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  1. liludiivert

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Given reports of these July orders getting filled before earlier ones... Wasn't the price increase done in July? Perhaps theres a correlation.
  2. liludiivert

    Resale of 2020 Model S LR? Anyone done it recently?

    As a datapoint I sold my 2020 LR+ w/ 21s and FSD for $90,000 23,000 Miles
  3. liludiivert

    Question about Model S 2019/2020 pricing/MSRP/options......

    I had a 2020. Only options were color, stock 19s in black or 21s, White or Cream Interior, and FSD. I attached my MVPA so you can get a better idea of the costs.
  4. liludiivert

    Model S Plaid/LR 2021 Refresh Issues Thread

    So who’s gonna attempt a tweet at Elon asking about this being a possible feature in the future? 😂
  5. liludiivert

    2021 Refresh Delivery + Thoughts + New Wheels

    Man those twin turbines look great on the refresh...
  6. liludiivert

    Spoiler fit for new 2021 refreshed Model S

    Any chance you can post some pictures? Seems the new spoiler is longer, longer than the chrome/black trim with the Tesla logo. The old spoiler seemed about the same length as that trim.
  7. liludiivert

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Mine went blank along with seemingly everyone elses in this group. Luckily got an update today on it. Hoping you guys get updates soon!
  8. liludiivert

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Mine just updated from blank to December 07 - December 27! Looks like they did push an updated timeline this morning. October -> February -> Blank -> Dec 7-27
  9. liludiivert

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Changed to blank for me as well, hopefully a good thing. October -> February -> Blank
  10. liludiivert

    Vin assigned, ordered a week ago Performance

    Just double-check if it has an -G battery and you should have all the latest tech inside it
  11. liludiivert

    model s long range vs. long range plus

    I can almost guarantee your car will be a Long Range Plus model. I dont think they are just keeping Long Range "-E" batteries lying around to put into cars for specific countries. Your car should come with everything it needs for the Long Range Plus software/firmware upgrade.
  12. liludiivert


    This should bring the enhanced suspension configuration page to Raven Model S and X. Super excited for this one!
  13. liludiivert

    Part Numbers for OEM Wireless Phone Charger

    Just got my wireless charger from Teslas website! Came in some surprisingly nice packaging. Followed the directions on their website; installation wound up being even easier than the dock connector. Was it worth $125? I am pretty particular about how things look and function... This solution...
  14. liludiivert

    New Thinner More Comfortable Seats

    Yep can confirm mine came with the -F battery and was eventually updated to the LR+ model. Really wish tesla was more clear with these changes.
  15. liludiivert

    New Thinner More Comfortable Seats

    Probably one of the last ones off the line with the adjustable headrests. Mine was delivered about a week later with the newer seats.
  16. liludiivert

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    This is probably what it is. I have a -F revision pack on my MS. Odd thing is, I asked someone else on the forums who had gotten delivery of a new MS a week ago and it also has a -F revision installed. Wonder how recent of a change the -G battery is. Exciting news nonetheless!
  17. liludiivert

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    The issue with that theory is there is a conditional <div> in the HTML code that says if the car is equipped with "packconfig93" a "Super Charger Improvements" section in the update notes would show. If our cars had "packconfig93" it would have triggered this section to appear after this update.
  18. liludiivert

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    Yeah green on twitter found references to packconfig93 in the code. It's odd that they would release a public software update that included tags for an unreleased battery pack though. I checked in with someone else on the forum whos Model S was delivered a week ago and he has the current -F...
  19. liludiivert

    Going to purchase "new" 100D 2018 non-raven. Is this a mistake?

    Of course! I would call your local tesla dealer and ask them for a Model S test drive. The process is usually very easy especially if you're in the market to buy one soon. I see you're in San Francisco area, I was able to get an overnight test drive with no questions asked at the dealer in...
  20. liludiivert

    Going to purchase "new" 100D 2018 non-raven. Is this a mistake?

    I had a nonraven loaner model S for a few days while my car was in service and I can tell you the difference in ride quality is almost night and day. The adaptive air suspension in closer to german luxury car competitors which is a big compliment. The other immediate difference I noticed was the...
  21. liludiivert

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Beautiful car! Enjoy it in good health :) Ive been seeing there may be a new battery pack revision. Mind checking yours by looking at your battery sticker in your front right wheel well? Last known revision was the -F battery, wonder what some of the latest ones are shipping with.
  22. liludiivert

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    I just installed the 2020.24.6.1 update on my Long Range Plus MS. No mention of updated supercharging speeds in the change notes. Wonder if there's anyone out there who has seen the change in their changelog?
  23. liludiivert

    Love, Love, Love the new Raven Suspension!

    After getting a loaner preraven model S with air suspension I can confirm the newer ones are much more comfortable and a bit quieter. Especially in comfort mode. To add a data point my car came with Continentals. My assumption is Performance models come with the Michelins.
  24. liludiivert

    2020 Seats w/ Nonadjustable Headrests vs Older

    Had my car (which has the new non-adjustable headrests) go in for service at tesla and was provided a loaner 2018 100D with the older seats with the adjustable headrests. The first thing I noticed when I entered the car was the seats being less comfortable, I immediately missed the newer seats...
  25. liludiivert

    Raven long range real world 0-60

    Anyone have any new numbers for Raven 0-60 and Quarter Mile? Genuinely curious.
  26. liludiivert

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    Im 100% sure you'll get the update in the near future. Im assuming the Tesla guy you spoke to didn't know what he was talking about (happens all too often)
  27. liludiivert

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    No wireless charging... Was running 2020.12 for the last couple weeks. Randomly reflected the new range last night. No need to update.
  28. liludiivert

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    You can check in the front right wheel well for the battery part number. If it ends in a -F you have the latest battery revision. If you took delivery December of last year (as I did) you should have a soon to be LR+ model S :)
  29. liludiivert

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    Nope, I bought mine well before the announcement of the LR+. I think the requirement is the -F battery.
  30. liludiivert

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    Exciting day today. Finally the car updated to the Long Range Plus configuration. My Model S was delivered on 12/21, has the -F battery. Noticed the change at a supercharger. My 90% is now a 348mi range on 21s.
  31. liludiivert

    Bluetooth Problems on 2020.8.1

    Exactly this. Hoping 2020.12 fixes this
  32. liludiivert

    Bluetooth Problems on 2020.8.1

    Tried that already multiple times. Rebooting fixes the issue temporarily but it returns.
  33. liludiivert

    Bluetooth Problems on 2020.8.1

    Just downloaded the new 2020.8.1 update about 4 or 5 days ago. Ever since then I have been having issues maintaining connection with my phone through bluetooth. Seems to keep connecting and disconnecting. No music or phone calls coming through now. Anyone else experiencing this? Ive had the car...
  34. liludiivert


    I don’t see the “new navigation” in the release notes for my car. And my range doesn’t seem to have gone up either. I have a 2020 with the latest -F battery. Weird.
  35. liludiivert

    Choosing NEW vs. CPO HELP!

    I faced the same question as you a few months back. After comparing a friends 2016 MS to a 2019 (at the time) I personally thought the much better air suspension and range really sealed the deal for me. Id say this is especially important if you plan to run the car into the ground. You'll...
  36. liludiivert

    Does the newest model S with wireless charging have higher watt USB ports?

    What seat controls are you referring to?
  37. liludiivert

    Used P100DL or new model Y performance

    I would go Model Y. It will probably hold its value very well especially at the beginning; not to mention the latest tech. In general, I wouldn't ask this question in Model S specific forum...you'll get colored opinions.
  38. liludiivert

    Do the 2020 Model S Ravens have Adaptive Headlights

    My Raven has adaptive headlights. Unless we are taking about different things... As I turn the steering wheel the LEDs in the upper region of the headlight engage sequentially to help illuminate the turn. If this what you are looking for then yes the new ravens do include these headlights.
  39. liludiivert

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    They’ve been calling the 100D Non Raven “Long Range” on the CPO site for a few months now. My guess is they’ll push an update for the Ravens to reflect this “Long Range Plus” range and then leave the 100D as the normal “Long Range”.
  40. liludiivert

    Does Tesla Powerwall purchase count towards referral program

    I just wanted to know if a Powerwall purchase counts towards Teslas referral program. Was looking to see if I could give some credit to someone who referred me. This seems to be unclear on the website. If anyone knows let me know!
  41. liludiivert

    New 2020 software at delivery

    It came with the latest software at the time. I want to say 2019.40. Arrived mid december.
  42. liludiivert

    New 2020 software at delivery

    My 2020 got 2020.4.1 approximately a week ago, I'm sure it will hit your car soon. I'm surprised it didn't come preinstalled.
  43. liludiivert

    Reason for range discrepancy between real world and EPA?

    I understand the elevation drop but that was mearly 1000 ft over 450 miles. This combined with quotes like “We drove between 70 mph and 80 mph the vast majority of the time, but we did push the Taycan up over 100 mph a few times, we just couldn't help ourselves.” and a race with a P3D. There is...
  44. liludiivert

    Reason for range discrepancy between real world and EPA?

    ~300 miles. Mind you this is with 21s. But still.
  45. liludiivert

    Reason for range discrepancy between real world and EPA?

    I recently purchased a raven Model S that supposedly is rated at 373 miles of range by the EPA. In the real world, I struggle to get anywhere close to that with normal driving. I've more or less assumed that was normal until I read this week that the Porsche Taycan seemingly easily went 40+...
  46. liludiivert

    Model S 2020 Impressions

    if you take a look at one of bjorns “1000 km challenge” videos where he times these cars on a roadtrip of that length; the raven model x comes in at 20 mins slower than a M3 LR. Thats on a 10hr plus road trip. My guess is the Model S LR with 50 extra miles of range on each charge would have...
  47. liludiivert

    Model S 2020 Impressions

    He’s referring to the 200kw charging on the Raven vs 250kw on the M3. A 50kw difference and the fact that these are just peak charge rates that are really only held for a short period of the charge curve at low SOC’s results in the insignificant real world difference. I really wish there was a...
  48. liludiivert


    Had the update show up on my MS LR a couple hours ago. I attempted to run it however it just hung at 100%. After a restart and an hour of hanging, the update has now disappeared as an option. The car is still showing 2019.40.50.7. Has this happened to anyone else?

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