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  1. RV8R

    Supercharger vacancies in v4 Tesla app (moved, not removed)

    I didn't, and good point. I was used to the Tesla app and kept searching it while driving. Next time, I'll pull over and spend time researching.
  2. RV8R

    Supercharger vacancies in v4 Tesla app (moved, not removed)

    I found the destination charger list a valuable resource while traveling. Yesterday I encountered a detour that put me in a critical low power situation. I scrambled to try and find a backup location with no success. Rolled to my destination on 'fumes'.
  3. RV8R

    Premium connectivity

    You should be able to connect through wifi from your home/garage.
  4. RV8R

    Safety Score - Probably Will Fail!

    Set my spacing distance to 3, speed @73MPH and drove 45 miles I-95 SoFla this morning and scored 100. Boring but good score so maybe I'll get what I paid for 3+years ago.
  5. RV8R

    500 mile road trip

    In answer to the initial question, I always use the delay timer to reach 100% within an hour of my start of a long trip. That extra boost adds a few more miles ands hence options for the start. After that, I follow the superchargers and schedules on the screen.
  6. RV8R

    Any News When Prepaid FSD Will Come to MS?

    It is now three years since I prepaid for FSD and no news yet. I see where subscription is coming to M3 and nice upgrades to autopilot for M3, but nothing for us?
  7. RV8R

    Any updates on FSD beta?

    There has been a lot of press of the release of FSD for M3, and the monthly subscription. Is there any positive news for those of us who prepaid for FSD at the time of purchase (2018) and are patiently waiting for years?
  8. RV8R

    Is anyone impressed with the overly-hyped "holiday update"?

    I just want to add my dissatisfaction to the font size change to the long list. I hope Tesla will move faster with a fix with greater numbers of complaints. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  9. RV8R

    Can I Add the Hepa Filter Myself?

    Any ideas where the large Bio filter element can be purchased? I've been searching the web with no luck, and getting an answer from Tesla takes days. Thanks!
  10. RV8R

    Can I Add the Hepa Filter Myself?

    Thanks for the information. It seems a no brainer while the care is apart.
  11. RV8R

    Can I Add the Hepa Filter Myself?

    Sadly my MS is in the shop for a minor fender bender repair. I visited the shop today and was asked if either I or Tesla had removed a filter element from a large rectangular frame that is located under the frunk liner. I think it is for the Hepa filter? If I buy the element and have them...
  12. RV8R

    License Plate Holder Removal

    Once the screws were removed, I dripped alcohol to soften the adhesive. It was a very slow process but a steady pull, heat, and solvent did the trick. Good Luck!
  13. RV8R

    Fender Bender Repair in South Florida

    Thanks. Doing research now, but hoping for some first hand experience.
  14. RV8R

    Fender Bender Repair in South Florida

    Sadly, I've got some bumper/fender damage to my Pride and Joy. There are a few Tesla certified shops in the area, but my insurance company is encouraging Collison Care Express-McNab in Broward. Has anyone had personal repair experience with them? I would be grateful for any feedback of your...
  15. RV8R

    PPF proper installation question - not wrapped around edges is normal?

    I've got the pre-cut and you cannot see the difference from a couple of feet away. You have to run a finger to find the edge at arm length distance. On close examination you can see it. As I drive all highway, I'd rather save the money and get it redone after five years as road debris...
  16. RV8R

    Phantom Braking

    I experience the problem regularly in an HOV merge lane (I-95 North at FLL). No obvious reason, but I disengage immediately and reset to resolve. Occasionally there are unposted speed limit changes that cause it as well.
  17. RV8R

    WTB: Used 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel

    Finally got the spare wheel from EVJunkie through the Forum. It looks brand new, no dust, marks, and even has tag still stuck to it. Shipped FedEx in couple of days, and securely packed in an OEM shipping box. All at a fair price. Great guy to deal with. Thanks to EVJunkie and the Forum.
  18. RV8R

    WTB: Used 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel

    Yes. Got one?
  19. RV8R

    AP3 Upgrade: What Gets Erased?

    Thanks for the replies. I let you know when completed.
  20. RV8R

    AP3 Upgrade: What Gets Erased?

    I just got my appointment for the FSD AP3 upgrade. What, if any memory loss /resets take place when the new MCU is installed? Are there any precautions to take prior to the swap? Thanks.
  21. RV8R


    I still cannot get voice command response in 40.4.1, and lost it after On the bright side, the text messaging is working great and voice replies work perfectly. Strange that voice works for some but not all functions.
  22. RV8R

    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    I went through a major depression after my first rash. I found a great touchup paint online, did a very light emery sanding on the roughness, and put on a few coats of the touchup. Its hard to see even close up, and at 5 feet you can't tell. And that was not the last touchup needed. Curbs...
  23. RV8R

    WTB: Used 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheel

    Looking for a wheel to use for a spare. Would consider with tire, but not necessary. Thanks!
  24. RV8R

    MS rims up for sale

    I'm in need of one 19" rim. Interested in selling separately?
  25. RV8R

    Car Drying Option

    Very Clever. I have ceramic coating and have not done that last stage of sheeting. I see where it will make it a lot easier than what I have been doing. Thanks!!
  26. RV8R

    Car Drying Option

    How do sheet the water without contacting the surface?
  27. RV8R

    Car Drying Option

    I agree with your premise, the minerals are still there. I'm now looking at some of the portable water softeners for a final rinse only as they all have limited volumes, 150-300 gals per cartridge, almost $1/ gallon.
  28. RV8R

    Removing Front License Plate Bracket, what kind of screw is this?

    The SC let me use their special driver to remove them. They would/could not do it themselves.
  29. RV8R

    Car Drying Option

    I have been using a leaf blower with a followup microfiber wipe. In South Florida the water is hard and I still get water stains. For those who use the Master Blaster, does the warm air blower eliminate the water marks or do you still need soft water to avoid spotting? (I only wash after sunset).
  30. RV8R

    Motorcyclist Hostility

    Interesting feedback, thanks. As I was sitting in bumper to bumper, auto was off, and I was center of the lane, I think it was just a statement against the car in general. I was only wondering if this was isolated or on the increase. I'm moving on...
  31. RV8R

    Motorcyclist Hostility

    I've been driving I-95 MIA-FLL for a year now, and today for the first time had a motorcycle whack my driver's mirror as he raced between lanes in stop and go traffic. I hit the save icon but can't find the clip. As there is no damage fortunately, I wonder if this sort of thing is reportable...
  32. RV8R

    Just got version 10

    How do I confirm the AP and MCU versions of my 2018 MS? Thanks for the help!
  33. RV8R

    Autopilot and HOV double lines in Florida

    Thanks for the explanation, which makes sense. I am ready and disengage as soon as I see it begin the motion.
  34. RV8R

    Autopilot and HOV double lines in Florida

    I have a recurring problem in that the autopilot starts to cross double white dashed lines (HOV in FL) and then reacts with a sudden return as if seeing solid line instead. This happens about 75% of the time and scares passengers. Are others having this problem and if so, I tesla working on a...
  35. RV8R

    What is the Difference Between Rated and Ideal Range

    Thanks. That's what I figured, but wanted to ask. It's really confusing and would be best eliminated if there is no practical value to the number.
  36. RV8R

    What is the Difference Between Rated and Ideal Range

    I continue to ponder the significant difference in numbers, about 20%, between the two. Where does 'Ideal' come from, and what, if any relevance does it have to actual driving range? Thanks!
  37. RV8R

    Speed Adjusting Audio Volume?

    In stop and go highway driving I find I am always adjusting the volume based on increased ambient noise. Another unusual feature is that each source has a different volume, requiring adjustments as you phone or channel surf.
  38. RV8R

    Speed Adjusting Audio Volume?

    I am constantly adjusting my volume to match background noise, generally speed related. I have owned much less expensive cars that had this feature. Is there a control I am missing, or does everyone just deal with it?
  39. RV8R

    Can You View Sentry Video on the Car Screen?

    The sentry mode is a great feature. The only problem is that you have to either carry a laptop or wait to view in the office or home. Since you may want/need to view before departing the area, is there a feature to view on the car screen? If not, Tesla should consider this.
  40. RV8R

    yellow border - need advise

    I had a mobile service yesterday regarding door alignment, and had also indicated a yellowing screen. The techs said they are not replacing the screens but have now found a 'light' process for reversing the yellowing. It is still in development but they expect the be issuing a mobile device to...
  41. RV8R

    Florida Sun Pass Transponder?

    according to the manual, there is a clear patch for mounting there. It is to the right of the base of the mirror. The manual shows exactly where. I have had no trouble.
  42. RV8R

    What's state of the art for washing a Model S at home and making it shine?

    I would buy a foam gun on Amazon for$13. They work great, detach easily, and don't gum up the washer.
  43. RV8R

    What's state of the art for washing a Model S at home and making it shine?

    The treatments are about six months old, and after a wash/dry it does not appear to be any less glossy. I like turtlewax wash as it contains a light wax, which subjectively, appears to keep all of our cars shinier. I don't think the car has concourse sheen, but is definitely street shiny.
  44. RV8R

    What's state of the art for washing a Model S at home and making it shine?

    I had my car PPF and ceramic. I went out and bought a hose foamer and use Turtlewax car wash with a leaf blower dryer. Then I bought a small power washer and a foam gun, still with Turtlewax and the blower. Finally after a few months I'm back to two buckets, one soap, one rinse. I use a...
  45. RV8R

    Model S/X TIre Tote for Sale Palm Beach/Broward Florida

    I recently purchased the tire tote from Tesla to carry a spare. It comes with two totes. I am selling the second one for $20 plus shipping, or local delivery. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  46. RV8R

    Key Fob responsiveness

    I have the exact same experience, which is fine with me. It means it would be harder to 'steal' the code at any distance. The double click command works at much greater distances.
  47. RV8R

    Tesla Model S Lease with US Bank: $2300 "property tax" fee at lease end?

    My son leases a car in Virginia and there is an annual property tax on the car lease. Florida has no such tax.
  48. RV8R

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Ditto here. They replaced the struts yesterday and absolutely no noise anymore. A great improvement.
  49. RV8R

    Black Signature Gen II Wall Charger $500 South FL

    Thanks to all for interest. Charger SOLD!
  50. RV8R

    Black Signature Gen II Wall Charger $500 South FL

    Unfortunately shipping runs about $45; that cuts into the price too much.

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