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  1. boelkers

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    The other annoying part is having all these Gen 1 adapters that you can't use with the Gen 2.
  2. boelkers

    Creaking Noise from car when I open the door

    Thats the front air intake louvers moving. I've had the exact same noise on my vehicle. I mainly get it in the winter and the Service Center tells me that I've got sand/salt in there that the gears/fins are grinding against. A car wash usually helps. And warmer weather so there's not all the...
  3. boelkers

    Early lease "trade/swap"?

    Last year at the end of the 3rd quarter Tesla offered an early turn in leases that had less than a year left on their lease if you bought or leased a new Tesla. I was really hoping they would offer it again this year so that I could do an early turn in on my lease but so far I haven't heard...
  4. boelkers

    Unequal tire wear btw front and rear tires in MX

    My fronts lasted 40,000 My rears lasted 29,000 So literally your mileage may vary.
  5. boelkers

    MX Tire Issues

    I had a similar issue where I'm quite sure the SC forgot to put a cap back on my tire. The next time I brought the car back in I asked for them to replace the missing one. They did it no questions asked and without charging me. I would have paid had they asked.
  6. boelkers

    Supercharger - Minnetonka, MN

    There was talk on the MN Tesla Facebook group about this permit. Someone very close to the project did confirm it is a Tesla Supercharger and the ground work will be done before winter just like the others in the area.
  7. boelkers

    Model X Icebreaker crushes finger of five year old.

    This is exactly it. The picture made it look way bigger. I went back and found it after the description you gave.
  8. boelkers

    Model X Icebreaker crushes finger of five year old.

    I've also looked at the doors on my March 2017 X and I do not see this.
  9. boelkers

    Tow hitch when not in use

    I do put the cover back on when the hitch is not in use. Yes, mine has a plug that goes into where the hitch connects. Keeps it free of debris. I put the plug in the zip up case when I have the receiver in use. Grease was in the socket.
  10. boelkers

    Tow hitch when not in use

    Used to put it on and off when needed. But this summer I was putting the bike hitch on most every weekend so I've just left it on now. If you don't use the hitch often then I wouldn't leave it on.
  11. boelkers

    All Weather Floor Mats 3dMAXspider or ToughPro?

    I've had the ToughPros for over 2 years in my X. When we got our TM3 I got ToughPros for that as well. I love them and I've gotten quite a few comments from other owners who've ridden in my car and want the same mats. I've had no issues with them and have 50k miles on the X and these mats...
  12. boelkers

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    There is now a service bulletin for this issue. This was shared in the MN Tesla Facebook group.
  13. boelkers

    Car says key not present, when key is in my pocket

    I've had this issue before. I usually carry the fob and my phone in the same pocket. Every now and then the car says the fob isn't present. If I pull it out of my pocket the car sees the fob. Or if I pull the phone out of my pocket the car suddenly sees the fob. So your cell phone could be...
  14. boelkers

    Self Built Spare Tire Compartment

    Was the adapter hub required? From Modern Spare's website it sounds more like the hub is only required for vehicles with the performance package that has the larger rear brake calipers.
  15. boelkers

    Self Built Spare Tire Compartment

    Thank you for the pictures. I'd been looking at getting that spare but couldn't find any pictures with a MX actually using it. Having been stranded before in the middle of nowhere on a road trip with no cell signal and a flat tire on my MX and after getting towed to the nearest town have Tesla...
  16. boelkers

    2018 MX 75D 90% Charge at 202 miles

    My 2017 X75 is at 49k miles. Started at 230 at 100% and now down to 223 at 100%. My 90% shows 201 miles of range in Teslafi.
  17. boelkers

    Those who have traded in from one Tesla to another, what accessories can/did you keep?

    Keeping the 14-50 adapter might not help you. Depends what generation mobile charger your current Tesla has. If you have Gen1 then your adapter will not work. All new Teslas come with Gen2 mobile chargers which use different adapters. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
  18. boelkers

    Radio Favorites Reversing

    My TuneIn favorites and my Slacker favorites seem to come and go as they please. I just look through the recent stations as well.
  19. boelkers

    Radio Favorites Reversing

    I also have this issue. I've reported it multiple times to Tesla and they seriously think I'm pulling one over on them. I've given up at this and just accepted the fact that my presets will be messed up. I've also done what OP said and entered presets as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in this order only...
  20. boelkers

    MCU Slow Boot and Car Unresponsive via App

    Agreed. Seems a bit like a design flaw to me.
  21. boelkers

    Autopilot Features Limited; Contact Tesla if this issue continues

    I've gotten the same "Autopilot Features Limited" message and also the "Surround View Limited" messages. My X is at the SC right now and this was one of the issues I asked to have looked at. When I met with the tech he said when v9 software rolled out that turned on the side cameras, but some...
  22. boelkers

    Left leg cold on driver side

    I've had the same issue with my X. Took it into the service center last winter and was told this was normal and that the breeze I was feeling was at an "acceptable level". I've complained about it a few times but its never been resolved for me. The breeze I've found in my car is near the B...
  23. boelkers

    Tesla Model X Spare Tire

    The spare referenced is an 18" tire. Is that going to cause any issues with all the other tires being 20"? I have been in a situation where it would have been really nice to have had a spare. Was over 5 hours away from a service center and Tesla Roadside told me I was SoL.
  24. boelkers

    Key battery needs replacing? It's new!

    I had that message on my screen for a month. I had taken it into the service center a week after this message started happening. Brought both fobs with me. They replaced the fob batteries and said the message should go away soon. It didn't. I replaced both batteries on my own twice and...
  25. boelkers

    Beare of the spare tires returns if you live away from service centers

    Right, A flat tire requiring a tow will only get you 50 miles to the service center, any more than that you will need to pay. But in my situation, I wasn't asking for them to tow me, I was asking for a loaner wheel and they said the same thing. 50 miles radius from service center for a loaner...
  26. boelkers

    Beare of the spare tires returns if you live away from service centers

    Unfortunately it was not a mistake. I called Roadside 3 separate times for this exact reason and each person I got all said the same thing. They looked to see if a tire was anywhere in the area, then said the only spare available was with a ranger in Denver which was 4 hours from my position...
  27. boelkers

    New delivery temp tag expire?

    I would call your Owner Adviser and discuss it with them. I had this exact same issue when dealing with my purchase as well. I really don't know what the policy is supposed to be but mine said to just be patient and wait for the plates to arrive. If for any reason I got pulled over because of...
  28. boelkers

    Spare tire on road trips?

    For those of you that do carry a spare, what is the size/brand? If say a rear tire was the on needing to be replaced, is the difference in size an issue?
  29. boelkers

    Beare of the spare tires returns if you live away from service centers

    You should also be aware that if you are not within 50 miles of a service center roadside will not dispatch a spare to you. I got a bad flat last Friday on a road trip 4 hours from the nearest service center. Wasn't really sure what they might do for me. I had already gotten a tow back to...
  30. boelkers

    What's better saving money on gas?

    I love the conversations around the office or family gatherings talking/complaining about the gas price. I have no idea the price of gas and its so fun to throw that into the convo. Or to boast the "MPG" my car gets :cool:
  31. boelkers

    Radio Presets Rearrange Themselves

    For the past couple months now my radio presets have been rearranging their order all on their own. It happens randomly but at least once a week. Each time they arrange themselves in the exact opposite order of what I normally have them in. Looks something like this: Normal Presets: RS1, RS2...
  32. boelkers

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    I've had mine replaced at 6k miles. Came back again at around 24k. I haven't called back in about it yet but will do so soon. Now I may hold off longer until this new part is out. Do we know if this is part of the 8 year drive train warranty or the 4yr 50k mile warranty?
  33. boelkers

    MCU Slow Boot and Car Unresponsive via App

    Glad my thread was help to you. I also had a similar panic attack when it happened. Glad to hear your car is OK. :)
  34. boelkers

    MCU Slow Boot and Car Unresponsive via App

    After the reset for me the issue has not resurfaced. I think its a really stupid "fix" but what can you do?
  35. boelkers

    Supercharger - Alexandria, MN

    Does anyone know if there has there been any further updates at the site?
  36. boelkers

    MCU Slow Boot and Car Unresponsive via App

    I've had this issue happen twice now. First time I thought it was perhaps a fluke. 2nd time not so much. Heres the story. I parked my MX in the garage like normal and plugged it in for the night. Charging is supposed to start at 12:00am. Woke up the next morning to turn on the heater...
  37. boelkers

    What service do you use for towing?

    What about if you have an issue with the vehicle other than depleted battery and need a tow? I've got AAA roadside assistance which would cover my cost, but calling them I'm not guaranteed a flat bed or a person knowledgeable about hauling a Tesla. But I could call Tesla roadside and they will...
  38. boelkers

    MCU Yellowing & replacement

    Its only the screen. Mine was replaced because of this issue last week.
  39. boelkers

    Trip Planner

    I use the past 30 mi which should be past 50 km for you. Hope that helps :)
  40. boelkers

    Have to pay for the 5-seat load floor?

    Mine still has a panel in the rear to allow for flat storage. Just not a panel down lower. I don't have a picture of mine at the moment, but from the Tesla store item you mentioned The Yellow circles show where one panel sits. The red shows where another panel sits across the back. Creates...
  41. boelkers

    Have to pay for the 5-seat load floor?

    I have a March 2017 build X and that panel was not in mine.
  42. boelkers

    Efficiency with Trailer?

    Here is my biggest towing experience from last summer. Model X 75D - 5 seater 16' Fiberglass boat - weight 900lbs dry - Boat cover on to improve aerodynamics Trailer weight - 500lbs, not sure on this but its all steel and heavy to move Myself and 1 passenger Additional 3-400lbs of gear weight...
  43. boelkers

    Spoiled DOGS... How to keep them in the back... 5 seater...

    This is exactly what I've done for my dogs as well. Attach one leash to each side hook and make sure the leash is short enough so their paws can't get up on the back of the seat but still be comfortable enough to move and lay down. Works great for the trips to and from the groomer.
  44. boelkers

    Rotating tires on an X? Annual service fail...

    The tires on a MX can be rotated, just not in the normal way we think about tire rotation. Here is a diagram from TireRack.com that shows how tires can be rotated on a car with different sized front and back tires. So as long as the tires you have on your MX are non-directional then the tires...
  45. boelkers

    Seat Heater Harness Pictures for 5 seater or new 7 seater model X?

    Idk if this is exactly what you are looking for but I took some pictures of the underside of my back seats. I have a 5 seater with the Cold Weather package. March 2017 Build
  46. boelkers

    Windshield Cracking?

    I've noticed this on my MX but on the driver side towards the bottom of the windshield is where the sound originates. Happens at least once every day. Going over a bump does not trigger it, just randomly will happen. Can be in the first 30 seconds, or it can be after 30 mins and I'm driving...
  47. boelkers

    Yellow ring around Main Display?

    Saw this post last week and just remembered to check mine. I remember noticing this when we bought the car but didn't really think anything of it. It was a dim yellow line back then but now it has gotten more pronounced. Mine I believe is a March 17 build. It was a inventory/demo car that I...
  48. boelkers

    Inventory X. What is acceptable wear and tear?

    A couple things come to my mind when I think back on my delivery. Purchased my MX as an inventory/demo model with about 2700 miles on it. Before we got to look at the car they had us sign the paperwork including a document that stated everything was fine with the car. The delivery specialist...
  49. boelkers

    Model X Winter Experience

    Reading my previous post I can see how I was not too clear on my statement. I'm not denying that tests show a winter tire will out perform an all season tire in winter conditions. Nor am I denying people's experiences showing that a winter tire was better for them. I'm simply stating given...
  50. boelkers

    Tesla Space Heater?

    Is this from a recent update? Mine used to turn off after 30 mins. Haven't tried preheating for that long since the most recent software update.

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