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    Matt at Obsessed Garage buys a M3P

    This will be a great series to skim through. Yeah his videos are long and boring, but he’s like the Bob Ross of car videos... lol. Due to my adhd it’s great for me to have his videos playing in the background in my office while I do other work. If there’s a car wash product and garage product I...
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    Would need to decide what’s a more important freedom. I’d like my freedom to go to my favorite restaurant or watch a play or go to an amusement park and be virus free or at least minimized. besides I don’t think we need to worry about civil liberty preppers... they are already expecting rights...
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    I think its great that we are starting to get test kits out there. I don’t know if it was mentioned earlier but I think these tests could be used in conjunction with a geotagged app that tags if you are infected or not. That way if infected then you pop up as a red dot on the app. If not...
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    If you get door dinged while sitting in the car...

    1st time this happened to me years ago I was too young to realize the potential consequences. - over 10 years ago I had an BMW coupe. I was walking out of Ikea and noticed another SUV/ Van park next to my car. A fat little kid started sliding up and down the side of the car as if it was a slide...
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    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I’m deciding between this and a Rivian R1T. I’ve been doing a lot of off-Roading and overlanding with my FJ Cruiser so it would be interesting to see how this compares to the Rivian off-road being that Rivian is marketing heavily towards the overlanding crowd. that being said I’d probably put...
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    Looking for license plate frame recomendation for rear

    I have a CF frame that I customized... matches the spoiler well.
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    Battery damaged

    Here is a link to skid plates that VW enthusiast get... but it be a similar idea VW Skid Plates Here is a link to skid plates for Toyota’s... I know overkill but I have an FJ Cruiser as well that can use them. Stage 2 (Rock Armor) Skid Plate | 07-09 FJ Cruiser | BudBuilt Off-Road However...
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    Battery damaged

    That looks like the area that is most vulnerable... the area just posterior to the suspension before the battery pack starts. It’s just a plastic splash shield with nothing underneath to support the weight of the car. So rather than letting things slide past the battery... it just collides with...
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    Battery damaged

    I’d think the opposite is true... lower the car more so that the lower bumper takes the damage or hit before you can get over the obstacle and cause more underbody damage. For example... if a metal ladder is in the middle of the road on the freeway... if you have enough underbody clearance you...
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    Scrape Armor

    Thinking about getting this as well since I've got mine lowered on coilovers. Washing the car I've noticed all the scrapes I am getting is in the clear bra where the Scrape Armor goes. You need to crouch down to see it. So I am thinking this will do 2 things for me 1) cover up those scrapes...
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    Lowered 1" with MPP Comfort Coilovers

    1 inch looks just right:)
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    Quickjack for Model 3 - BL-5000SLX?

    Looks great... perfect fit, I guess I’ll be ordering one too from Costco:)
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    Quickjack for Model 3 - BL-5000SLX?

    Good to know... able to post a picture?
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    Quickjack for Model 3 - BL-5000SLX?

    I’m thinking of getting the 5000 SLX as well... has anyone done the 5000 SLX by itself without the extension kit? Is this long enough for the Model 3? If it is not long enough, can I just lift the car side ways with it? And would it be long enough to lift side ways? QJ does mention lifting...
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    Costa Mesa vs Buena Park Service Center

    Good to know that they are excellent at service. I’ll have to scout their driveways... usually I can manage by angling. I’ve got as much clearance as say a Porsche GT3 for example. So as long as they don’t need to drive it on the street then I can manage. I’m hoping all they have to do is reset...
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    Lowering the Model 3

    Anyone on here have any issues getting their car serviced at the Tesla service centers? Looks like I need to bring my car in for software issues... just want to be sure they don’t drive it like an SUV. Any experience at any of the SoCal service centers? I’ve got an appointment at the Costa...
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    Costa Mesa vs Buena Park Service Center

    Looks like I need to bring my Model 3 in for warranty work because the latest software update keeps giving me an error and won’t complete the download. A ranger looked at the car and said I need to bring it into service. I’m pretty OCD about the car, no dents, no scratches, never machine...
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    Lowering the Model 3

    It’s this one 3 ton Low Profile Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack with Rapid Pump® So 2 and 7/8 inch clearance. The problem is the jack pucks are thick so it won’t clear that.
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    Lowering the Model 3

    I guess my car settled another 1/4 inch since using MPP’s initial height settings. So far I have at least 10,000 miles on the coilovers. I know this because the other night I had to jack the car up with my low profile floor jack. I’ve got the jack point pucks and with those in place I needed an...
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    Lowering the Model 3

    People are gonna stop you and ask what’s different about your car... because it looks so good and sporty. Is it one of those performance models? So if you’re in a hurry that is gonna slow you down.
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    Tesla Corsa 3rd Event - Announcement March 31st!

    Pretty mild mods... and it’s still pretty quick. This is motivating me to see what the rwd is capable of. Wonder how much quicker it can be with coilovers, light weight 18 inch wheels + wider tires, and MPP’s Party Box. Wonder if the rwd is able to be driven at 100% for a whole session without...
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    Tesla Corsa 3rd Event - Announcement March 31st!

    What where the quickest rwd times? What mods?
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    Vinyl license plate sticker

    post pictures when you get it... interesting so the letter came direct from the DMV? was there an application process to the DMV that you started? or the company you bought from started the process? Curious if they can do a slimmer profile so the plate isn't bent over any of the angles of the...
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    Fixing Rock Chips in Glass Roof!

    + 1 this is something easily fixed with windshield repair kit from the local autoparts store in 20 to 30 minutes. In my area they are $15 ish. On older cars I've had instances where the windshield chips and after heat cycling the windshield cracks if I don't get around to repairing in time...
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    Red Calipers in SoCal - Orange County

    +1... Son is the man to go to for wheel repair. Had him paint a scratched bumper on my lease return last year.
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    Lost bass speakers and rear channels I only get a cyclic thump

    Also lost bass and rear speakers since the last update. Happened twice and a reset brought it back. Then autohold stopped working the other night. Reset didn’t bring it back. But shutting car off from the main screen brought it back. Car was pretty much perfect until the latest update. I...
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    Model Y unveiling event 2019-03-14 (official thread)

    hmmm... take 1 model 3 + add Mountain Pass Performance lift kit + plastic fender cladding from the Y = Model Y
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    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    They should probably start implementing tests similar to the moose test... but for driving assist systems. That way all cars with driving assist... not just Tesla’s have a standardized threshold as to how they perform. They can do test like having a cardboard semi shoot across the road, or...
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    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    I’ve noticed the cameras and sensors not picking up trailers next to me on the freeway. The tractor it picks up, but the center portion of the trailers it disappears from my screen or shifts to one lane over. Even with the turn signal on, the tractor lights up red then the trailer shifts over...
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    Bump to 325 mi range and 5% power

    I’d be curious if it’s a 5% bump all across the power band or 5% at the top end. Or even an average of 5% increase across the power band meaning same top end but much more low or midrange power. If it’s all across the power band then it’s gonna feel significant.
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    California HOV Sticker Photos.....Show your placement

    It’s from RPM
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    Door Panel Rattles, Need help / Suggestions.

    I’ve got a rattle from my rear passenger door panel too. I’m just paranoid bringing it in to a Tesla service center to fix. - afraid they’ll scratch the tint (I’ve gotten tint scratched on other cars from two lock box the service department placed on windows) - afraid they’ll mar the paint with...
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    protecting against break ins

    Here’s a few ideas 1) install a 6 inch suspension lift + 35 inch mud terrain tires... the added height will make it harder to reach in and grab 2) hire someone to stand watch and quietly eliminate any thieves with extreme measures 3) design an automated attack drone. It can sync with Tesla’s up...
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    Creative Caliper Colors

    On pearl white... burnt orange or gold or bronze... white is also an option too.
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    Daily bird poop cleaning--what do you use?

    1) i’d Make sure there is some kind of protective coat on the car. At least put on a coat of Meguiars ultimate fast finish... takes all of 10 minutes to do. Maybe even top that with meguiars ceramic hybrid wax... that’s just spray on and rinse off. Make sure the paint is decontaminated first to...
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    Would you swap M3LR RWD for Performance Version if you could?

    Yes it’s on a Long Range Rwd. Also kinda toying with the idea of putting my wife in the LR and getting myself a P3D.
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    Would you swap M3LR RWD for Performance Version if you could?

    I’d swap if it was an easy process. If I didn’t already have Paint Protection Film over the whole front end + Ceramic coated + tinted + chrome delete + painted calipers + powdercoated wheels + Mountain Pass Coilovers + Spacers then I would swap. However as a trade in I’d get a low appraisal and...
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    Vendor MPP At Global Time Attack Superlap With A P3D! Nov 8/9

    This would be great marketing... a modern version of race on Sunday and commute to work Monday using just electricity. I also think rwd has lots of potential. Tesla can bump up a little bit more power to the rear motor, push track mode to the rwd, and then ditch the frunk for a large cooling...
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    No prismatic rear view mirror??

    I know the oe mirror dims, but I’m used to having a wide rear view. So I’ve got a Broadway convex mirror that has a coating to reduce the glare from lights. I’ve got a nice wide view of the back and sides + the coating works just as good as the auto dimming. I got a size that is as wide as...
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Living in an urban area this happens a lot... just tired of it happening. So yeah just being sarcastic cause I’m sick of it. “The Walking Meth” will help themselves to donations wether or not you’re willing to give it. I do have Ring Camera lights and I do notice from time to time them...
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Yes it’s a California issue. The “Walking Meth” around here get pretty creative. The nice thing is that they also volunteer to go around neighborhoods to make sure your car is locked. You can donate to their cause by leaving donations in your car and the car unlocked. Unfortunately the laws...
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    Alignment @ non Tesla SVC - SoCal & I.E. areas

    Any Orange County places that can do a lowered Model3?
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    Absolute Minimum Paint Care

    Meguiars fast finish which is pretty much a synthetic wax that will last 6 mos. Goes on like quick detailer and it’s hydrophobic. Then you can just rinseless wash it once a week.
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    Airflow visualization on V9

    +1 I like the old version too
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    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    Evasive is a great shop to go to... good reputation. It’s a JDM shop, but they do everything. (Unlike Corner3 garage who told me all they do is JDM cars and they refuse to see other cars... it’s not like the suspension on the Model3 is unconventional) I was going to get mine installed at Auto...
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    What do I need to safely do my own tire rotations.

    If you push it together it’ll fit under the car unless the car is lowered. I plan to get brackets and stack it on the side wall. But if I do get it then I have no excuse not to diy everything
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    What do I need to safely do my own tire rotations.

    https://www.costco.com/QuickJack-5%2c000-LB-Capacity-Portable-Car-Lift-.product.100460313.html This + jack pad adapters is what you need to safely lift the car up. I need to get around to getting this one of these days before Costco decides to stop selling them. Apparently some Costco stores...
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    Clunking sound from front drivetrain

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s overtorqued strut bracket bolts. I found out some of mine where overtorqued and stretched on one side while doing a coilover install. One was so bad that it actually broke and I had to use a bolt extractor to remove it. On top of that Tesla has an embargo on...
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    PSA: 19 in rims without black lug nut plate

    Are these the center caps and lug covers from the ModelS and ModelX that fit?
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    Lowering the Model 3

    Ok as an update for all you diy people. I ended up combining criket88’s/ unplugged instructions for disassembling the front suspension with Mountain Pass’s advice regarding using a grinded 13mm socket as a time saver. At first the grinded 13mm socket wouldn’t grab the nuts because they weren’t...

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