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  1. M423

    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Doesn't hurt to ask, I wrote in the Tesla app MCU upgrade with radio tuner please, and got it 1500 plus tax
  2. M423

    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    Dec 2016 S60 RWD unlocked to 75 2 months ago with 103k miles 90% is 188 and 100% 212
  3. M423

    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    I upgraded my MCU1 last month with the discount at 1500 and asked for the radio tuner and it was included no extra charge for radio
  4. M423

    Solar Roof South Florida

    Last I heard there waiting for wind rating certification for south Florida code, Miami Dade wind rating must be 175mph not sure what broward is but currently the wind rating is 140 mph I believe
  5. M423

    Y finally for rent on TURO

    If anyone comes down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale area I’ve had on Turo since April Tesla Model Y on Turo! Tesla Model Y 2020 rental alternative in Miami, FL by M | Turo
  6. M423

    Tesmaian just got their mats in stock

    Just found out 20% discount code TES20
  7. M423

    Tesmaian just got their mats in stock

    Best money can buy
  8. M423

    Tesmanian Model Y Floor Mats

    I just ordered them, my Model 3 were great these should be fine, price is great
  9. M423

    All weather floor mats

    So I have the Model 3 version and they are great for the price, my weather tech mats for my Model S are too pricey, so I just purchased these from Tesmanian for my Tesla Model Y should get them soon. But these mats are great if your looking link below, what mats are you using on your Model Y ...
  10. M423

    1st hand wash today and here is what I found..MAD!!

    I’ve always said hen you hand wash your car you find everything
  11. M423

    New software update

    Yes it gets annoying while on a call
  12. M423

    New software update

    I just got 2020.5.10.7 nothing major yet My First Update On My Tesla Model Y LR AWD
  13. M423

    Multi Coat Red Picture Thread

    Never had a red car but this color is so sporty looking love it
  14. M423

    Model 3 floor mats in Model Y

    Tesmanian all weather Model 3 floors mats definitely do not fit the back row in my Model Y , front is off so no perfect swap
  15. M423

    What will you name your Model Y?

    Name changed to Perla
  16. M423

    What will you name your Model Y?

    Ended up calling her Lady
  17. M423

    60 -> 75 upgrade price drop

    Seems like this upgrade will make a comeback end of this quarter
  18. M423

    Worth it to upgrade from LR RWD to P3D?

    I had a 18 LR 3 and was totaled loss insurance paid it and I ordered a Performance Model 3, still waiting for delivery and vin
  19. M423

    What will you name your Model Y?

    It’s a G4
  20. M423

    Model Y VIN assigned!

    Ok so guess what I got my mvpa and vin # , red LR FSD induction wheels vin in the 700s, sent mvpa for the wire transfer
  21. M423

    Model Y VIN assigned!

    I got a text a couple hours ago from the delivery team to welcome me into the Model Y family and confirming any trade in and financing
  22. M423

    What will you name your Model Y?

    So delivery is nearing, have you thought what you will name your Model Y? Or when you see her for the first time at delivery the name just pops up in your head.
  23. M423

    Model Y will be delivered next month

    current model s and 3 owner
  24. M423

    Model Y will be delivered next month

    I got email at 1:30am I ordered awd non P long range black interior Red induction wheel from Miami FL, I selected any day in March option I’m excited now
  25. M423

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Got the email at 1:30am and selected any day in March , reserved awd non performance red in Miami,FL
  26. M423

    EAP Class Action Settlement 7-26-18

    I just received a check for $20.60 , I bought my Model S in December 2016 with EAP and FSD. Really $20 others received in the 200s and lawyer 1 mil , I didn’t even know about this till I received check and google it
  27. M423

    South Florida HOV Decal

    That does sound like a pain, earlier in the year they sent me an email to register my Sunpass transponder and now I don’t even conver it and don’t get charge, send them an email see if you can register transponder so it doesn’t happen again [email protected]
  28. M423

    South Florida HOV Decal

    You need to register with south Florida commuter services and also give them your Sunpass transponder number, it’s just not about having the HOV decal go to Hybrids/EVs/LEVs - 1800234ride and register with them also
  29. M423

    South Florida HOV Decal

    I haven’t put a hov sticker or the 95 express one for almost 4 years I did get an email from south Florida commuters early this year to register my Sunpass transponders and I haven’t been charged not once.i have 2 Tesla’s, Up to you if you want to put stickers
  30. M423

    Solarglass Roof - V3 - any customers?

    I order in the beginning of November no call yet but I’m in Florida most likely in December I guess I did order and reserve back in 2017 but when they called they said who knows when it will get to Florida so a year later canceled, but I guess I’m back in the waiting list , anyone in Florida...
  31. M423

    Coral Gables "Coming Soon" Supercharger discovered under construction

    This would be great finally getting west Miami, hoping operational before year end
  32. M423

    Thinking of selling my S60 for a new long range S. Thoughts/questions...

    I’ve been thinking the same originally bought S60 in Dec 2016 AP2 with FSD. Was about 79k , current long range is about 80k without FSD but 373 mile range compared to about 190 at 100%, it was software unlocked because of hurricanes in Florida last couple years 100% was 224 , it’s a no brained...
  33. M423

    Tires for Model S--Michellin MXM4 vs Continental Purecontact?

    I haven’t seen a range hit so far with PureContact with Model S in Model 3 like 2-3 % , very efficient tire id say
  34. M423

    Tires for Model S--Michellin MXM4 vs Continental Purecontact?

    I recently put the PureContact LS on my Model S and loving it so far, i previously put the Pirelli cinturato all season plus and love them as well but wanted a change , I also put the PureContact on my Model 3. So far so good on both cars
  35. M423

    Continental ProContact RX vs ExtremeContact vs Hankook Ventus S1 EVO

    Attached is view of tire they don’t look that bad almost oem like
  36. M423

    Continental ProContact RX vs ExtremeContact vs Hankook Ventus S1 EVO

    I went with the Continental PureContact LS all seasons with 70k mile thread wear warranty, they weight the same as the pro contact Rx and have not seen any efficient difference might be exactly the same.
  37. M423

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    I had them both changed by service under warranty, mobile service came took a while for headlights to come in
  38. M423

    v10 Smart Summon on a MCU1 AP 2.0 Tesla Model S75

    Yes it did, my first time it wanted to go around the parking and got stuck trying to figure out where to go
  39. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    My MCU1 AP 2.0 has Joe Mode
  40. M423

    v10 Smart Summon on a MCU1 AP 2.0 Tesla Model S75

    v10 Smart Summon on a MCU1 AP 2.0 Tesla Model S75 So I tested this out yesterday at a local Best Buy parking lot. As I tried at my houses drive way and got a error which summon does not work in public roads, ok it says it on the update info. This was my 2nd time trying it and it worked...
  41. M423

    V10 rollout tracker

    My December 2016 Model S 75 AP2.0 MCU 1 got 2019.32.11 yesterday morning, no theater no Netflix no youtube or Caraoke v10 2019.32.11 MCU1 AP2.0 Tesla Model S75
  42. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    Smart Summon works pretty good on MCU1 click link below Elektricars LLC on Instagram: “Updated my Tesla Model S 75 to version 10 today , showing the most anticipated and fsd feature smart summon here, I put my location and the…”
  43. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    Here you go did a quick video, still couldn’t do smart summon in my house was getting error not in public roads , will try later in a parking lot
  44. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    So no theater mode no Netflix no caroke , Spotify yes smart summon yes MCU 1 Model S 75 AP 2.0 2019.32.11
  45. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    So it updated to 2019.32.11
  46. M423

    V10 on MCU1

    Oh snap my Tesla Model S 75 AP 2.0 with FSD MCU1 downloading update here we go v10 Rent a Tesla in Miami Business Instagram: Elektricars.llc
  47. M423

    MCU screen bubbles and upgrade to MCU2?

    It’s happened to me a year ago and they just changed the screen, video below
  48. M423

    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Mobile service went to my job and changed my screen, 5 months later I got the yellow again, waiting in line to get the UV treatment
  49. M423

    Tesla App Connectivity Issues 2019-09-02

    Yep just tried resigning in and wala working again
  50. M423

    2019.32 - Improved performance...across ALL trims!

    My V1 key said it updated when I did it , but definitely will ask Tesla maintenance About V2 next time I’m due to go in

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