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    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    :( what if I initiate the turn signal myself ?
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    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Will this work on AP1 car?
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    17.6.15 is out, any AP2 owners here that has it?

    what is this update for? a non-P version..
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    Firmware 8.0

    Got 8.0 notification this morning and installed at noon. ;) -from socal area.
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    Rear Liftgate Sunshade - Model S

    Yes, it is the one from Tesla. It doesn't have velcro... I added myself since it was falling off while driving
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    Rear Liftgate Sunshade - Model S

    The rear sunshade keeps falling off while driving... Then, tried use the velcro tapes sticks it on the rear window, the velcro sticker got melted when it was very hot and made the sunshade fall off again. How did you guys do it?
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    Jdeck, By comparing the Wh/mile number between your calculation and Tesla's Trip Meter, yours are much higher than the number showed in Tesla screen. Which one is more accurate?
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    Display maps in instrument cluster?

    i felt this is too much.. defeated Tesla's simple design language. Also, I will need to stare at the cluster display to find location while driving (in local)..
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    Firmware 7.1

    I did the same thing. Drove to the service center and parked for 30 minutes then I saw the software update notification. It seems like service center has a cellular transmitter or some kind to connect to the car. The Wi-Fi there didn't work at all.
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    +10% Energy Efficiency after 2.24.102 Update

    Maybe this is off topic, just had this thought after reading this thread ... If a road/freeway can slightly tilt or change its altitude to make cars flow only downhills for rush hour or based on the traffic flow at that time, a car might only need brakes... :p
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    Solar Powers My Model S

    Anyone know what is the buy back rate currently for SDG&E in Socal?
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    What the Heck is up with Autopilot?

    Agreed on the lagging. After 7.1 update, I feel sometimes multi-tasking (audio, auto parking, summon, live backup camera) lags the system. only use AP on freeway so far no incident happened on TACC as other people described on freeway. - I had an audio control not working incident right after...
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    What's your 90%?

    My 90% dropped from 257 to 253 within 2 months. I changed the dash board to battery % instead of rated milage. To me, the kwh/1% of battery makes more sense. By recording the daily numbers to get value, for my 90D, the number varies based on the trip length and wh/mi (from 0.69 - 0.88 kwh/1%...
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    Garage door open/close by itself related to MS ??

    Yes, I recently (20 days ago) re-paired one of my remote with the garage door before setup my MS homelink. the neighbor 's garage are very far from us. I don't think that happened. plus, it was 4am when I heard my garage door open itself ... - - - Updated - - - it sounds like we are on the...
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    Garage door open/close by itself related to MS ??

    At 4am, my garage door opened somehow and it woke me up (I have those old screw driver type noisy garage door). That wasn't a good experience without knowing what the heck happened. With a bat, i stood there for 10 minutes and trying to figure out why the thief (if any) was trying to get in/out...
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    Real scare with Autosteer!

    This happened to me after an unsuccessful lane changing. The car changed its mind in the middle of lane changing and switched back to the original lane dramatically with warning. I am not sure what was happened. Since then, the lane changing did not work anymore. On the second day, I checked the...
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    Pink fluid leaking

    They did. Mine was not as heavy drained as yours... So, you have the same seals broken on both side?
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    Pink fluid leaking

    Issue UPDATE: Came in to the service center and they took a look at the leaking. I was told the leaking was from the seal between the right-side axle and the gear unit. The fluid was the gear oil which is red color and becomes pinkish on the ground. They are taking the entire rear drive unit...
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    Pink fluid leaking

    It does not have any sulfury smell or any other smell. Maybe the car is too new to have any smell? Then, it definitely not the battery coolant. I didn't get any warning on the dash board.
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    Pink fluid leaking

    Thanks for the info. Then, I am wondering what will this be.
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    Pink fluid leaking

    There is more leaked from rear left side now. My guess is the battery coolant as well. I will call service tomorrow. Thanks guys.
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    Pink fluid leaking

    Just picked up a brand new 90D yesterday. Found pink fluid leaking (fresh) in the garage after I parked for 20 minutes today after driving back. It is from the center of the car near rear motor/wheels. I can see liquid dripping mark underneath the black bottom panel. Has anyone experienced this...

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