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    Gov Open consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles

    Gov consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles DfT proposals: introducing a statutory duty for Local Authorities to plan for EV infrastructure mandated charge points in new & existing non-residential car parks Rapid Charging Fund (for England only) DfT...
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    CCS 100kW+ Ultra Rapid League Table

    Prices after recent increases look to be as follows. Apologies I didn’t add scores for reliability, cleanliness, UX or customer service. Prices June 2021
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    Object Aware Acceleration

    Moderator comment - posts moved from Performance not performing My LR practically stalled off the line again this morning I don’t think it’s just a P problem, just more noticeable.
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    Is Autopilot safer than a human driver in Great Britain?

    Elon recently celebrated Autopilot’s accident record claiming it had a nearly 10 times lower chance of having an accident. Tesla Vehicle Safety Report So, is Autopilot better than a human in Great Britain? In 2019: 356.5 Billion Vehicle Miles for all motor vehicles [Road traffic...
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    Duracell jokes

    Being an early adopter you have to laugh with your friends about ‘how many Duracell batteries does it take’. Found this over on the US threads. Tesla Model 3 debris launched into homes in high-speed crash, driver cited for DUI Model 3 crash @ +100MPH BTW The answer is something like 4,416...
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    It’s a sad day

    After 12,000 miles and 13 months, I’ve just agreed to hand back the car I love. Tesla made 4 attempts to fix the leak in the trunk lid without success. Link: Jun 20, 2020. SC’s last attempt made no difference and I don’t want a boot that will rust out in 3 years’ time. SC tried re-aligning the...
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    AP for non- Tesla

    Did anyone think about this before getting a Tesla? One for the ICE? comma.ai – Introducing openpilot
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    M3 Refresh

    Tesla is doing a Model 3 refresh and we've seen it - Electrek Maybe the elusive heat pump is coming soon...
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    Tesla Solar Coming to the UK

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    Demo video live 11:00pm tonight. Neuralink
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    Current M3 Lead Time?

    Does anyone have a view on current lead time? Anyone recently receive a VIN or car, when did you order? Thanks!
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    Make all charge points contactless

    Found this over on EV Speak. Petition: Make all Electric Vehicle Charging Points accept contactless payment. Signed it for good measure but it looks like UK Gov already on that wavelength. All new rapid chargepoints should offer card payment by 2020
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    Re-enter password

    Is it just me? I had to re-enter my app password last night. Wasn’t sure if Tesla doing a clean sweep on tokens.
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    Tesla Roadside - Thank You!

    I locked myself out of the house today. House key in car. Phone + wallet in house. :oops: Went to the neighbours, called Tesla Assistance. 10 mins later (on hold) car open, keys recovered. Thank you Tesla! I know plenty of manufacturers can do it but it is a neat trick. 10 years ago that would...
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    BBC: Tesla's 'Autopilot' misleading, Germany rules

    Tesla's 'Autopilot' misleading, Germany rules
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    Torn under felt

    Looks like Tesla might have a better solution for this now: from Tesla got the worst score in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey
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    A/C Charging Reduced

    Hello from blighty! Has anyone suffered from reduced A/C charging on an M3? Lots of people in the UK having charging reduced from 30 or 32Amp down to 16A mid charge for no apparent reason. Typically we have Type 2, 32A single phase A/C wall connector at home. Main software release currently...
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    OTA Software Updates

    I’ve been stalking TeslaFi’s firmware update page and think Tesla have started prioritising M3P’s over SR+ for updates. I’ve seen these new threads about new updates and they don’t land. Had the SR+ since Sept and I can pretty much say my software moves with the pack. Typically that’s about 1...
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    Bug Report RHD

    On a RHD M3 if you try to drive away with the charger plugged in, the graphic if the car pops up a warning so far do good. But the button for opening the charge port appears on the wrong side of the car. Any Tesla Devs lurking, add it to the list!
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    Octopus ‘Go’ getting paid to use Electricity

    I’m sure others will have this email too. I’m not on Octopus ‘Agile’ I’m on ‘Go’ but will get paid to use electricity on Sunday and do my bit to help keep the country’s electricity on. Amazing. Loving even more. P.S. usual Octopus referral code available if you want one (I’ve got to at...
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    Best Birthday Card

    I thought you would appreciate this one as much as I did. In case anyone asks, the link on the back of it is: Truth Facts
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    Official DIY

    I’ve never seen this page before: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/do-it-yourself-model-3 Cabin filter change is one for next year. #TeslaUpdates
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    M3 Efficiency -> Trip B

    Do you have an M3 SR+ ? To keep this consistent please don't use Teslafi or the OBD port. If you've never reset Trip B, what is your average Wh/mi?
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    Spare Wheel?

    I’ve been looking for a full size M3 spare wheel to keep in my garage (direct replacement) so that if I get a flat I could driving as normal. There obviously haven’t been many M3s scrapped in the UK and USA shipping is going to be ££s for a spare wheel. The exact spec seems a little hard to find...
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    The car that keeps giving...

    This week: I'm loving not having to scrape the windscreen in the cold.
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    Sentry Mode - Use sparingly!

    Sentry Mode ‘seems’ to use about 15 mile per day if left on the whole time. Let’s go with 300 Wh/m for this calculation. 15 x 0.3 = 4.5 kW per day. HW3.0/FSD computer uses 100W so that would be 2.4kW per day. Assume there must be some other hardware drawing too when the computer is on (PSUs...
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    Speed Dependent Volume

    Can Tesla please add: Speed dependent volume; Add a maximum volume when you change audio source / first get in the car? I’ve been caught a couple of times after previously listening to loud music! Does this already exist or is it just me?
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    Genuine TESLA Merchandise

    I went to the Tesla Fremont factory last week for a factory tour whilst on holiday. I can’t say much about the factory because you sign an NDA and they know where I live and where I am at all times….. but if you’re in San Francisco it’s 30 mins from the airport and definitely worth booking a...
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    Clunk Sound

    M3SR+ Does anybody else get a loud biscuit tin lid flexing clunk sound every so often? Climbing a hill or supercharging. Normal or is it just me?
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    Ground clearance

    Could someone do me a favour?! Could you measure the height of an SR+ off of the ground. Height from the ground to the underside - the lower of either the sill or the battery somewhere below the B pillar? I need a new driveway because the current ICE grounds out on the pavement. I've modelled...

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