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    Tesla ordered to pay $16K to each customer for batterygate

    A major selling point of the cars was the rapid charging. "170 miles in 30 minutes." This was a significant factor in my willingness to buy the car when I did--the ability to make road trips. I was willing to make some compromises, but I wouldn't have bought the car if it couldn't do my most...
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    Tesla service late 2020

    I know it's fashionable on the boards to bash Tesla service, but i wanted to share my experience with the latest episode. I had a minor issue with my MCU1 (replaced in April or May of this year under warranty). I set up an appointment on the app, and was given a time to drop the car off at the...
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    AFAIK (It's not my area) but thalidomide has nothing to do with DNA and the defects are not heritable. Thalidomide affects angiogenesis which is the growth of blood vessels (and therefore the growth and development of limbs in utero). It was at one point investigated as a drug for macular...
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    Service during COVID19

    There is always a lot of grousing on the forums about service experiences, but in five years of ownership I really don't have much to complain about. My 2015 S85D had the MCU die a little over a week ago. The car was drivable, but without any of the MCU functions, such as HVAC. I scheduled...
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    So frustrated with the HEAT in my model S

    I may be an outlier here for some reason, but I have no issues with the heat in my 2015 85D. I have a very short commute, and enjoy the fact that the heat starts working immediately. We had low temps in the teens this week and the heat works much better than either of our ICE cars, which...
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    MS scraping garage entrance - need advice

    A "speed bump" is exactly right. It can be in the driveway to lift the back of the car, or in the garage to lift the front. Either way works. As noted above, you can buy thick rubber mats at a farm supple intended for horse stalls. I have some that I use under free weights in my house that...
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    MS scraping garage entrance - need advice

    This. Enter your garage, pull forward slowly until in just starts to scrape, then back up 3-4 inches. You'll need something under either the front or back tires that you can drive over which will lift the car slightly. It will need to be roughly twice as tall as the amount of extra clearance...
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    Hi All -

    As a contrary view, miles almost certainly have less effect on a Tesla than on other otherwise comparable cars. The miles probably have a greater effect on the asking price than is warranted. If the car is discounted for the miles, it may be a bargain. If not, I'd agree with everybody else...
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    Supercharger - Nashville TN

    Hmm, that's odd. I haven't been at the Brentwood supercharger in a few months, but I agree with you that it's less than ideal from a congestion standpoint. We've never had any trouble finding food, though. There are a couple of restaurants directly across the street (Sportsman's grill and...
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    Model S Whispbar WB201 bike roof rack request

    The rack is very easy to use, just put the front tire between the “hoops” and tighten the red knob to clamp it in place. Then put the ratchet strap on the rear wheel. It takes a few seconds either on or off.
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    Model S Whispbar WB201 bike roof rack request

    I recently ordered a Yakima "front loader" roof rack from Amazon (within the last two months) which works fine on the Tesla whispbars on my 2015 Model S with a pano roof. My bike is a mountain bike with 27.5"+ tires (I think these are designated 650b+ in the UK). it is very quick and easy to...
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    New Owner and Maybe Missing Something About Playing Songs on Tesla

    You can just say “hey Siri” as if the phone is not connected to anything and it will work. Occasionally Siri will answer “you have to unlock your iPhone first.” 90% of the time the face recognition works for me. I keep my phone on a magnetic mount just to the left of the MCU.
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    Unable to Get Service for MAJOR problems

    I've had similar frustrations trying to reach someone. I've found the online chat usually works, but only seems to work for me on PC running windows. I've been advised to just schedule a service appointment somewhere (it doesn't really matter when or which service center) and they will reach...
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    Is this gen 1 or gen 2 seats?

    I think that is pretty subjective. I recently had an issue on a road trip with my 75xxx VIN Model S, and was given a loaner with the Gen 2 seats to complete a leg. Basically, I got out of my car with Gen 1 seats after a four hour leg, got into the loaner and drove 7 hours with Gen 2 seats...
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    I had the same failure of the "master charger" over the weekend, car charges fine at home, but will not supercharge (I rarely supercharge). I was nearly stuck on the road, but fortunately had enough charge to limp to a service center. Although it was theoretically closed, there was someone...
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    Slacker Radio on CPO/Used Tesla MS

    That's exactly the behavior associated with the time sync being off. Check the car's clock against your cell phone, and if there's a difference, then that's the issue. They can resync it remotely if you can get to someone in service, but there is an upcoming firmware update that should address...
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    Slacker no longer works

    My slacker started working again, and the time is now correct. No intervention that I'm aware of, but it's possible that the service tech fixed it remotely and just didn't tell me.
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    Slacker Radio on CPO/Used Tesla MS

    I don't know the answers to all of your questions, but I do know that there is a software bug that causes the MCU clock to become out of sync to internet time, and this causes Slacker to stop working. Search under "Slacker not working" and you should find the thread in the user interface forum...
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    Slacker no longer works

    The problem has returned as of today, and the car's clock is about 45 seconds fast compare to my phone. I contacted the service tech, who said there is a firmware update "in the future" to fix the problem
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    Slacker no longer works

    One thing I would check when setting up the appointment, is that the car's time (on the MCU clock) agrees with your cellphone or another internet time source. That was apparently useful information, and they were able to remotely fix mine very quickly after learning that.
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    Slacker no longer works

    Success! They were able to fix it remotely. Apparently a clue was that the clock in the MCU was running fast. It was about 2.5 minutes fast compared to my iphone. Now the clock and iPhone agree on the time, and slacker is working as expected.
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    Slacker no longer works

    Talked with the remote diagnostic technician who has confirmed that there is a problem with the "stack" for slacker and they are trying to figure it out. He also suggested making sure the web browser (which I rarely use) is on a page like google that has few graphics and no flash animation...
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    Slacker no longer works

    The mobile technician has been in touch with me by text this morning, and has asked a couple of times for me to check and see if it's working (not yet).
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    Slacker no longer works

    I finally got to talk to somebody at the Nashville (Brentwood) service center. I did this by calling a different service center (in St. Louis) and after being on hold for several minutes got transferred to a call center in Canada. The person at the call center was able to message the...
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    Slacker no longer works

    Mobile service contacted me first thing this morning, and are working on the issue. Just for grins, and because I want to know what an LTE upgrade would cost, I left yet another daily message with the service center. They haven't reached out or answered their phone in over a week now. I...
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    Slacker no longer works

    got through to somebody on the "Chat" from the support page. She was very nice and scheduled a ranger to contact me. She suspects something isn't working right, since logs show me logged it, but it's still totally non-functional Haven't heard back from the service center yet.
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    Slacker no longer works

    I'm fairly certain that the problem is Tesla pulling the plug early on my slacker account (I have a few months left of warranty coverage) but I still haven't heard back from them. I've been contacting them daily through the website and leaving phone messages with the nearest service center...
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    Slacker no longer works

    Does not work on 3G or WiFi, I don’t have a personal slacker account Everything else working as normal. Maps are downloading (although slowly as 3g coverage continues to deteriorate), all other functions work as they should. Just no slacker.
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    Slacker no longer works

    Still no reply from Tesla, have sent another online inquiry and left another phone message with the closest service center (which is over 200 miles away)
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    Slacker no longer works

    2015 Model S (still under 4 years time in service). Original 3G chip Slacker asks for credentials, pushing the "Use Tesla Login" results in and "unable to log in, try again later" message. Connectivity is good (for a 3G chip), Tunein still works. USB works. Streaming over Bluetooth works...
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    Model S parts & accessories sale!

    Is the roof rack still available?
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    Best 19 in all season tire for tesla

    Another datapoint. Please understand that this is apples to oranges, and unfair to the Michelins at multiple levels, but I just replaced the OEM Michelins at 30K miles with Pirelli P7s. I have a 2015 S85D, and I'm not a particularly aggressive driver 90% of the time, but will push the car hard...
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    I'll give you $200 for the set--I think thats around half of new retail. I may have someone in...

    I'll give you $200 for the set--I think thats around half of new retail. I may have someone in Atlanta who could pick them up for me.
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    Anyone having problems with 3G?

    I'm getting increasingly poor coverage--I've given up for the most part on streaming music and just stream from my phone. The slow downloads of the maps is a bigger problem--I've had to pull over in unfamiliar neighborhoods and bring up the maps on my phone. Some days it works OK, some days I...
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    Is 3G coverage getting worse?

    I think it's getting much worse. I've pretty much gone to streaming music from my phone rather than the car, so that part's not a problem. The maps though are an issue. I've had times i wanted to zoom in to find a street, and have nothing but grey tiles, waiting for coverage.
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    Help choosing model s cpo.

    FWIW I have a 2015 85 D (non-P). I have driven RWD cars, and the P85D, as well as loaners with various options. I would prioritize: Big battery (85 vs. 70) Dual motor Air suspension 19" wheels rather than 21" (I have owned cars with low-profile tires, it is a PITA worrying about...
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    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    I've had my S85D about the same amount of time, and last week made a 1600+ mile road trip. I was struck by the difference from the first time I made the same trip, two years ago. When I first bought the car, there were no superchargers within range. The first one appeared over 200 miles away...
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    Supercharger availability status: All messed up

    I just signed on while supercharging in Rockford, IL to see if anyone else noticed this. Map shows 6/8 super chargers in use. I was alone for 20 minutes, then a model X showed up.
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    First service experience

    I’ve had my model S for over three years now, and apart from a few minor issues at delivery that a ranger came and fixed, nothing has ever not worked on the car until yesterday. I live more than 200 miles from the nearest service center, so this is potentially a problem. At my first stop on a...
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    Supercharger - Oshkosh, WI

    I will likely be there wednesday in the S. Was planning to fly, but waiting on a part which failed last week. Also, aircraft camping seems to be saturated. It will probably open up by wed or Thur, but I'm thinking I'll just drive. Last time I brought the Tesla, about two years ago, the...
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    Where is the connector for rear footwell lights?

    Ok, so I’m officially an idiot After spending 30 minutes, then posting, I went back out to the garage and found the connector on top of the largest wiring bundle running under the middle of the seat. Two minutes. D’oh!
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    Where is the connector for rear footwell lights?

    Title is self explanatory. I have a 2015 S85D that came without the premium lighting package. I ordered a set of new LEDs from Abtract Ocean, and have installed them all except the rear footwell lights. Does anyone have a good photo showing the location of the wiring/connector? I was able to...
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    Sketchiest Supercharger Sites

    Totally agree here, the location of the Mobile supercharger is unsafe at night, probably OK during daylight though. One mitigating factor though is that both mall security (the number on the supercharger) and Mobile PD are happy to come sit with you while you charge. I talked to both them...
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    Homelink very flaky

    Yeah me too
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    Memphis - Supercharger

    Where else would you put it? You need to be somewhere on the 40/240 loop to be convenient to people passing through both east-west and north-south. You also need a safe neighborhood and amenities within walking distance. If they had put me in charge, I'd have put it the the mall anchored by...
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    Supercharger - Tupelo, MS

    This is really good news for those of us who drive between Memphis and Destin, FL. The best route is through Tupelo, then down 45 through meridian to mobile. A location south of the 22/45 interchange would have been better, but this works.
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    Memphis - Supercharger

    Also for barbecue a little farther east on Poplar Ave (US 72). and you get to "The one and Only" barbecue which has good and reasonable takeout, which you could then carry with you to the supercharger. Probably closer than Corky's My favorite spot near East Memphis for out of town guests is...
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    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    Hmmph. The prosecution rests.
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    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    I called Tesla the other day about the Memphis Supercharger. The rep on the phone asked me to spell Memphis, asked me if it was in California. When I said "no, it's in Tennessee" he asked me what the nearest city was.

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