shockingly I seen a sign at a Ford dealer saying they were a Tesla authorized body shop. I verified it at the link below. Ford does have the aluminum trucks and all so perhaps it's not as dumb as it sounds. I know nothing about this place at all just putting it out there since I seen them...
  16. Atari2600

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    If Tesla were mainstream they would not have so many active branches. .4, .12 would have been closed down long ago. The internet was good before HTTP. Archie and FTP along with Veronica and Gopher was just not good enough for everyday folks I guess.
  17. Atari2600

    Unhappy with phantom braking

    Are you driving under overpasses? What firmware are you on? I had 2021.4.x and 2021.12.x for a bit and had major phantom braking issues when traveling on an interstate under overpasses where the speed limit is 70 MPH. I had also head on collision warnings as well on two lane roads where the...
  18. Atari2600

    How many believe that the FTC will find Tesla did use deceptive marketing practices?

    I don't think Ohio has any regulations, local or state wide, on self driving cars do they? If "in the future" is beyond the life of the car could that be considered deceptive?
  19. Atari2600

    Will Tesla need to retrofit side facing cameras?

    I don't see how swapping out the side cameras would cost that much if they can use the existing harness for two cameras.
  20. Atari2600

    How many believe that the FTC will find Tesla did use deceptive marketing practices?

    Reminder that some people actually paid for this. "In the future, Model 3 will be capable of conducting trips with no action required by the person in the driver's seat." I guess we can debate what a "trip" is. Elon could add an automatic LSD dispenser and say he met the goals.
  21. Atari2600

    Is No-Radar Cause of Crashes?

    I thought it was due to Tesla not being a union shop. I don't see why Tesla cannot make vision + radar work. Why can they not take info from both?
  22. Atari2600

    Will Tesla need to retrofit side facing cameras?

    I wonder if they could put two cameras in the front fender blinkers. One that looks back as is and one that looks to the side and transmit the data from both over the same wire and use the pillar camera as a secondary for when the new one is blinded. Since we want "better than human" install...
  23. Atari2600

    Very slow performance on Theater apps

    FSD and MCU are two different computers so development on one should not cause regressions on the other. But I guess the browser is still running in debug mode so I cannot sign into my YouTube Premium account in a straightforward method.
  24. Atari2600

    Very slow performance on Theater apps

    This is so true. I recently purchased a home NAS and opted for one based on a Ryzen Zen 1 base SOC instead of the Atom one due to the huge performance difference. The Intel Atom is a poor excuse of a SOC/embedded chip to use in a Tesla. I guess the new S and X have a Zen 2 based setup like...
  25. Atari2600

    Loud Noise, now front of car is damaged

    Put up the dash cam video and let’s look at it.
  26. Atari2600

    Phantom Braking Discussion

    Ha ha. Yes of course right after having a phantom braking event in 80 MPH traffic and people suddenly veer and pass you just honk the horn to save the video. "That Tesla driver just brake checked everyone then honked his horn at us? Grab my gun." <- an example of undesired manufactured road...
  27. Atari2600

    FSD City release date keeps getting pushed?

    Let us discuss your eyes versus Tesla cameras. Your two cameras have double pan and tilt! Your eyes have pan and tilt and so does your neck. The Tesla cameras are fixed in place. Your eyes also have an auto-focus system where I think the Tesla cameras are fixed focus. You also have...
  28. Atari2600

    Ripped Undercarriage Composite from the rain?

    Mine are not torn but they are showing wear and starting to look weaker in spots. Sept 2018 3 that I drive in the rain at 70 MPH. Folks that paid for the flawed early 2018 design should ask for a refund. I ordered the front and rear aluminum third party ones from an online vendor I have...
  29. Atari2600

    Tesla homelink

    You have to buy the MyQ piece that integrates to the garage door, unless you buy an opener that has it built in. Then you have to buy an internet integration component if you want it to go beyond your local network. It’s not a subscription, it’s a piece of hardware. Would you like some pictures?
  30. Atari2600

    Tesla homelink

    I do the same thing with MyQ but I’m using Siri. I don’t like waiting on the garage door. And Homelink came with my 2018 3 and I don’t use.
  31. Atari2600

    Tesla homelink

    You may want to consider something like Chamberlain MyQ and control it over the internet from your phone/smart watch. You can remotely tell if your door is up or down as well.
  32. Atari2600

    Apple and Amazon Music Coming Soon to Tesla?

    Cool, can make use of my Apple One - Premiere. Doubt this will be out until next year.
  33. Atari2600

    TMC Coronavirus Ghoul Pool

    That’s right. Let’s say 400,000 dead and assume these folks would have lived another 5 years on average but were struck down early due to Covid. That’s 2 million years lost right there. Also, the authors of that self centered article should be called out and remembered for the worthless death...
  34. Atari2600

    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    I thought the PTC heater is still there as yet another fall back. Is this not the case? And yes the heat pump would be nice and would help with the family trips to the parts of Ohio with no public charging.
  35. Atari2600

    Wifi not connecting

    I had a problem that I think was related to an Anker USB hub I had in the car. Once removed the problems went away. Not sure if it was just a coincidence or not but some Amazon reviews were saying the hub really tore up the 2.4 GHz band. I took the hub apart and there was no shielding it in.
  36. Atari2600

    TMC Coronavirus Ghoul Pool

    Looks like covid deaths could be underreported. And if someone doesn’t go to the doctor and they die of other health issues is it a covid death? I’m thinking of that month when a lot was shut down. Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19, by Age and ...
  37. Atari2600

    Cordless tire inflator with auto shutoff? Need recommendations

    Did yours come with a battery? Most don’t seem to get one but mine had a small battery with no meter on it.
  38. Atari2600

    Cordless tire inflator with auto shutoff? Need recommendations

    Not only does my cordless DeWalt have 12VDC and 120VAC optional power sources I keep TWO batteries in my car. I believe having a compressor that only uses batteries is fine if you keep two batteries in the car. I would never buy an inflator with an internal battery. And yes I was in a...
  39. Atari2600

    Cordless tire inflator with auto shutoff? Need recommendations

    I’ve had one of these in my Tesla for over a year and often use it. I set the digital inflation cutoff and go around to all four tires to quickly set to proper pressure. I have also used this on several pool floats. Mine came with a small battery with no charge indicator so I use one of my...
  40. Atari2600

    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    Multiple regen options leads to confusion and Tesla should simplify when they can. If people don’t want strong regen the solution is to not let up on the pedal as much.
  41. Atari2600

    Real Estate Shopping: Almost Nobody Shows the Garage!

    I just moved into a house with 320 amp service. 200 amp to the house and a 120 amp panel in the garage. I just had a gen 2 wall connector hooked up with 50 ft of 6 awg wire for $400. I agree about the lack of detail about a garage is insane. I bet most EV owners would love to have a garage...
  42. Atari2600

    How bad is M3 paint in reality?

    The car was painted in California so you can say it’s better than watercolor paint you buy at Hobby Lobby but not by much. I wrapped the front and the rockers on mine September 2018. I’m glad I did because I have zero paint issues in those locations. However my umbrella got away from me and...
  43. Atari2600

    Blog Tesla's Full Self-Driving Software Deployed to 'Careful Drivers'

    I agree, which normally is not your typical Sunday driver. (I hope that phrase is still current - I’m old, assuming over 50 is considered old).
  44. Atari2600

    Blog Tesla's Full Self-Driving Software Deployed to 'Careful Drivers'

    I don’t follow the logic. Wouldn’t Tesla want dangerous aggressive drivers to use FSD to keep them out of trouble? It’s not like ones driving style makes FSD drive worse or more aggressive.
  45. Atari2600

    Power Trunk Retrofit on Current 3s

    Just wait for the Model 3 when it is all aluminum, has the new cells with over 400 miles range and HW4 computer with self cleaning sensor package.
  46. Atari2600

    new Startech front end..

    Same here. First thought was the aerodynamics while my second thought was I don’t care for the looks. If the car was white with a red stripe and it was the 1980s perhaps it would be okay.
  47. Atari2600

    Auto dimming mirrors

    I use the side cameras for backing out since they added them to the display. Have you tried them? It gives an excellent line of sight down the sides of the car.
  48. Atari2600

    Tesla homelink

    Best to use Siri on my Apple Watch. When I tell it to open my door or close my door it does as I say and nothing else. The garage door opener has no idea if my intentions are to open or close the door, only toggle the current state. Tesla Homelink sadly functions the same way due to Tesla's...
  49. Atari2600

    Tesla 2-factor authentication now showing in accounts!

    I turned it on from a web browser. Used DUO for the multi-factor app. Sent my backup codes to a secure location in case I need them. Looks like they did it right. Now DUO needs to add Tesla as a icon/app. For now I picked UBER..
  50. Atari2600

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    I wish I had a heated charge port.

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