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    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    It looks like a movie prop
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    Supercharger - Hawthorne, CA - El Segundo Boulevard (LIVE 21 Nov 2019 - 12 Urban)

    It would be cool if they installed some in Torrance or PV
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    V10 on the Model X

    I have it too, I haven't gone out to the car yet.
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    Tow hitch when not in use

    I keep my tow bar attached all the time.
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    Forgot I had the enhanced anti theft system installed.

    I paid for this a long time ago and have not had any follow-ups. I'm considering asking for a refund. Do you find it valuable now that we have sentry mode?
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    Will you wrap your new 2020 Roadster?

    Assuming you're referring to PPF and not vinyl wrap, I'll give #1, #2 and #4 a shot. 1) No, some have luck various levels of luck with ceramic coatings 2) Potentially, in many cases, yes, but it depends on how much force is used. You're welcome 4) I had two MX's wrapped in late 2018 for just...
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    Supercharger - Culver City, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    It is still open, I was there earlier this evening.
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    2019 5.15 Autopilot hesitating on freeways

    I experienced this several times yesterday in the 405 HOV lane with my Model X (2019.5.15). The first time it happened a car to the right (not in front) was drifting a little too close to me, but the other times there were no obstacles.
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    Oh crap, price drop after order but before delivery

    In the past, they have not adjusted the price. This happened with one of our vehicles last year, our rep reordered for us at the lower rate and it did not impact our delivery date.
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    Need a referral code

    I'll also give away a wall connector each to the next two individuals who order using my referral and take delivery.
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    Tesla Gen 2 High Power Wall Connector

    I have a Brand new Gen 2 HPWC for free if you use my referral code to place an order today and take delivery of your vehicle.
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    Enterprise Service Loaners:

    I've had a P85 and an 85 as in-house loaners, both passenger doors would not open from the outside which was a little annoying. My last two trips I received a black 75D and silver 75D both with cloth seats, < 1,500 miles from Enterprise. I noticed that they did have Autopilot trials. They were...
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    40 minute charging maximum

    Do you mean Fox Hills (Westfield) mall in Culver City? There's always a line there. In the South Bay, we just have SpaceX and the Hilton in Redondo.
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    Another Summon Failure! Do Not Rely on Quick STOP!

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a heads up to other drivers. I never use summon to park in tight spaces, only to pull out. ;)
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    Is your LTE signal going in and out this week?

    Right now at Space X (Hawthorne, Los Angeles, CA), no connection.
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    Total Shutdown While Supercharging

    this happened to me a few weeks ago while I was on the phone and listening to music while supercharging.
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    Model X Chrome Delete and Powder Coat Wheels

    Are you using any filters on these photos? If so, mind posting a photo that shows the Chrome Delete without any filters?
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    Being charged for "free" supercharging

    Probably a glitch, I noticed it's not on my dashboard either.
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    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    Which other services? What if someone does PPF, Chrome Delete and Tint? Is ceramic coating required to get that price?
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    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    How much did you pay for your full wrap? when and where? I did reach out to Doug to inquire on availability for our second MX and he did mention the price is $4900 for the MX which is what I expected. @mobilesuit818 I think $4500 is the pricing for the M3.
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    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    They also have a location in Marina Del Rey. @mobilesuit818 it's not obviously clear to me if the price you posted for full PPF is before or after the rebate. I was charged a different price for full PPF and I did reference the Tesla Motor Club. After seeing the M3 forum, I took my first MX...
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    Interesting Charge Port Door Observation

    I figured it wouldn't be able to determine which car should be opened, I was surprised at the range.
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    Interesting Charge Port Door Observation

    I went to a Supercharger this morning at Fox Hills mall to charge up. There was a pretty long line (photo below) and quite a few Teslas parked in regular parking spaces nearby. While I was waiting in line, I noticed something I thought was interesting. When someone would go to plug in the cord...
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    I've seen MSM cars and they're definitely nice. I'm a stealth kind of guy and I was so set on it until I saw my MX in person.
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    I'm not sure that's much of a gap, I think the angle the photo was taken and my wide angle lens (16-35 f2.8L III) may be exaggerating it. If you look at the other photo in the previous post (linked below) it seems normal. I'll compare it to our second MX arriving in a few weeks.
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    Anyone had FWD phantom obstacle fixed by SC?

    I also have this issue with my midnight silver metallic MX, they recommended a soft reset. I will be keeping an eye out for this.
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    Nope I bought some aftermarket pedals, check out my quick video about them
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    My Quick Review on Aftermarket Performance Pedals

    I found a lot of good information here on TMC. Now that I've finally taken delivery, I thought it may be helpful to others to contribute my feedback on some of the items I will be using. I made a quick video about a pair of pedals I picked up.
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    Production to Delivery

    First MX was ordered on Jul 17th and was delivered this past Friday. Our second MX was (re)ordered on Aug 13th and we were told it will be delivered around Sep 15th, slightly faster than the first. Anecdotally, it looks like delivery depends on when it was ordered in relation to their production...
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    Here are some pics I took while Supercharging at SpaceX. Some more eye candy...
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    I put a lot of thought into choosing the color I felt best represented my style. At one point I started second guessing my selection and debated whether I should have gone with white or blue, but I eventually got over it and when I saw my MX for the first time in the showroom it blew me away. I...
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    Checking Key Fob Number

    Thanks for pointing this out, I’m deleting mine. My wife is 5’1 and I’m 6’3, that will get annoying real quick.
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    Already broke it in, AP and Summon works great. Taking it in for PPF next week, was going to go Matte but the gloss finish is stunning and classy.
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    Checking Key Fob Number

    Yesterday when I took delivery of my MX, I linked my profile to key fob #1 while having both fobs in my pocket. I don't see a physical way to distinguish between the two key fobs. Is there an easy way to know which one is #1 and which one is #2?
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    Best financing interest rates

    75Ds are 3.49% via Tesla Lending 100Ds are 2.74% via Tesla Lending You may have some luck with a lower rate through credit union like DCU or Logix. You can call and talk to a loan specialist to get info on max loan amount, rates, which bureaus/FICO models and min score for top tier before you...
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    Model X Delivery Experience - Marina Del Rey, CA

    Picked up my MX today. Great experience, staff was courteous, quick service, the vehicle was great. My X B-roll ....
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    Best financing interest rates

    Yes, I just recently did it (taking delivery tomorrow). Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions or need a referral code
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    New California car pool laws?

    It's delusional to think that bikes are the ones causing traffic in the HOV lanes. What about when cars collide with each other? If a bike is passing by, just share the road and give them a little room if necessary.
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    Finally in Production!

    I had some follow-ups with my Delivery Specialist this week. My delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. Immediately after my call confirming my delivery, I had the ability to process an ACH payment. I will report back with my delivery experience.
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    Finally in Production!

    My DS called me Monday morning (from Las Vegas) and informed me that I can take delivery this weekend. They're working on the info for my trade-in and the MVPA.
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    Finally in Production!

    My MX is in transit from the factory to Marina Del Rey. How long does that usually take? Does anyone have an idea of when to expect a scheduled delivery date?
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    Locking Wheel Nuts for the X

    Does Tesla have them in stock to ship? It looks like they can be ordered online Model S/X Wheel Lock Set Unfortunately, they don't have the specs published.
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    2018 Model X Build Quality

    Yeah reading some of these threads makes me not look forward to taking delivery, but I'm committed!
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    Driver Seat Trying to Kill me

    I had a similar problem when driving my friend's MS, thought that I couldn't fit until I figured out the settings mentioned above.
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    September Delivery...?

    My delivery date has been pushed back. The first MX was confirmed 7/20/2018, estimated Delivery was initially late August, then it changed to late August - early September, today I was told early-mid September. For some reason, they had to generate a new order for the second MX which now...
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    Finally in Production!

    Yep, not enough videos (or photos)! My first choice was Midnight Silver Metallic. After placing the order I kept second guessing whether I should have gone with Obsidian Black or Metallic Blue, I even saw a blue MX on the freeway about a week ago that looked gorgeous. Ultimately I'm happy with...
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    Finally in Production!

    I've been smashing that refresh button all day every day since my order was confirmed on July 20th. I've joined multiple forums/groups revolving around Tesla, created a spreadsheet w/ all of the accessories I want and where to buy them, created a list of local PPF/Chrome Delete installers to vet...
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    500 referral credit

    I didn't realize that there is a $500 credit when you use someone's referral for the first time. I just checked my friend's referral page and it says they made 1 referral (me). Is this credit available now or will I not see it until I take delivery? Nice to know that the person I referred will...
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    Any advice/experience with aftermarket accessories?

    What exactly is the difference between Evannex's trunk organizer and RPM Tesla's? Evannex's is almost double the price. I saw a poster mention that the Evannex organizer is the only one that sits flush, but in this youtube video from RPM Telsa it appears that it does sit flush in the bottom...

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