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    SolarEdge Energy Bank Home Battery

    We could not be more excited about the upcoming launch of the SolarEdge Energy Bank Home Battery – which connects to our award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter to deliver homeowners more power and independence, at less cost to your business.
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    Software v21.35.x

    I just got one GW updated to 21.35.0 Wonder what this does?
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    Is Gen 3 wall connector best Tesla has for home charging?

    Looking at adding EV charging to my garage. Will probably run a 100 amp sub panel there first. So, what is the best Tesla charger for the home? Is it the Gen 3 wall connector? Any rumor of something better coming out? I might want to wire up 3 charging stations in my garage?
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    Estimated PV Generation PGE

    Okay, how is PGE calculating this? What is this statewide methodology? How do they estimate PV generation? Since I lost a lot last month, just wanting to know how they calculate month by month, assuming it changes?
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    NEM transfer between selling or buying?

    So, what is the law in Calif about NEM moving upon a sale of a home to a new buyer, or a new buyer from a seller? So, if a seller has NEM1, is new buyer forced to NEM2? If a seller has approval for like me, 88 panels, does a buyer get to stay approved for the same amount of panels? And of...
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    Multiple EV charging setup in Northern Calif? Can someone recommend an installer?

    I am looking for someone that ideally has more than one EV charger installed in their garage. Would love to see someone who has installed a neat nerdy charging setup. Trying to find an installer that would be in my area of Auburn, California.
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    gateway updated to 21.20.5

    Guess they never sent me back, just forward
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    Number of PGE panels, do they approve? Make you remove some?

    I have a family member looking at solar, PGE. They called PGE solar and were told that PGE does not determine panels and does not require you to take them off if you put on too many. They said won't make you pull them off but you'll only make 2 cents a Kwh for excess. So, this is not what I...
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    Powerwall and high heat!!

    I went by my powerwalls and heard a lot of noise. I walk by them and the fans are blowing like crazy. It is at least 108 outside, and will be hotter this weekend. I hope they do not fail.
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    Gateway updated to 21.20.2

    So, one GW just got updated to 21.20.2 and made me log in. The other GW is still at 20.40.3 So, what is this new option in 21.20.2 called Go Off Grid?
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    Power outage in Auburn CA due to failed utility equipment

    Got a friend who lives in Northern Calilf, Auburn, who got an alert they were going to do a rolling back out of him from 4 to 7. Will find out tomorrow if happened, BUT, this early in the season. And this states wants us to use MORE electricity, and they cannot even keep it on for a 100 degree...
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    powerwall charging

    Been watching how balanced mode has been working to get my PW's charged back to 100% before my 3pm peak. Without running AC, they would recharge before noon, with maybe my 3 pack going to 80%.. But now running the AC, this morning it was down to 30%, my reserve is 10%. It has enough smarts...
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    Why even have batteries?

    As I am reading threads on batteries lately, it hits me that many may not have really thought about, does one even really need, other than the cool factor. First, for folks who have gas heating, the whole need of when and how to use electricity is TOTALLY different than folks who have electric...
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    Solar panel decreases with hotter weather

    I am amazed how much less my solar panels produce at peak as the weather gets hotter. I have heard that 70 will a slight wind is about the best?
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    Adding EV charging into my PV/ESS setup

    I want to add some EV changing stuff into my house while I still have the sheet rock torn apart. Looking for any experiences on my options. Currently I have an empty generation 200amp panel. Am thinking of putting 3 60amp breakers in it for 3 EV charging stations in my 3 car garage. I assume I...
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    How to tell build date of PW v 2.1?

    Since it seems the PW's with v2.1 have been installed before Nov 2020, the next question that maybe more important is how do we determine the build date? So, I guess the next step is to compared PN and SN's. Lets see if we have different PN's for V2.1 and a SN change. Here is mine.
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    Going rate for solar panel installs?

    Looking to add more solar to my house. I will not need an inverter and wiring since I have 2 11.4K's already installed. So for just putting up panels, and connect these into my existing inverters, for northern calif., any input as to what price would seem to be the going rate. Looks like 350...
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    PVwatts numbers, inserting

    I just put my house into PVwatts and moved the direction around on a 5kw system. I guess it does not know about shading much?, but, I guess I keep learning. Was surprised on the estimates vs direction pointed. Is this normal? South 7,531 kWH/year East 6,527 kWH/year West 6,431 kWh/year...
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    Grid shut off for inverter frequency test

    I just got my kill a watt tester so figured I would try to see if my GW was lowered in frequency cut off. So plugged the unit in outlet, 60 hz. Tripped one 200amp breaker to house, and came back in. Frequency now 62.5hz, which I assume means Tesla lowered it for me. The tesla app shows Grid...
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    Anyone have 30KW or more PV with PGE?

    Looks like the NEM agreement I am dealing with now is under 30KW. So, this implies there is a different NEM agreement for 30KW and over? If so, what does this mean?
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    Battery usage?

    So, is there anywhere one can see how the use of the PW's are doing? For SGIP reporting?
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    solar, batteries, inverters?

    So, I have my 5 batteries installed between 2 gateways. These are driven by 2 11.4K SE inverters, 36 panels on one, 13 panels on another. These 14.5K panels were all installed and working on the 11.4K SE for a year. So, I have been looking at adding more PV. I put in a second 11.4K with the...
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    Could this be what is coming for everyone one net metering?

    https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2021/04/08/indiana-regulators-slash-a-net-metering-rate-advise-solar-owners-to-buy-a-battery/ And some think NEM3 might not change much in Calif? Shall see. Batteries are really the only way to deal with, but still no ROI, IMO
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    Sol-Ark Installation Training Webinar

    Some interesting thoughts in this https://fccdl.in/YSYf652arc
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    Sol-Ark Installation Training Webinar

    Thought some interesting info in this. https://fccdl.in/YSYf652arc
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    How come power changeover was not seamless during power outage blip?

    Well, this is interesting. Am sitting at my computer and the screen glitches. I get a text from my Ting line monitoring device that power has gone out, and then was restored "quickly". Looks like a transformer blew in the area, but we had a quick restore. Others are not without power. But...
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    Tesla solar not always the cheapest

    I have a friend who is getting bids on putting in solar, and looks like some batteries. So far her bids are from Tesla solar, Sunrun and California solar and looking at getting one more. When I said I assume the Tesla bid was the cheapest, she said, No, they are the most expensive but only...
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    Windows Tesla app

    I at times would much rather view things on my PC, rather than the small screen of a phone. I was able to load the bluestacks android emulator onto my Windows PC and this allowed me to load the Tesla app. I now have full control of my PW's while on my PC rather than having to be on my phone...
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    4 kW Tesla solar install (with existing solar) and Powerwall addition and what I learned

    so how much solar/pw did you have, and what did you change to? What was the driver for the upgrades? (moderator note: this post was moved from another thread, and placed in this thread because it answers the question. Because of how the forum software works, since the date / timestamp of this...
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    pw fw updates

    my pw says 20.40.3 but tesla says latest is 20.49. how does on get the pw updated
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    SGIP ER Well battery program

    If one qualified for batteries under the SGIP ER Well criteria, can one install them on ones home rather than a well and still get ones money to pay for these from SGIP?
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    How to do peak past midnight?

    Currently I have my batteries set for advanced balanced peak 3 pm to 11:50pm, and non peak from 12anm to 3pm.. Is there a way to extend the peak into the AM morning. Meaning, I want to run off grid for as long as I can per day.
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    East facing panels the best?

    I just talked to a person who had her panels installed on the east side of her house, based on the sunrun person saying the best. Her west facing has nothing. Am I missing something that east is good?
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    Can on log directly into a Solaredge inverter?

    For my Tesla Gateways, I can log directly into them via their IP address. Can I do the same for the SE inverters? I see they have an IP address, but they do not seem to allow me to connect directly?
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    Can different panel wattages be used in same string?

    Looking at my options for messing with my solar. I have SE 11.4K inverters with SE optimizers. I believe my panels are either 310 or 320 watts, 16 per string. So if I wanted to add another panel, does it have to be same wattage or can it be larger?
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    Is the Neurio Product needed in battery installs?

    Been reading some comments about the Neruio product. I just finished my Powerwall install with solar edge inverters. Should the neurio product be installed? If so why, and if not, why not? https://www.powermeterstore.com/pdfs/cache/www.powermeterstore.com/w1-hem/manual/w1-hem-manual.pdf Thanks
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    Solar Edge Inverter revenue grade plus meter

    I just got my new inverter and it has this revenue grade plus card. How does it behave differently than my other without?
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    Turning on ones battery setup

    So, has anyone takes some steps to enable their new GW/PW setup on their own, or just let the installer do it all? I maybe bad, but I just sent the info to Tesla for my two gateways. I tried to log into the GW, but says something is wrong. I am assuming Tesla has not registered my gateways to...
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    5 battery install Lake of the Pines

    Well, the battery install and solar mods are starting today. 5 batteries, 2 gateways, 2 generation panels, 2 solar edge 11.4K inverters, .... It does seem it will take them the 4 days, shall see. Now that are working on installing batteries on mounts outside my garage wall.
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    Change solar edge inverter from Wifi to hardwired

    I am running the wiring to hardwire my gateways and SE inverters. The existing inverter has the wifi card and gateway connecting it. I want to change to hardwire. So, looking at what I can see, not seeing anything that lets me change connection type. Does one have to have installer access to...
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    what should I make sure happens when batteries get installed?

    Been trying to learn as much as I can about issues installing batteries with this great site. I may be having mine installed shortly, so any last minute tips of things I should look out for? Am currently cleaning up my shop area so I can try to get as many of the enclosures installed in my...
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    Are surge-protective devices now code?

    Do these need to be installed now with lets say our battery and or solar installs? How does this install in a panel? Which panel? https://s3.amazonaws.com/dcc-data-extract/new-delta/asset/Compas/daily/Compas/2020-04-14/Specification%20Sheet/SIE_SS_QSPD.pdf National Electric Code (NEC) The...
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    Interesting battery testing

    Our Tesla Model 3 Lost 7 Percent of Battery Capacity in 24K Miles
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    Will there be greater tax credits for solar or batteries?

    So, with all this new green push, will any tax credits be increased to entice folks?
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    Are tesla solar panels this delicate? :)

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    Good Tesla contact? [for escalating charging powerwalls from the grid]

    I believe I have documented from the PG&E website and the SGIP handbook that both allow the batteries to be charged both from the grid and solar. PG&E's website is very supportive with their comments allowing this to happen. So, clearly the bottle neck is Tesla. And since one person has gotten...
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    For folks with 2 Gateways, do things cross charge?

    Because of my homes 400 amp service, and having 2 200 amp subpanels for my house, both having essential circuits, I am having to put 2 gateways in, and splitting the batteries. With solar and grid up, my solar feeds either subpanel based on need. But when I install the TEG's, and split my...
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    Who has lost credits sending solar back to grid with PGE?

    I tried search and cannot find the post from the person who had this happen. Just trying to make sure if I add batteries, I am not shooting myself in the foot. Right now 100% of my excess solar gets credited to my PGE battery. Sure would not want a surprise that if I add batteries, I somehow...
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    Will PGE okay charging batteries from grid with solar?

    Has anyone contacted PGE and gotten an official written response that they do not care if batteries are charged from the Grid if one has solar? Now if one gets batteries with no solar, I believe Tesla configures to charge from the grid, and I assume PGE does not care and does not need to give...
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    Are UPS's needed when one has batteries?

    Been reading over time about the battery change over is not perfect such that some devices may need an optional UPS connected? Is this real? If so, what is the best type of UPS to get?

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