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    Company Lease Insurance Unavailable?

    I came up against this issue trying to insure a Model X and S on fleet insurance - I thought it would be cheaper but the few companies I spoke to basically said that they don't cover Teslas due to difficulty arranging repairs, and they recommended getting individual policies with Direct Line...
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    I tried for fleet insurance (business leasing an S and an X) but was told that it would be cheaper to get individual policies with Direct Line. I had used the comparison sites and the quotes were coming up very expensive, and Direct Line has - for us - been about a quarter of the price. For...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    My Model S is to be delivered this Monday. Still no date on the Model X at the moment. Cannot arrange insurance as I don't have a registration number, which seems rather silly!
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    Insurance Question - Fleet or Personal?

    Hello all, We take delivery of our Model S on Monday and I have an insurance question. I have over 20 years protected NCB, no convictions etc. My wife has yet to pass her test! We will have a Model S and a Model X. The Model S is going to be her car but in the meantime I am going to drive it...
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    Model S - Wedge for Child Car Seats

    I looked at that. My wife doesn't anything permanent in there!
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    Model S - Wedge for Child Car Seats

    Exciting news, my Model S is going to be delivered in a couple of weeks. The main car we will be using with the children is the Model X but as that's not arriving for a bit longer, I need to get our 3 car seats into the S. So there are a couple of options. Buy new car seats (kids are 3, 5 and...
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    Anybody waiting for a Model X delivery (UK)

    Waiting on an X and an S, only ordered about a month ago. S I think we'll have in the next few weeks as one popped up in inventory in transit so the lease company have swapped it over to that one. X I don't know. Long range, black, standard wheels, 7 seats, white leather. Be great if it was...
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    What can I expect on a test drive?

    I was given a Model X for 24 hours, didn't request it but that's how they were doing it a few weeks ago. No free parking (though there is pay parking nearby), I got an Uber to there from my house.
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    Model X delivery time UK

    I noticed a load of Model S pop up in inventory yesterday. I saw one matching my spec so jumped on it and gave the RN to my lease company to do a swap over. The site was showing the car was in London though, is this not correct? Where do we get delivery dates from? I couldn't see a Model X...
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    Charging Advice - Installation at 3 Phase Supply Premises

    We've now got an S and an X on order (exciting!). Want to get my charging in place. Our warehouse has 3 phase supply so wondering what my best options for that are? Want to charge as quickly as possible. We're in Middlesex if that matters. Probably get 2 of them as it can be put through the...
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    What can I expect on a test drive?

    I did one just after Covid. Collected Model X at midday, dropped it back the following morning at 10am. Chiswick.
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Take this as you will, but my lease company have said they expect the next ship to be arriving in late August and my Model S and Model X to be delivered around the beginning of September. I ordered about 10 days ago.
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    Tesla HP

    I tried to on a business lease and Black Horse rejected us, and Tesla don't do business finance wo we've had to go to someone else...
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    Taptes deliveries

    Now this I can help with... There are massive supply chain issues affecting China following on from Covid-19. Obviously a lot of factories were forced to shut, but more importantly a lot of container ships were cancelled. There were over 200 ships cancelled, and each one would have had 20,000...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    When do you think I can expect the X and S? X is long range, standard wheels, 7 seats, black, with white leather. S is long range, standard wheels, cream leather. I will be checking inventory regularly to see if anything pops up that I can swap over to
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Taken the plunge and ordered an X and an S for my wife and I. Now the waiting game begins...
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    Tesla cuts car prices by up to $5,000 in USA and China

    Prices on the Model X seem to have dropped (and they have removed free Supercharging). Was pricing one up last week (long range, black, 7 Seats, white leather) and it was £94k odd. Now pricing up at £89k.
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    Deals to be done with Tesla on inventory Model X?

    Thanks both - presumably I then need to arrange the finance myself etc (I'm going to be leasing as we have our own business). Am I right in thinking that Q2 is to end of June as they are a US company that goes Jan - Dec for reporting purposes?
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    Model X Perf or....

    Are you me? We have our own business, so getting electric cars is a no brainer. I originally wanted the S, however due to 3 kids the X makes more sense (I'm waiting for a test drive to check it fits on my drive before ordering!). My wife wants the EQC. The way I look at it we're reducing our...
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    Deals to be done with Tesla on inventory Model X?

    Thanks for the suggestions - but the price is still higher for the inventory models than for a new order? That’s what is confusing me. I am probably missing something...
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    Deals to be done with Tesla on inventory Model X?

    Wondering what the consensus is on whether there will be any flexibility on pricing for inventory stock Tesla are showing? I want a Model X, black, standard wheels, 7 seat with white interior. I don't really need or want the full self driving capability however they are showing one available in...
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    Model x orders

    Height is no issue for me. Lateral space most certainly is. If I have 50cm I'll be lucky. It's very tight. I'm actually more concerned about the front doors than the rear ones! I can always park on the street (opposite, as there is no parking on the side I live) as I'll install a charger at our...
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    Model x orders

    I know that - but until I can confirm it for my drive I can't place the order! I think it will be fine but it's just bad timing meaning it's held me back for a few weeks...
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    Model x orders

    I'm desperate to order one but need a test drive first to check the doors will open on my drive. So I've been stymied for weeks!
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    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    What did you use for this? If I go for the S I had considered getting some sort of custom made polythene to level up the back seats as the hip supports on either side really restrict the usable space for car seats...
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    3 Children in the rear of a Model S?

    The Multimac is interesting, I was already aware of it and obviously the Model 3 is significantly cheaper. Does it make any difference to insurance as I'm sure they would class it as an alteration? Still waiting for my test drive, but I'm leaning towards the X if I can get it on my drive and...
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    3 Children in the rear of a Model S?

    Thanks all - waiting for a test drive on the X which obviously is a bit difficult to arrange at the moment... I will report back. I've contacted a few lease companies already, I'm guessing they will all be much of a muchness in terms of pricing?
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    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    Question for you guys - was considering an S but with 3 kids (age 3, 5 and 7) the X makes more sense. Planning on getting the 7 seater as I want to put the 3 kids in the middle row next to each other and have good space in the rear - and seats if needed. Do the seats in the middle row move...
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    3 Children in the rear of a Model S?

    Yep - will arrange the test drive and see if it fits in. Annoyingly where I am in London there are a lot of width restrictors so there would be some roads I can't go down in an X but that's a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things...
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    3 Children in the rear of a Model S?

    Hello all - long time lurker, first time poster and hoping I can get some good advice from those much more experienced than me... We're going to lease a Tesla through our business after a long campaign which my wife has eventually acquiesced to. I'm deciding between the Model S and the Model X...

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