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    Raybestos Track Pads for Model 3

    Curious if these Raybestos pads are appropriate for the street or only for a car that primarily sees track usage? I might do two or three track days a year in my 3 so don't want to compromise regular use too much.
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    Free Model 3 Performance Coilovers and Dampers

    These will go to the first person who shows FYI.
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    Free Model 3 Performance Coilovers and Dampers

    Installed MPP pieces more than a year ago and the OEM have been sitting in my garage since. Yours for free, you just have to pick them up in North Seattle. They Have 9,200 miles on them. Contact me to arrange a pick up.
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Thanks for the reply turbotony. I did notice that you had plugs for the new holes in the plastic frunk. On my car, 2018, there are "rubber" plugs about 1.5" in diameter that cover what must be the top of the damper or maybe the mounting point on the car. Not looking at it and memory is a little...
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    I've just now gotten around to making some adjustments on my car's suspension, MPP Performance coilovers etc. I find that removing the frunk to be the big time taker, so the idea of holes for quick access to the front rebound adjustment to be really appealing. So, a few questions if I may. How...
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    Ver: 40.50.1 - Voice commands stopped working

    Update yesterday morning and only one successful voice command out of 15 to 20 tries. Always worked great before. It'll be fixed, but still irritating.
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    Why is there no 2FA for Tesla accounts?

    Nice to see that 2FA is coming, it really should have been available some time ago. With the Homelink ability in the app it's not just access to the car that concerns me, but more importantly the house. Other than removing the garage door opener from the car I don't see a way to prevent someone...
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    Sway Bars, End Links, and Rear Control Arms Installation & Impression

    Those 3's with track mode should be okay then? I ask that somewhat snarkily as I'm aware of the whole grey area as regards after-market upgrades and OEM warranties.
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    Suspension shop in Seattle area?

    That's my understanding as well, was just hoping to use a shop that's already experienced with any quirks specific to Tesla, like the tophat bolts. Thanks,
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    Suspension shop in Seattle area?

    Sports coilovers, rear camber and tow arms, and stainless brake lines. I have enough wrenching in my distant past that I'm sure I could get everything installed, but at this stage I don't have a good space, the right tools, nor the desire to do it. I'd like a pro who does it all the time and...
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    Suspension shop in Seattle area?

    Hi all, Finally getting around to suspension upgrades for my 3 after beginning the quest almost a year ago. I've searched high and low on here, and even asked in a MPP thread last year, but haven't found any threads which help. So, anyone out there have experience, good or bad, with any shops...
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    For Sale: OEM Model 3 20" Sport Wheels w/ Tires (Seattle) - $2300

    Still for sale, PM me with questions. If not sold by the end of next weekend I'm going to take them off the market, just so all know my general plan. Thanks for the inquiries, Al
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    For Sale: OEM Model 3 20" Sport Wheels w/ Tires (Seattle) - $2300

    Bumping this with a price reduction to $2,000 for the set.
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    For Sale: OEM Model 3 20" Sport Wheels w/ Tires (Seattle) - $2300

    $2,300 or best offer. Wheels and tires off of my P3D+. 2,445 miles on the set, like new condition. Locally available in Seattle. Please contact with any questions. Al
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    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    As a reply to the above and a follow up to my earlier posting, I'm still waiting on my performance coilovers. The order that shipped to me in March, and was then delayed, and finally delivered was just a portion of my whole order. Hopefully the coilovers will ship soon. MPP doesn't come across...
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    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    I ordered performance springs and they were shipped mid-March, but then held up for several weeks. Supposedly they were delivered today.
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    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    Looks like maybe my MPP suspension bits might be moving my way again, so need to zero in on a shop to install things. I see that Tru-Line has a shop in Seattle, which would be handier for me. Just as good, same people, Model 3 experience? Would love to hear what everyone might have to say...
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    New pavement @ pacific raceways

    Curious how you handled charging and what power consumption was like? Looks like the Supercharger in Issaquah is the closest fast charge available, assuming it was necessary during the day. Hard to imagine PR has any infrastructure. Thanks, fun to watch.
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    Shortcut to toggle Chill Mode?

    +1 Have taken to chill mode as it's more appropriate for around town and suited for autopilot. Autopilot in sport mode is actually kind of terrible. Maybe car automatically goes into chill when any form of autopilot is activated?
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    Tesla App issues on Chromebook/Pixelbook

    File as a bug report and or comment in the app store perhaps?
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    Vendor MPP At Global Time Attack Superlap With A P3D! Nov 8/9

    Can't wait to attend via the Internet! Will be nice to see some of the parts in action before I decide what exactly I do to my P3D+ beginning in 2019.
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    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance Intro - Updates

    I need to do the MPP coilovers for my new 3, probably in March or. Anybody have any knowledge or experience with a shop in the Seattle area? More than I'm equipped to do myself and would prefer to not be a shop's guinea pig. Or am I over thinking things?
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    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    Had my P3D+ since September 10th and have about 800 miles on the car. Had never heard what I describe as a sheet metal popping sound, until two days ago. In the middle of a 500 mile road trip and noticed this randomly the first day, maybe 100 miles in. Lower miles day two and three, but still...
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    Model 3 Keyfob coming soon?

    Only had my 3 for about seven weeks. I'd guess I'm about 60% successful with my Pixel (Android.) oddly if I open the trunk first the success rate is higher than 60%. But it's odd, I've never had to use the card to start the car. Perhaps odder, I'm currently traveling in Central Washington...
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    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Think I've pretty much settled on the T Sportline 18's with all seasons for my P3+. Just would like to clarify that the T Sportline package includes TPM sensors and are balanced. In other words, ready to be installed using the original lug nuts and caps. Thanks!
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    Setting up your own Model 3 “keyfob”

    Curious what the purpose of this is then. Unlocking only when everything is in range of Wi-Fi?
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    I've had my P3+ for 10 days and love just about everything about it. My Google Pixel that I've had for 16 months is up to date, bone stock, and reset less than three weeks ago. It should work, but does only about 60% of the time. It's the only source of frustration for me. If a fob arrives I'll...
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    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Appreciate your response, it meshes closely with what I was thinking but maybe couldn't put words to. All seasons seem like a better compromise for lowland Western Washington, with maybe chains just in case for situations where the snow is too slippery.
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    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Thinking about what to do for winter tires on my P3+ and have a couple of questions. What happens to the overall diameter of the combo 18" wheels and Pirelli Sottozero? Aesthetics don't concern me too much for winter, but wondering if the car would sit lower to the ground. (Seems car can...
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    Extension Cord Cons (30amp)

    Can't speak to the cord question, but is it possible you can get by with the 110v? The answer is of course totally dependant on your usage. We got by for 2.5 years with our Model S because of a change in housing, remodeling, and renting.
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    3 vs. S -- Your Thoughts on Smaller Crumple Zone?

    Catching up a bit as I inch closer to my 3 delivery which should be sometime this Summer. I agree with what's been said above but also think the relative extremely low center of gravity is a factor with Tesla vehicles. I've read various things over the years that point to this in general, but...
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    Longer Lightning Connectors for dock?

    Seems like Tesla needs a variety of cables on hand for the delivery of all cars so customers can choose Micro USB, USB-C, Apple, case, and no case.
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    Trade Android Cable for Lightning

    Shouldn't Tesla give you two cables of whatever you want? Would guess that most households aren't bi mobile OS.

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