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  1. Zigway

    Model 3 - weight limit in boot storage compartment

    Mine has always been OK, but I’ve not got that close to the actual weight limits; you should put the heaviest items under the boot floor in any case according to the manual:
  2. Zigway

    Is the M3 the new Ford Cortina?

    I also hoped the Honda factory (capable of 250,000 vehicles per year) would have been an ideal target for EV manufacturing, but seems not; the whole site has been purchased by a company that is going to convert it into a large logistics/distribution park (Panattoni Park Swindon - Panattoni UK)...
  3. Zigway

    Three weeks of driving a Peugeot 208 GT (ICE); what do I miss now I have my Tesla back?

    My Model 3 company car was having some warranty work and minor bodywork repair done and my company provided a Peugeot 208 GT (petrol) hire car for three weeks (was originally only going to be a few days, but apparently certain suspension bolts are incredibly rare in Tesla's universe). It was...
  4. Zigway

    Electric car charging prices 'must be fair' say MPs

    It's a laudable pitch from MPs to protect those with no access to home charging from high pricing, but at the same time laughable that HMRC apply 20% VAT to public charging but we only pay 5% VAT on home electricity bills, so 15% disparity is being driven by the government itself! Surely a key...
  5. Zigway

    Beaulieu Simply Electric day

    sorry, I somehow failed to attach photo with first reply, here you go.
  6. Zigway

    Beaulieu Simply Electric day

    Only one photo I'm afraid, should have taken more but the weather didn't lend itself to spending much time outside! Good fun though, would go again and had been ages since our previous visit.
  7. Zigway

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    Yes, we moved from Agile back to Go after about 9 months of significant savings starting with first lockdown last year, but simply cannot make a cost case without having solar nor battery, and never easily being able to shift usage entirely away from Agile peak. Savings over Agile since moving...
  8. Zigway

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    Only one thing I really miss from my previous Passat GTE; the super comfy front seats. I'm in the apparent small minority who struggle to get truly comfortable in the Model 3, the fronts seats are nowhere near as good as the Passat. It's the one thing that might detract me from getting another...
  9. Zigway

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I've noticed discrepancies between battery % shown by car/Tesla app and Teslamate when the battery is very cold; the car will show a blue portion of battery capacity that is effectively not available until it warms up for self-protection purposes I assume. Therefore I guessed Teslamate always...
  10. Zigway

    Packed Superchargers

    A black mark against Tesla Leeds from me; last Friday lunchtime I pitched up at the Leeds SuC (just outside the service centre) for a quick splash-and-dash, only to find all eight stalls occupied but only 6 charging. Tesla had actually blocked 2 of their own SuC stalls with what looked like new...
  11. Zigway

    Question about home charging the Model 3 - Tesla button alternatives

    Same for me, and I find you don't need to wait for the app to fully wake the car (at least with iPhone); even while app is 'greyed out' and still waiting for car wake up fully, you can still navigate to charging option and open the port. Like the sound of this, which of the third party apps is...
  12. Zigway

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Thanks Dave, I just tried this for the first time and it works perfectly, great guide! There are only a couple of minor points I found: - rclone config option for gdrive seems to have moved from 13 to 15 (at least in my install, I run Docker via openmediavault on my pi); I also used 'Option 3'...
  13. Zigway

    Auto Wipers are awful

    I also found my Audi of 15 years ago was superior for auto-wipers (and auto-headlights for that matter) than both our Nissan Leaf and our Tesla M3. I think VAG just cracked it, and engineered a dedicated sensor solution and software logic that works pretty much all the time. It seems Tesla...
  14. Zigway

    How is Model 3 automatic headlight levelling supposed to work?

    Thanks, a great Bjorn video, I hadn't seen that one. Certainly reinforces my view that these settings should be set-and-forget, if the settings screen at least gave you a delta change figure when you adjust them it would be easy to return to where they were set originally (but assume this was...
  15. Zigway

    How is Model 3 automatic headlight levelling supposed to work?

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have read this as well, and tried this last night parked in front of our garage door. The lights moved up a decent amount and then back down to where they started, which leaves me to think they are right at the bottom of their range already. Moving them up...
  16. Zigway

    How is Model 3 automatic headlight levelling supposed to work?

    Thanks. That sounds very odd IMO. Every car I've owned in the last 20 years or more has had manually adjustable lights to cope with load (even our Leaf can do it), and given the fact that Tesla has LED projector-type lights and the fact Tesla say no manual adjustment/stickers are necessary...
  17. Zigway

    How is Model 3 automatic headlight levelling supposed to work?

    I ask because my headlights seem to be at the very lowest limit of their range even with just me in the car, and it only gets worse with extra passengers. Once the nights began to draw in and I actually started using the headlights more, I noticed oncoming drivers flash me quite frequently...
  18. Zigway


    Re. tax breaks, I think the government have recognised the problem and already started to level the playing field when they removed plug in car grant from PHEVs (or at least they effectively did by increasing the minimum electric-only range to de-scope pretty much every PHEV being built)...
  19. Zigway

    Octopus Agile

    Yes, it's a pretty painful picture at the moment, with only 2% from wind and coal filling in nearly 7% gap, but at least solar is 9%. Shows that we have some way to go before we can fully remove coal when the wind isn't blowing. G. B. National Grid status
  20. Zigway

    customer service uk

    I sometimes think Tesla assume you should feel grateful that they let you buy one of their cars :) I got mine as a company car so frankly I've no idea yet how I'll be able to pay should I want to extend beyond the free connectivity, since the car doesn't appear in my web account as it belongs...
  21. Zigway

    customer service uk

    That’s my understanding; my UK Model 3 LR comes with 12months, the SR 30 days. This is how I remember the Tesla web page describing ‘partial premium’ interior of SR vs ‘premium interior’ of LR since I first began researching the model 3, so not a recent change. How long have you had your car...
  22. Zigway

    "70" reg crew

    That's interesting, I noticed mine are rather high, and with 4 passengers I get plenty of oncoming cars flashing me. I raised a service request due to the warning in the manual; this is still a few weeks away, perhaps I'll give this a try too. Surely it should set self adjust at the start of...
  23. Zigway

    What Car Magazine Reliability Awards

    This is the correct link to reliability review I think: https://www.whatcar.com/news/2020-what-car-reliability-survey-executive-cars/n20054
  24. Zigway

    New USB hubs - Taptes USB Hub Pro/Basenor USB Hub

    I received my Taptes USB Hub Pro yesterday (ordered 6 July, so 3 weeks in total, not bad). It's got a nice soft-touch front finish, I've not taken it apart, but reading the instruction sheet that comes with it suggests that there are two USB hubs split left/right across the two external and one...
  25. Zigway


    No, so I was a bit surprised seeing as mostly FSD seem to be getting it first.
  26. Zigway


    My M3 LR AWD had its first update this afternoon (it's a week old today), from 2020.20.12 to 2020.20.17. Just got home and it's started downloading 2020.24.6.4, wasn't expecting it quite so quickly after the previous update!
  27. Zigway

    Two Model 3 changes - Beginning of June

    Well, no joy on the USB-C or wireless charging front for me, looks like it left the factory before the start of June. Not a massive deal though, couldn’t be happier with it, absolutely amazing car and only the tiniest quality issues to niggle about; very relieved!
  28. Zigway

    Two Model 3 changes - Beginning of June

    I reserved my Model 3 from inventory on 5 June (I’m in UK), and I pick it up on 30 June; I assumed it wouldn’t be possible to build and ship in those timelines and get USB-C etc. (I was originally offered 24 June as my collection date), but my VIN is 733xxx so maybe there’s hope!

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