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  1. baoconnor

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    If Tesla new car prices aren’t adjusted when the green act passes, I expect the Tesla used market to take a $7k hit in used car values. That makes me consider selling my Model 3 now and buy a new Tesla when the green act passes. Tell me why that would be a bad move
  2. baoconnor

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Love these wheels. Saw them on a Rich Rebuilds video. Anyone know the brand/style?
  3. baoconnor

    Tesla Model S 70D with AP1 - $55k

    Finally, a 70D that’s not blue with a tan interior! Great price! GLWS
  4. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    Agree. I usually 1 a week, but the day I saw 5.
  5. baoconnor

    Model S Nose Cone Modification

    Looks so much better with the ring in black as well!
  6. baoconnor

    Petition to add tow hitch to Model 3

    I have no plans to use my future M3 to tow anything unless it’s an emergency. However I would like to be able to attach a bike rack to it.
  7. baoconnor

    2016 75D Silver Metallic 12500 miles - NH

    I thought the 70D cars were not upgradeable to 75D?
  8. baoconnor

    Lowered suspension or just bigger wheels?

    I believe that's a RC with 20s
  9. baoconnor

    Nebraska Tesla Club?

    Hello, I'm curious for those of you in Nebraska that are model 3 reservation holders what your deliver dates are on your my tesla account? Here's mine: Don't currently own a Tesla Reserved on 3/31/16 online as soon as it opened up (7:30pm or so) First production: Dec 2017-Feb 2018 Standard...
  10. baoconnor

    2016 Facelift Model S 75D - $64,000 - Central NJ

    Yeah, love my Genesis, but it's no Tesla. The Oct-Nov 2018 date for a dual motor 3 made me start looking to a dual motor S now.
  11. baoconnor

    2016 Facelift Model S 60D with Autopilot 1.0

    Someone got a good deal. Congrats. Back to the search for me......
  12. baoconnor

    2016 Facelift Model S 75D - $64,000 - Central NJ

    Good looking car, too bad you are so far away in NJ.
  13. baoconnor

    2016 Facelift Model S 60D with Autopilot 1.0

    @hybridbear - still pending a response from you. My number is in the PM. Thanks!
  14. baoconnor

    2016 Facelift Model S 60D with Autopilot 1.0

    Very interested, I'm in the Midwest as well. Sent you a PM.
  15. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    Yeah EST- Elon Standard Time.
  16. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    Any updates on the Omaha Service Center? My guess is we'll get one 1Q 2018.
  17. baoconnor

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    This one has larger wheels then the other white M3 pics. Love it!!
  18. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    I didn't clarify the city, I just said 'here'. So probably whoever gives the best tax incentives and will provide the least amount of legal hassles.
  19. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    The KC store brought some cars to Omaha last weekend and I drove a Model X. Awesome piece of machinery. Anyway I asked the Tesla rep about a service center or store in Omaha and he said one should be opened by the end of the year. But I don't recall if he was referring to a service center or store.
  20. baoconnor

    Model 3 glass roof question

    Good point. Too bad we won't know what the rearward visibility is like until it's sitting in our driveway!
  21. baoconnor

    Model 3 glass roof question

    Personally I don't really care about headroom in the back seat. I'll always be in the drivers seat! I'll be getting the sunroof option.
  22. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    I haven't heard anything. But I would expect a SC to be in Omaha before the M3 starts shipping.
  23. baoconnor

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    About the 3:25 mark
  24. baoconnor

    charging port location?

    I saw a video at the unveiling where a passenger asked if the charge port was on the driver rear tail light and the Tesla employee stated yes although it didn't look like the tail light had the charge door on it. And it may not have yet since these were prototypes.
  25. baoconnor

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Completely agree it will be a 4 door but I'm thinking hatchback like the S, not a trunk.
  26. baoconnor

    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L. Love my car but the technology in the Tesla's intrigue me. Have been thinking about a used S but I definitely want AWD sine I live in the snow belt. AWD model S are a little out of my budget.
  27. baoconnor

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    This thread is awesome, been following it since the start. I feel sorry for those just coming across it now and having to catch up through 61 pages! Keep it up BTR!
  28. baoconnor

    Looking Forward to the Model 3 Debut

    Perhaps he was a tapatalk user.....
  29. baoconnor

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    I'm right behind you!
  30. baoconnor

    March 31 guest list personally "selected by Elon" according to my sales rep in L.A.

    When the X was announced it was on Tesla's home page so I would assume the same for the 3.
  31. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    I did hear about that when I drove a tesla in KC a month ago. That's reassuring.
  32. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    Yeah I was aware of that. Actually saw it for the first time about 3 weeks ago. When I said SC I was referring to a Service Center, not SuperCharger.
  33. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    Good to hear some of the experiences of those without a SC nearby. That's one thing that's been stopping me from buying. CPO values keep dropping, I think I'll pull the trigger summer 2016. Hopefully there will be a SC in the making in Omaha/CB by then as well as more superchargers on I-80.
  34. baoconnor

    I'm a Member...just pulled the trigger on a CPO 85

    What a steal! Love the red!
  35. baoconnor

    Omaha Service Center

    So it's been a little over a year since this thread was started. Anyone know anything?
  36. baoconnor

    Replay/back option still disabled on Slacker Premium

    I thought the slacker subscription that came with the MS was a premium subscription and prepaid by Tesla. No?
  37. baoconnor

    One week old today, and then backed into....

    I'm surprised it happened in a costco parking lot. The parking spots are extra wide and the driving lanes are wider then normal as well. Costco is the one and only place I'm comfortable parking amongst other cars because of the wide stalls. Sorry to hear about your experience but at least he...
  38. baoconnor

    Is Sub Zero package needed?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I didn't understand that heated front seats were standard and not part of the sub zero package. I'll be in the used market and I don't see too many that have that package. I wonder what % roll off the assembly line with the sub zero package. I bet it's less then...
  39. baoconnor

    Is Sub Zero package needed?

    Not anTesla owner yet so I have a question. I'm in the Midwest where winters are cold and I've had heated seats in my cars for at least 10 years. With the ability to heat up the car from your phone app do you really even need heated seats? I understand it takes range away but are there any...
  40. baoconnor

    What category of car did your Tesla replace?

    2009 Hyundai Genesis in 12 months or so as gas prices go up and the price of used Tesla's go down. Love my Genny though. The Levinson premium audio system is second to none and I'll really miss the cooled driver seat!

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