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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    Unfortunately looks like Tesla tunes nogo with 8.0 upgrade. it plays but as Tesla killed the letter search it is nightmare to scroll thru all the artists alphabetically. I plan to creat/use folder subfolders for quicker access to scan my ripped usb songs. anyone else fins any other workarounds?
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    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    It fixed my having to reload issue turning energy savings off. Bet fixes my sometimes longer time to connect to pre cool or pre warm car lag I was experiencing. the usb will play the list in same order but does not open the playlist to the artist. I am going to stop using the program I was...
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    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Sigh I too am unhappy as my 70GOG playlist -- itunes (most ripped from CD's) I will need 10 minutes to scroll down to T for Tool to pick album. Than where before it forgot the usb connection maybe 40% of time, now it has to reload (takes 10 minutes) pretty much every-time. Sometimes it after...
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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    love the program missed listening to my albums in proper order versus slacker. one issue lot my songs seem duplicated in the tesla but on the usb i see only one song listed.. any thoughts?
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    can i open multiple tabs in tesla browser?

    Mine is fine on LTE. 3g drives me nutz when I am in a store with no LTE on my phone, and i go to google a price or reviews, when it does not immediately pop up i always will see 3g and i give up. LTE flies, 3g reminds me of AOL on modem... ;-) Maybe if you go into service center ask to...
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    Model S 85D Drag Tested 28 Times

    great Video. I skipped through some, how many hours from start to finish to do the 28? Love my 85D. I tested 70D,85D, P85D. I loved 85D and didn't need ludicrous of P85D. So I spent the money on options (all but the third row seats ;-) carbon fiber black black and added on...
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    can i open multiple tabs in tesla browser?

    hmmm are you (Chg-On) on 3g? LTE for me is fine. haven't used it much but played when i supercharged 1 X, and when i was waiting in car for someone.
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    Coated windshield impacting door openers and EZpass

    heard from my NY EZ pass Customer service agent that ez pass is designing a special ez pass just for Teslas's. Wonder what it will do, type, etc. a s I will not mount on the external Lic plate (I have 2 internal and lic plate type i tried). I am using within the black area as mine is July Build.
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    Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

    If applied to cell phones would you ever pull the trigger with every 6 months a new super duper must have comes out? For me, it was time and this car (ask Consumer reports;-) blew my competition out of the water.
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    P85D motor hp controversy starts also to show in U.S. media

    Interesting to know the facts, but i just am enjoying the crap out of my beautiful car!!! (2 months on the road!)
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    Amazon Dash button to control a Tesla

    haha as a fellow IT guy I salute you!! very Kewl IMO....
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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    Ra-San I have an issue: i wiped my usb and flattened out my nested music folder. I scan it picks up about 60K files but will not convert any? thanks for any help
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    Not receiving iOS charge notifications last two days - just me?

    update tonight - start and stop notifications to phone immediately
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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    Ra-San: Seems to have worked I won't have time to properly check it until after work tonight. But I seemed to stop copying at S (Not T's to Z). Is there a way to just scan and add missing folders? I just popped in the min i usb this morning so songs appeared but were still loading and I had...
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    Not receiving iOS charge notifications last two days - just me?

    6+ iOS 9.0.1 - last charge this weekend. no charging complete notification. I did get a charging start notification
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    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    thanks major lance and Ra San, running ra Sans program now. Copying 17,286 files and playlists from my iTunes library. soon hope to hear my songs in my way. thanks again too you both. I love slacker, but sometimes you need to listen to an album or playlist in the order it is meant to be.
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    Blackvue DR650 2 channel for $290 on Amazon

    sorry that sux!!! but a good choice on the camera, I bought one and had it installed week 2 after getting the car. Hope you don't need it in the future!
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    Must have accessories?

    Great thread. Thanks all. My aftermarket adds to date: Evvanexx caliper covers/sunglass holder, suit jacket hooks (need pano roof), Blackvue dual camera with power supply, EVVX. Wheel bands (saved my rim from a little scrap already), piehl leather pouch for holding few items instead ofm...
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    Help me justify a P85D instead of 70D ($8k difference)

    good luck put simply get what makes you happy For me i thought i would get the 70 but i test drove all three d's and the P85d made my heart jump over my brain, it was not (for me) worth the extra $$. The driving difference between the 70 and 85D made me decide on 85D. I am going to spend...

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