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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    Tessie at Mt Hood Meadows
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    Winter tire choice

    I have the Sottoero 3 on my MY and am happy with them.
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    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    The paint damage above is my MY. I got some satin black PPF installed along the rockers and flared up at the rear door. This is in addition to the Tesla mud lflaps on the front and I think the Basenor ones on the rear. I am thinking of adding the Tesla PPF clear films to even protect the satin...
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    Exterior Mods Showcase.

    Some selective PPF application to protect the lower doors and the fender flair, after the paint was blasted thruogh to the white primer below. I think I will also add the Tesla clear PPF rear flair protection to help the satin black PPF survive longer. Lots of time in snow country (~1500mi)...
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    Winter tires for 19" wheels

    I ran the SottoZero3's from Tsportline with their 19" wheels on Mt Hood and was very happy with them. 79 days of skiing and living most of the winter in Govy and skiing at Meadows. MY is an awesome care in the snow, especially with good studless snow tires. Make sure you have good mud flaps and...
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    Model Y Winter Tires

    I used the SottoZero3's last winter and will again this winter with no noise issues. Better dry road traction with the OEM Conti's, much better snow/ice traction with the SottoZeros and about even in the wet.
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    Tesla Model Y Rear Door Paint Damage

    I got some satin black PPF swooshes installed last week at Alset in PDX ( that is my MY above in this post) This covers the damage mostly (there are still scratches in the clear coat above these swooshes) and I am looking at adding the Tesla PPF arches on top of this to protect my PPF and see...
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    Rear Impact PPF AND Rockers?

    My rear door corners took a sever beating on my MY last winter in my travels in snow country. This is the errosion experienced after less than 1k miles in snow with gravel on the paved roads near Mt Hood last winter. I got the aftermarket mudflaps as soon as they were available and the Tesla...
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    Which ICE vehicle is most comparable to a Tesla Model Y?

    I came from a 2008 Acura RDX that is comparable in size and handling but the MY (June, 2020) has way more acceleration. I used to think 240 HP was good but the Y is great. It also has absolutely zero throttle lag. The RDX does try to keep the turbo spooled up at lower revs but still have...
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    Model Y - Snow Tires Recommendations

    I ran the SottoZero3's last winter and were very happy with them both snow and wet/cold. Mt Hood, Oregon, 76 days on snow.
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    Tesla OEM vs. RallyArmor mud flaps

    This is the level of rear door damage I received before I was able to get the Amazon Mud Flaps and I replaced the front ones with the Tesla ones as soon as I could get them (~12k miles of which ~3k miles in snow). Also note that the front edge of the rear door was seriously eroded because it...
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    For those who purchased winter tires last year, give us your feedback.

    I got the Sottozero 3's and drove them all winter on Mt Hood in Oregon which has feet of snow most of the winter. We had 1 - 5 feet at our Cabin in government caps and Mt Hood Meadows had 3 feet to 15 feet at the parking lot. Most f the winter the parking lot was snow and ice covered and I must...
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    Pacific NW same problem. No salt but we gravel/pumice (see the porous pink rock in the tread) a lot and it sand blasts Tesla's. My 12YO Acura has only <5% this level of damage and has seen similar conditions. Also same story at the SC. Looking into getting some trim stripes that cover from the...
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    Tesla Model Y Rear Door Paint Damage

    Similar in Red also after less than one year. I confronted my SC (Portland, OR) and they said normal wear and tear. The white is the primer and the red has a lot of clear coat damage that extends way beyond what the PPF kit covers (look at all of the frosty steaks that extend to the front doors...
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    MYP in Wisconsin winters/ I need help with tire/wheels

    I went with the T Sportline package with the Sottozero3's. Spent all winter on Mt Hood with 90% snow conditions and they worked very well. The picture is late November, later in the season we had over 10' at the parking lot and about 6' in Government Camp where we were staying. No Chill Mode...
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    Paint damage

    Steve, How well do you think the paint correction and PPF will work on my Y? I got the paint kit and the PPF and am wondering whether it is worth even trying to fix. I now have the Tesla mud flaps on the front and the Amazon ones on the rear to limit further damage. ~6k miles in total and about...
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    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    My Y is a lower SN~6xxx and I have been driving it since last June. Total miles ~6,000 but ~1,500 of that was in snow with gravel in it. Severe paint damage and I did put on the mud flaps as soon as they were available, but the damage was already done. My 12 year old Acura RDX which has seen...
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    Mud Flaps? Rear Door Chipping Bad :(

    Yes after one winter going skiing my Y has the fender flares nearly worn through the red paint. I put on the aftermarket flaps when they were first available and the OEM ones right after that when they were available, but too late to avoid the damage. Car is less than one year old and has about...
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    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    Frunk, Tesla charger bag with adaptors and a cooler for cool beverages And MY Trunk, chair, boot warmer plugged into rear outlet, two sets of skis and my ski bag with everything else. Right seat folded down for the skis.
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Here are the pictures. My 12 year old Acura RDX does not have any similar damage even with very similar snow/gravel exposure.
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    I have some fairly severe paint damage (Red Multicoat) to both rear doors from driving in the snow this winter. I have 5k miles and less than half of it was in snow. That said I did install front and rear mud flaps ASAP, but by the time I had installed them the damage was done. I went ahead...
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    Model Y Mud Flap Saga

    Just get the mud flaps on ASAP All the white spots are where the red paint is gone and the white undercoat is exposed. Do not see any exposed metal yet. Just over 5k miles.
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    Design Flaw Paint Damage.

    Mine also had some significant damage with just over 5,000 miles and much of that in winter snow and gravel on snow. I put on the aftermarket mud flaps as soon as I could get them and replaced the fronts with Tesla ones when I could get them. What I would like is some durable black PPF trim...
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    Snow and Ice effect on sensors

    I have been driving my MY regularly in severe snow conditions to and from Mount Hood Meadows (with a 162" base at the lodge). Have not had any driving problems but get various warnings of blocked sensors (some of these are even on sunny snow free days). The backup camera has gotten covered many...
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    What did you own before your Model Y?

    Acura RDX 2007 and 2008 NIce SUV but very conservative compared to the Y and much more instant power.
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    How are your AWD Ys handling the winter snow?

    On the wipers I agree that I miss not having a direct control on a stalk but I have learned that if you push in on the stalk you activate the wipers for two cycles and this can be repeated as often as needed. It also brings up the wiper display window where you can select one of the four speeds...
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    Model Y red thread

    From Mount Hood in Oregon
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    Winter handling Subaru vs dual-motor model Y

    My comparison is a 2008 Acura RDX with Nokian WR G4 tires vs. Tesla MY LR with the Sottozero's. The big difference is that the Y have much more power/torque and it is instant. The allows me to get the tail happy and get some wheel slippage but it is very good at keeping things under control. The...
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    Colorado Springs to Ski Resorts

    I have been driving my Y here on Mt Hood Oregon and have seen some large changes in rated range with snow, cold and elevation changes. The good news is that you get back almost all of the elevation change drain on the way back down and it handles very well in the snow. That said I have been...
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    What will you name your Model Y?

    MY2Ski (also known as Tessy)
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    MY LR 19 Inch winter tire setup

    My setup is the normal TSportline TST/Sottozero winter package.
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    Roof Rack Clearance From Glass?

    Seems to be about 1-7/8" and the cross bars follow the curve of the glass.
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    MY LR 19 Inch winter tire setup

    Sottozeros also work on Mt Hood.
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    Bring on the snow!

    I went with the T-Sportline package and the Sottozero's. Mt Hood, Oregon Seemed to work well but I did not get a chance to fully test them on the snow and ice because of the local security. My prior ride is a 2008 Acura RDX with Nokian WRG4's and they seem similar but the SH-AWD seems more...
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    First snow

    Thanks for the "snow report". I am looking forward to getting my Y out in the soft stuff and see how it handles. Should have my Sottozeros on her by then. Red AWD LR
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    Key Fob opinions

    Does anyone know if there is a card key option that will unlock the doors but not allow the car to be driven (Not quite a valet key)? I would like this functionality for my grandson when we go skiing. Be able to go back to the car to get something or warm up, but not risk him being able to drive it.
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    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    I have keep unlocked at home on but it requests the card key whether at home or on the road. The thing that made a difference is using the card key on the driver's pillar and then it does not ask again when I am inside. Still strange and unexplained.
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    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    This is happening to me also. Recently when I get in the car it lets me in with my phone, but asks for the card key every time. It has never done this before??
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    New 19 inch T Sportline wheels on Midnight Silver metallic

    I also have a red model Y (non performance) and have a set of 19" TST's with Sottozero's coming in space gray here in Tigard OR. Wonder when they are going to ship them to us?
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    Tire dilemma for winter: Long and warm drive to the snow.

    You may not have to pay sales tax if you "buy" them and have them shipped to Bend.
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    Tire dilemma for winter: Long and warm drive to the snow.

    Another answer from the Portland area (Tigard - Ski Instructor at Mt Hood Meadows). Technically M&S with AWD, and a few other requirements (like carrying chains) qualifies you as having traction tires as far as ODOT is concerned. Oregon Chain Law | TripCheck - Oregon Traveler Information " A...
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    Winter Tires from T-sportsline?

    I ordered a set but they have not been shipped yet. Will update after they arrive. Tesla Model Y 19" TST Flow Forged Tesla Wheel and Tire Package
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    Portaging Kayaks?

    I put my Necky Looksha IV (18') on my Y with Gull Wing saddles from Oak Orchard and it worked very well. I unscrewed the front towing eye hole and screwed the eye into it to anchor the front end. I did not do the rear (which I normally do) because I did not have a second eye. I even came back on...
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    My MY had some strange behavior today. When I got out and then I let the dog out of the back seat, the car locked and would not open with my phone. I had to get out my card key and after I got back in I had to re connect my connection to my phone. Strangely now the FM radio does not work, even...
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    USB Hub from Jeda and Taptes

    Installed my Taptes USB hub today and it is tricky to install but seems to be working
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    Is it known that Tesla will release a winter wheel package?

    I pulled the trigger on a set from Tsportline Space Gray with 19" Sottozero3's (my MY has a roof rack, but otherwise looks the same) I asked TireRack several time if they were going to be offering wheels but they could not even give me a date.
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    Model Y Cargo box safe?

    I installed the Tesla Rack and a week ago went paddling with my 18' kayak. On the way back I took a long cut which was a nice twisty road. The 100# on the roof did move the CG up but did not effect the handling very much. No cracks or anything but I was extra careful loading and unloading the...
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    Model Y - Snow Tires Recommendations

    Two sets is the way to go if you have the $. The other option I used on my Acura RDX was the Nokian WR G4 which is mileage rated and snow rated year round tire. Not the best summer or winter, but close and you do not have to swap anything.
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    Driver Seatbelts

    Yes we tried adjusting it but it has a very limited range and my wife needs is several inches lower than its lowest setting, therefore we got the clip.
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    Driver Seatbelts

    My wife is 5'0" and the seat belt hits her on the neck which we feel is a safety issue. In an accident the belt would be pulling on her neck. We got some of the Amazon, ILIVABLE Seatbelt Adjuster Vehicle Seat Belt Covers (link above) and they are working well. We also tried some more robust...

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