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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Anyone who has gotten wheels delivered recently - what was the shipping time? I'm about to get mine shipped but I'm a little concerned with the ports being backlogged so hard...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Actually...if they could make an Uberturbine replica 20x9 that weigh 23-25lbs (that is realistic with exotic materials), I would definitely buy a 20' or 19' set. The Uberturbines look GREAT and are some of the most aerodynamic wheel designs I have seen without being full-on-aero. It's hard to...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    I was comparing a 20 inch design. Tesla's 20x9 20-inch is 32lbs roughly. This is 30.8lbs for 20x8.5 (estimated). Saves nothing per wheel unless you go smaller sizes...in fact it may weigh more than Tesla's OEM wheel when done as a 20x9. Perhaps you're right about design having a large part. I...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Yikes those are some heavyweight wheels! That would imply they aren't forged as they are HEAVIER than Tesla's OEM wheels. Tesla wheels aren't forged.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    interesting...what is the estimated weight of the 19s uberturbines?
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    I actually sent Manheart a letter and they got back to me. Here is the response. "Thank you for your interest in our Tesla Box. Unfortunately we have to inform you, that the box does not release the Power and we cannot tell you when the problem will be resolved. At the moment we cannot offer...
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    According to reviews and Michelin specs, the CC2+ has a 10% improvement in LRR over the CC2. No it won't be close to the MXM4...but it's closer-er
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    Have there been any tests on how significantly the 2021 wheels & tires affect range?

    Not that I know of. And probably for does it make a difference. The uberturbiness are definitely aerodynamic (evacuation if super heavy). And pzero elects also have a narrower contact patch for a 235-wide tire, that likely affects the LRR a lot.
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    FS: Light Harmonic Model 3 door speakers

    For sale Light Harmonic model 3 door speakers. These are a direct replacement of the front door speakers and require no modifications. More info here. There's a lot of reviews of these as well. https://www.amazon.com/Light-Harmonic-Specially-Engineered-Specifically/dp/B08QV4WYZZ?th=1 Condition...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    You can find the times in the Model S section of the forum. But regardless, I took this a bit off topic and I'm sorry. Let's get back on topic. I hope we get another software update for 2021 refreshed model 3s with a tad more power. Or an unlock option. I also hope a refreshed M3P comes this or...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    The base model S 0-60 is a true 0-60....and not rollout numbers. It's ~0.1-0.2s faster to 60 and it runs high 10s quarter mile which is quite a bit faster than M3P Sure it costs 33K MORE but I'd make the argument you get WAY MORE VALUE FOR THE MONEY than the current M3P. It gets ~25% more range...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    Ok guys - you're right. I never said the M3P is slow. It's still faster than most. That's not my argument. But it hasn't gotten much faster in 4 years. The M3 LR got the AB which brings it much closer to a M3P. You can say the LR got a lot faster with that update and the dual 5% software...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    The 2022 BMW M3 X-drive actually does a 3.0 0-60 - The 2022 Audi RS3 (yes the RS line is more of a competitor than the regular S) is in the mid-high 3s Mercedes' AMG coupe is now in the 3s as well. All of these can be modified to go faster still. The M3P does 3.1 (with rollout) and cannot be...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    I mean I have a brand new performance 3....and years ago pretty much nothing came close and that was one of the reasons I wanted one. Now I finally could afford it....lots of cars come close, some are faster. It's still better than anything. But the gap has shrunk considerably. The fact it...
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    Torque and Horsepower upgrade kits on M3P?

    Bummer....Tesla is dragging their feet at this point. 3.3ish 0-60 was fast in 2016 with the reveal of the 3.... In 20201? It's "quick" but the industry has caught on a lot. The model 3 PERFORMANCE is now slower than non-performance ones like the new S...and likely new X. Not to mention some gas...
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    Water Leaked Behind Center Brake Light During Tint

    Sadly same issue after tint. Dried to yellow streaks though at least the tint is good. The best way to clean it is to take it apart and clean it. It's a BITCH to take apart since the entire rear of the car basically has to come apart to get there. I actually ordered a whole new set of Light...
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    most range efficient wheels for M3P

    Compared to the 20'' OEM M3P wheels, the 18'' EV01 OR aero wheels will provide around 15-20 more miles assuming SAME tires as the 20''. The aero wheels are not compatible with the M3P though, EV01 are. Efficiency of 18'' EV01 wheels vs 18'' Tesla aero OEM wheels is the same. There was an...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    How much did this 20x9.5 wheel weigh?
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    MYP 2021 range: ~190 miles on a 90%-charge. Normal?

    Just got a new M3P and seeing similar numbers. Efficiency is rather poor in real driving situations vs EPA ratings. Short trips when it's really hot outside (95F or higher) causes the AC to run full blast. By the time the car cools down, you park since it's a short trip. Do that a bunch of...
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    If 24 kWh per 100 miles is EPA best/reported consumption, what is typical for great, average and poor driving?

    On a 2021 Performance 3 I routinely get 350kW/mile when it's 95F outside AND I do short trips of 3-5 miles. That's normal driving mind you and it's high mainly because short trips means the AC spends the whole trip trying to cool down the car on nearly full blast but then the trip is over. With...
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    2021 Performance Model 3 - Several questions from a driver.

    6. Yes - gains CAN be made for both range and acceleration. The Performance 3 with it's 20-inch ankle weights can gain ~0.1s 0-60 when you switch to a fully forged wheels. However, usually this comes with a penalty on range as MOST lightweight forged wheels are not aerodynamic (stock wheels...
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    Master thread: Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (non-S) is a better tire if you're looking for efficiency as it has a lower rolling resistance than both the PS4S and the Pirelli P-Zero that come with the performance now. You will still retain MOST of the driving feel and stopping distance. No clue about noise or...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    I ordered a slightly different version of the Forgiato EV1 wheels but in a sensible size. 19x8.5 ET34. Jova not only will replicate them but you can get them in any color (wheel + accessories). Will fit a Performance 3 with no adapters needed. They should be SUPER lightweight fully forged and...
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    Model 3 Light Harmonic speakers

    Still available?
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    Auto Dimming Mirrors.... Kinda Dark

    I take that back...you also have to unplug the side mirrors...
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    Auto Dimming Mirrors.... Kinda Dark

    Had the same issue with not being able to see at night after tint. Unplugged the rearview mirror per video here and now all mirrors do not dim anymore. Excellent. Removing that trim piece was a bitch...took me half an hour and 3 destroyed plastic cards but it came off. You do not need to...
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    Efficient tires?

    The Michelin Pilot Sport EVs are a summer tire...
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    Model 3 Performance feels slow?

    What is the first and second 5% bumps in that data? I thought there was only a single 5% performance boost that came via a software update for the 3 Performance.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    ^^ I'm definitely interested in a Jova replicated Forgiato EV 001 wheels. Especially if it's a 19x8.5 size and not the 20 inch extra-wide version offered by Forgiato. @scarpiamod3 did you hear about it from Jova?

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