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    HDMI interface to the touchscreen

    Is there any version of this kit that works with MCU2?
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    Model S accessories for sale - make me an offer

    Interested in the proclip mount and the trunk/frunk lights. Could you do $50 shipped?
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    Tesla Model S rear premium console. Rare discontinued

    Where in NJ are you located? Are you flexible? How is this secured from sliding about?
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    19” Gemini Rims for Sale

    Got a friend interested, can meet you in LI. What town are you in and when are you available to meet?
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    Blackvue DR650GW-1CH dashcam $75

    Still available?
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    Model S Rear Center Console - $!00

    Any other photos? Where are you located (Portland, OR or Portland, ME?)
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    Setec-power to Tesla Adapter

    Shot you a PM.
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    FS: Blox 20mm spacers

    Would these work on Model S?
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    Model S lowering links

    Are these adjustable or a set height?
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    Tesla Model S Top Dash pad Alcantara

    Is this still available?
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    Model S Modern Spare for sale

    Will this fit in the frunt trunk?
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    Tesla Model S Top Dash pad Alcantara

    Did they have wear issues, or start looking bad after years of baking in the sun? I kinda miss it from older Model S as well (I have a P85 with the alcantara inserts and this would go so well!)
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    Soundproofing Service for Model S on East Coast

    Hi all, I’m looking for a vendor that provides complete soundproofing services for the model S. There was a member who went to a vendor in the Maryland area who did this, but they have since retired sadly. Does anyone know of another vendor who can do this and who has done this on teslas prior?
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    WTS: Taptes Center Console for Pre-Refresh Model S

    This is the product you're speaking of, correct? Where in NoVA are you located? PMing you. https://www.taptes.com/products/tesla-center-console-insert-cci
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    HPWC Signature Matte Black $500 OBO NY area

    Where in NY are you located? I'm in Brooklyn. How flexible are you on price?
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    WTB: Model S RWD (2012-2015, nosecone) Front Trunk Storage Box

    Looking to purchase a front trunk storage box at a non-inflated price (two on eBay for $350). Anyone have one collecting dust in the garage or storage, and has upgraded to a newer Tesla?
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    2016+ Model S White Interior

    Is this still available?
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    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    Was this a warranty replacement due to degradation on your original 85 kwh pack? If so, what was your degradation determined to be - if not, how did you get the upgrade? I see that you're in New York as well - which service center completed the upgrade for you?
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    Tire Repair Kit TESLA OEM for sale

    Would you consider $40 shipped to NYC?
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    Model S Sunshade

    Willing to ship?
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    FS: CA Dreamcase travel bed for Tesla Model S

    Would you consider getting a shipping quote to 11207?
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    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    Ah, Scan My Tesla. Just looked it up. Interesting. I don't think I have a need for it at this point, I was just curious about possible upgrade paths for my P85 to increase its longevity (90 kwh pack being most interesting in anticipation of slower SC speeds). I'll keep an eye on it.
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    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    What's SMT? And my pain point right now is the EXTREMELY SLOW supercharging speeds I'm getting with thie 85 pack. I don't think I've seen over 62 kw while charging at a urban charger or a 150kw charger. IIRC, the 90 pack doesn't suffer from this "chargegate" feature Tesla decided to bestow upon...
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    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    If my current 85 pack charges to 253 RM, (2014 p85, 33k), it prob wouldn't be worth getting a 90 pack I'm assuming right?
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    Unplugged Performance Bumper FL

    Is this still available?
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    Multi-camera / Quad-camera solution for Model S / X

    Looks like I came back into this thread at the perfect time! Promising news for AP0 and AP1 owners! Think these repeater cameras will give the same coverage as the mirror mounted 360 cameras?
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    2012 Tesla Model S 85 for sale, lots of extras and upgrades $35,500.00

    Was the car rear ended or any panels replaced? The passenger side of the trunk looks misaligned near the bumper.
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    2014 Tesla Model S P90++ - UNIQUE: Most powerful RWD Tesla in the world

    The day has come where my dream Tesla has gone on sale.... and I haven't yet won the lottery to buy it :( Assuming you'd be looking for a cash/one payment deal, best of luck to you finding the right buyer and jealous of the future owner!
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    Loaded P85 W/AP Lease Takover ~$800/Month

    Curious if this is still available as well....
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    Does the door handle retract on anyone else when you try to open the door?

    Do you have your keyfob in your pocket? Maybe you're depressing the top of the key by accident which locks the car and retracts the handles.
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    Model X Accelerator Pedal vs the Brake Pedal - Awkward Locations

    Size 12 wide feet here...no issues :-D
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    How much more damage will Remarketing do to Tesla sales before they figure it out?!?

    Didn't realize you were speaking of a clear wrap, my apologies. Thought your car had a vinyl wrap that was a different color. I'm used to those clear wraps being referred to as films, or clear bra.
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    How much more damage will Remarketing do to Tesla sales before they figure it out?!?

    Car dealers generally frown upon any modifications to cars. You'd be better off selling it privately or to a used car dealer. You seemed so fixated on how they can remove thousands of dollars of wrap - anything aftermarket is typically removed so that the car can be sold as OEM spec as possible...
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    Vendor T Sportline Now Available at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

    This is awesome. Much closer than CA, but not close enough! Expand to the Northeast please! This may add more incentive to visit family in ATL however...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    ^I'm sure they could do a custom set with the same bolt pattern. $16k though for wheels, wow lol.
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    Staggered 20" Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels + 4x TPMS + 4x Hub Rings + Sticky Tires $2600

    Willing to ship? Also, any idea of the weight of the wheels or wheel + tire combo compared to 19s? Any effect on range w/these wheels vs OEM? Also, are you on stock suspension/links? Looks very low (but awesome!)
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    2015 Tesla P85D lease takeover (16 months)

    Some more details on the car? I see that it has CA plates. There may be the issue of sales tax from CA to NY when transferring the lease.
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    Brand new CHAdeMO adapter

    Still available?
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    Carbon Ceramic Brakes

    So no updates with anyone biting the bullet and getting a set?
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    CP0 "normal wear and tear" question

    How many miles on the car? It is used, I wouldn't expect perfection by any means, but if the discount is substantial, I wouldn't be bothered by it.
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    December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $64,900

    No air suspension, correct?
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    2013 P85 Ext Warranty $50k

    Does the car have tinted windows? If so, what percent? Also, the original invoice lists 21" gray wheels. Are these included with the car as well?
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    2013 Grey S85 44,000 miles - $46,500

    Rated miles at 90% and 100% charge?
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    Vendor Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia Upgrade

    Idk if it's the color...but your demo vehicle looks better w/the fascia upgrade than the regular black. Can't wait til you do a white one.

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