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    Does anyone actually use Smart Summon?

    I’ve seen Elon making comments implying they’ve “solved” low speed autonomous driving with Smart Summon, so now all they need to do is to complete high speed autonomous driving. Has Elon ever actually tried to use Smart Summon? It does not work well at all, to the point that it’s honestly just...
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    Since latest update, car is swerving on AP

    Don’t know if anyone else has been seeing this, but ever since I took the first software version that included the “update” to make the car “more aggressive when switching lanes,” I’ve witnessed the car actually be 100x worse at properly tracking the lane markers and staying within the center...
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    Tesla glass: corners were cut

    Ive been driving for ~22 years. I’ve literally never once in my driving lifetime ever received so much as a tiny chip in my windshield. I’ve had my Tesla for 14 months. Within the first 3 weeks, I got a chip in my windshield that was at least small enough to be filled in by Safelite, albeit...
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    Is there an option to turn off auto-window open?

    I’d like to prevent the windows from rolling down slightly when the door is opened. I’m assuming there isn’t, but just thought I’d ask. This didn’t seem like a problem...until the first time I washed my car and then parked and got out.... pretty sure everyone on the planet has made the mistake...
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    So, who is going to be the first to try “smart summon”

    Was just reading about how “smart summon” is expected to roll out with AP v10 in ~August/September. This feature will supposedly allow your car to drop you off, go find a parking spot on its own, and come find you later... The size of the balls you need to have to try this thing out as...
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    Sentry Mode WAY too sensitive

    Car keeps activating sentry mode repeatedly when anyone simply walks within 2-3 feet of the car. I keep activating it in my garage just by walking past it to go to the door. As a result, it fills up my USB with dozens and dozens of useless clips. Couple that with the fact that Tesla hasn’t...
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    Nav on AP with Auto-Lane Change unusable in current state

    I’ve been trying to use (I.e. test a feature for Tesla for free) both Nav on AP and auto lane change since it was first released, and I find myself wanting to keep it permanently turned off at this point. The auto lane changes are seemingly random and generally unhelpful. All of the things...
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    Is there really no way to dismiss warning messages? Really?

    Got a tire pressure warning. A little bit under the norm. No big deal, I’ll get it filled when I get a chance later...except I can’t get the g*damn error message in the middle of the screen to go away so actually I have to go stop at a gas station and fill it up 2 PSI right now. Am I missing...
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    HomeLink UI not the greatest

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to click on my main garage door link in order to open/close it, only to accidentally click just below it and instead open/close my secondary garage door. Quite annoying. It is WAY too easy to accidentally click the wrong button there. Couple this with...
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    Starting to regret FSD pre-purchase in a major way

    I waffled quite a bit but ultimately decided to plunk down the pre-order cash for FSD functionality “when it becomes available.” I knew this was a huge risk, and I was told by several industry insider friends that I shouldn’t, that Tesla - or anyone else - is still many years away from truly...
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    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    A couple weeks ago, I was driving on freeway with no one near me, and I suddenly start to hear what sort of sounds like micro gravel pelting my windshield or even as if there were cracks appearing all over the windshield. I can’t see anything hitting it, nothings actually cracking, and again no...
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    Wind noise seems somewhat obtrusive

    I’m really enjoying the M3 so far, but I feel like this car is pretty noisy at speeds above 60 mph, specifically out of the upper right side of the car. For a $60k car, I guess my expectation is for it to ride a little more silently. Unsure if that’s a normal thing for all M3s. All these...
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    Summon: Connection Weirdness?

    Disclaimer: I know summon is in beta, so let’s avoid the “it’s in beta” responses please :) I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the summon feature will work the first few times with the app, but after those few times (~1-5), the app will randomly stop being able to connect to the car, no...

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