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    Mass EV Rebates Return- But many Tesla buyers won't be eligible

    If I got the MORE EV rebate for my M3 SR+, can I still upgrade to a M3 LR by selling/trading in my current M3 within a year? Just realized that the SR+ range may not be sufficient for my trips during certain winter/snow conditions based on abetterrouteplanner and the lack of Superchargers along...
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    Plate Number for EV Plate

    My M3 came with an EV plate when I took delivery of it last month. Does this mean that my plate number starts with "EV"? Or is "EV" not part of the plate number?
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    Adhesive for Dashboard lights

    Thanks, think I will try 3M VHB. Cant find the 0.25" one, maybe get the 0.5" instead and trim off half the width. How did you remove the 3M VHB tape from the dash?
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    Adhesive for Dashboard lights

    What is a good adhesive (best if available from Amazon) that can be used to stick the 3mm-wide part of the light strip to the dashboard? The one that comes with the my light strip kit is reported to br too weak for the curved surface of the dashboard its sticking to. It should still be removable...
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    Add Surround Coverage in addition to All Weather Floor Mats?

    After adding the TAPTES Floor Mats to my 2021 Tesla Model 3, I notice that my feet will frequently rub against the carpet walls near the pedals. Is there a product to increase the coverage of the floor mats? Maybe something similar to this floor mat
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    Recommendations for Window/Lights Tinting in the Boston Area

    Any recommendations for tints in the greater Boston area for a Model 3? Ideally one between Burlington and Backbay/Fenway. Whats the approximate cost for tinting 35% on 4 side windows and back, and 6" of windshield? Hoping to find a cost range so I know when I'm getting ripped off. Also...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Came across Youtubers using SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD ($157), Samsung 1TB T5 Portable SSD ($130), and Samsung 1TB T7 Portable SSD ($150). Is one of them clearly better than the other? Or is there a drive better than both of them? The SanDisk drive looks like it might hold up better in a...
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    Model 3 Tint Thread

    Any recommendations for tints in the Boston area? Whats the approximate cost for tinting 35% on 4 side windows and back, and 6" of windshield? Also for smoky or slight tinting of headlights/taillights
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Applied for a Telsa loan and uploaded an image for Proof of Residence very early thing morning. The currently status is Application Conditionally Approved Your documents are pending review How long will they take to review the documents?
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    DCU added a loan to my account even though I have not return the docusign document, with a payment due date. Will this go away after I decline DCU loan?
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Just sent the DMs to those that requested for the DCU referrals!
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    I have a 1.24% APR approval from DCU, trying to have Tesla rate match. ' Main reason for trying to get the rate match is because I am unsure if I can maintain the 0.5% discount with my biweekly $300 direct deposits from my employer. I gave them my annual income during the loan application, and...
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    I am still waiting for their reply. Think it will be faster if I just go with DCU? My EDD is "August 06 - August 12", not sure if its too late to attempt a rate match.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    My EDD is " August 06 - August 12" and I have been getting multiple emails and text messages to schedule my delivery. Does this mean it is already time for me to select a date/time to accept the delivery? Or will the EDD range narrow down to a single date? I am still waiting for Tesla rate...
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    Emailed rate match and CCed my SA at 6:30pm. I am waiting for them to reply too. Has yours responded? When did you send your email?
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    If Tesla rate matches, whats the advantage for going with Tesla and not CU?

    If you get a loan from DCU and Tesla rate matches it, what is the advantage with going with Tesla and not DCU? Since both will offer the same rate.
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    Yea I signed up as a member and set up paycheck direct deposits into my DCU account about 1-2 months ago
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    Went down to DCU branch and they refuse to provide me with my loan approval documents. Is this expected?
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    What are some good credit unions to try that can give a lower rate then DCU? I have a DCU account and applied for the 1.24% loan on Sunday, still no email from DCU. Will calling DCU's loan department speed it up?
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    Post delivery rate match check

    How many months is your your DCU loan term?
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    Replace Charging Port with Dual Charging Port?

    Is there a charging port replacement part that has the original charging port, also space for a second charging port? I am thinking of adding a second J1772 port that is connected to a transformer that has a few NEMA outlets.
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    SR+ What interior lights are fitted? To order replacements ahead of delivery

    Which product did you use for the EL light strips and LED lights under the screen?
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    SR+ What interior lights are fitted? To order replacements ahead of delivery

    What kind of light upgrades will you do on your SR+?
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    SR+ Ambient Lighting Kit

    After using a device like the Ingenext Bonus module to activate the ambient lights, what is the most complete ambient lighting kit that works for 2021 M3? Something as close as possible to what the OP described
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    AC Power for Inside Cabin

    I am thinking of doing some work in the 2021 Model 3 while it is being charged. Is it possible to provide 110/220V AC power (~800W) to 2 monitors and 2 desktop computers which will be placed in the back seats? If done on a regular basis, will this cause the car battery to degrade quickly?

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