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  1. J

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I use mine in this situation every day and thanks to operation Brock on the M20 have had lots of practice. I may be lucky, but I use TACC every day for the 16 mile section each way without having any phantom braking incidents. I have had them around a year ago, but when passing a truck I now...
  2. J

    Chill mode performance

    My point exactly. Totally agree. 😊
  3. J

    Chill mode performance

    For those that are not confident then chill mode has its place. Leaving it in sport or standard mode is not macho, nor does it make you a speed freak. What is does give you is the ability to regulate your acceleration by judicial use of the throttle pedal. I find it to be very linear and the...
  4. J

    Auto Wipers are awful

    All I can say is other than only a couple of times where it has dry wiped the screen, my car auto wipers have been fine for at least the last 6 months. No issues. Slow enough in drizzle and a good speed in torrential rain.
  5. J

    So frustrating! Or am I being entitled?

    Definitely not entitled. People either lack the common courtesy to abide by the rules or the common sense to read the (large) signs! Fines would sort both these issues…
  6. J

    Disc brake significant grooves - performance only?

    My brakes are the same as the OP too.
  7. J

    Model 3 Window Tints

    Any recommendations for tinting the rear windows in the Kent area please?
  8. J

    Which are the quietest M3 tyres?

    I am interested in this too. I have a door seal kit which I haven’t git around to fitting yet, but the road noise on my M3P is very pronounced. Not because the car is quiet otherwise, but because it‘s noisy. My BMW‘s were significantly quieter as was my last Mondeo estate. Its on par road noise...
  9. J

    Octopus Christmas Rebate

    I believe they said something like the amount used or if unable to retrieve readings within 7 days an average amount of all participants would be reimbursed. Found it now. Hopefully that isn’t the case.
  10. J

    Tesla Spotify account login failure.

    If you set up a Spotify account on a 3 month trial, it logs in fine. I was then able to log out of that and log back in with my Tesla account and it’s been fine since. Not ideal, but worked for me.
  11. J

    Navigation Update 2020

    I had this too. I created a Spotify account on the 3 month trial, which works fine. I tried logging out and then trying to log back in to the Tesla account which worked fine again.
  12. J

    Range in app?

    Hi, others get carried away with their opinions around the range! But in answer to your actual question, whilst it is based on rated, you will see less than that figure. I can tell you my 2020 M3P was rated at 329 miles, but the highest figure I have got either at 100% charge or based on...
  13. J

    Energy / battery - why no adaptive range?

    With the Model S you have the option in the settings of rated range or typical range. The rated range is incredibly over optimistic (as in the M3). If you change to the typical miles setting you will find it a iot more realistic.
  14. J

    Model 3 isofix, do you use inserts, or just squeeze between the cushions

    I personally use the inserts, however, I doubt you will damage the seat by not using them. You only have a bit of metal or plastic touching the seat material and properly installed they don’t move, so there should be no propensity for rubbing.
  15. J

    Window tinting in Kent Recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendation. Did you have the rear screen done too? If you left the rear screen, do you find the side windows only has made a big difference? Thank you!
  16. J

    Things I worry about

    I worry about... 1. Getting a flat tyre - I had a blow out and was stranded at the side of the motorway a week after getting the car. New tyre. I then picked up a large nail in the same new tyre one month later which my local tyre shop said couldn’t be repaired due to it being a foam lined...
  17. J

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Sorry for the silly question, I don’t really use Superchargers to be sure what you mean. Am I correct in thinking when preconditioning for a supercharger previously it would stop the preconditioning at around 17% even if you were close or far from the supercharger, but now it will do the same...
  18. J

    Window tinting in Kent Recommendations

    Evening all, Has anybody had any good experiences or able to give recommendations for window tinting a Model 3 in Kent (ideally Ashford area). I’m wanting the rear side windows done, I believe tinting the fronts wouldn’t be legal due to amount of light coming in. Is the general consensus having...
  19. J

    Actual Driven Miles and Miles per The battery-30% off!

    As the other guys have said this is pretty normal. I find if doing a reasonable journey at speeds less than 50mph, I can get close to the rated miles. However, on a highway at 75mph you will a,ways consume energy at a rate faster than the rated miles projects. It is a shame that the model 3...
  20. J

    So I just cancelled my TeslaFi subscription...

    Worth a go... I have sent you a message...
  21. J

    M3 Audio Quality and Using Referral code to get Free Supercharger miles

    I was expecting good things from the Tesla premium audio package too. I have to agree the Harman Kardon system in my previous BMW M3 and Bose in the Nissan GTR were much better. Disappointing as the reviews seemed to state it was really good. For me the clarity is fairly good, but there is a...
  22. J

    Typical / Rated Miles setting

    Thanks for the reply. I get all the possible variables. However, it doesn’t account for the fact that the typical range setting on the Model S does provide a great deal of accuracy even allowing for the variables you correctly state above. Thus my question why don’t we have this setting on the...
  23. J

    Typical / Rated Miles setting

    Hi everyone, My car has gone into Tesla for some snagging issues to be sorted and during this time I have been loaned a Model S 100D. The range on this car is great and I noted that if I travel for 50 miles that the range would also go down by 50 miles, or maybe even a fraction less, not by...
  24. J

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Thanks Alan - signed up last night.
  25. J

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    I would like to give Teslafi a go... could I have a referral please?
  26. J

    2020.12.11.1 Incoming

    I seem to be losing range overnight too. Not as much as you, but I have noticed that 90% charge has changed from 279 miles to 275 as well.

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