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    Apple Watch Apps

    Swipe across to the third screen on the watch app. There is a choice of 3 “range” displays
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    Sentry cam recording constantly

    It is an ongoing thing. You are “lucky” you haven’t had it until now. Mine has always done it parked in the drive, but only at night! Reporting it to Tesla resulted in a “it will be fixed in a future update” response. And, I disagree about disabling Sentry at home (which I have had to do), I my...
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    Charge *except* during a certain range of time?

    I use the “Stats” App to stop charging at a certain time and the Tesla to start charging. That should work for you. Stats is not cheap tho’
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    Speed Changing with TACC,FSD, or Basic Cruise Control?

    When in FSD the speed will change to the new limit, but not always and I haven’t worked out the reasoning. I must admit I mostly just spin the right control wheel to manually reset the limit (pretty quick if you do it fast, 5kph)
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    Sentry mode triggering every minute

    Same problem here, since I got the car 9 months ago. I have turned off Sentry mode at home but I would rather have it on!
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    Tasmanian ownership

    My 3LR arrived on a transporter at the bottom of the drive in Lindisfarne. Tesla has a mobile service that comes to Tas periodically (bit erratic), OK for minor things I don’t know what happens if the car becomes undriveable. There is supposed to a permanent presence coming to Tas, I was told...
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    Queensland - Labelling requirements for Electric Vehicles

    Ah. That makes sense. I wonder where I put the little triangles?
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    Queensland - Labelling requirements for Electric Vehicles

    That’s how I interpreted it, especially as mine came as self adhesive labels along with matching triangles of aluminium to stick them to before riveting to the number plate!!!!
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    Tesla Model 3 and Zappi charger

    Hello I have a Model 3 and Zappi 2. I find (although I haven’t tried it for a while) that Eco+ doesn’t work when the output from the solar panel falls below 1.4kW (Zappi requires a minimum output of 1.4kW) repeatedly. The Zappi is fine but the Tesla doesn’t like the continual on/off and stops...
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    Electrical vehicles will be taxed in Victoria Australia from July 1, 2021

    I understand and sympathise with your ire. What a stupid, retrograde, unfair money grab. However, one of the reasons we buy EVs is because we think it is better for the planet. So, please, reconsider and continue to drive your Tesla. Don’t stoop to the level of politicians.
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    Queensland - Labelling requirements for Electric Vehicles

    In Tas, no direct action by Govt or Tesla but it is also a thing and if you happen to find out about it and contact MV registration they confirm the requirement and suggest a few businesses from whom you might be able to purchase the tags. You have to laugh really!
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    Perpendicular autoparking

    I have only seen it when I have started backing into a space. Have tried it twice and found it slow and hesitant. Better off not using it. Pity.
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    Different Phone for Better Connectivity

    I have an iPhone XR and have the occasional won’t unlock issue. I have found, consistently, that just turning Bluetooth on and off again (there is a shortcut from the lock screen) works.
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    Navigation system color

    Not in Australia. Shades of grey with the odd dab of colour. I rather like it though.
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    Phone key disconnected issues

    It happens to us, but only occasionally. An easy fix is to turn Bluetooth off then on, takes no time if you use the pull down short cut (iPhone). Irritating though.
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    Tesla "cheating" with sign recognition?

    Not the case for me. Road work speed signs are recognised, as well as any others - it doesn’t pick up everything.
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    Sentry Viewer - Black Screen

    How patient have you been? I have found for a while now that I have to wait a minute or two with a black screen before the pictures appear.
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    Sentry Mode - Changing the sensitivity

    Sentry mode sensitivity seems to be an ongoing issue. I get hundreds of events every night (see photo) sometimes they appear to be triggered by car headlights (I am parked in my driveway on a curve in the street) but mostly there is no obvious trigger. Does anyone have any idea if Tesla is...

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