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    Anyone with a Model 3 near Puyallup, WA want to help me out? $20 for your troubles

    I've got a 2016 WRX that I have to back into my driveway because there is a dip before my driveway for directing roadway runoff. I don't mind backing my car in, but I just want to make sure things will be fine with a Model 3. I have considered upgrading my order to a P3D, but I don't want to do...
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    How to get an accurate insurance quote?

    Every insurance provider I've spoken with needs an actual VIN number to provide a quote for car insurance. I'm looking to buy an AWD version. Is there a way to just find a VIN for a vehicle like the one I want to order and to get a quote based on that? Any insurance providers recommended in...
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    Model 3 clearance question

    I currently own a 2015 Subaru WRX with 4.9 inches of ground clearance that I currently have to back into my driveway (there is a dip going into the driveway and then it's steep right after that) and the only way I can make it in without scraping is to back in. I know the Model 3 has 5.5 inches...
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    CPO P85D with or without ludicrous?

    I'm looking at a CPO P85D but wasn't sure if I should try and find one with or without ludicrous. I know we're right at the time where AP1 is about as good as it will get and AP2 will continue to pull away but since I work from home and won't be driving a ton of miles I'm not as concerned about...
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    Best way to tell you're getting a good CPO deal?

    How do you quickly analyze if a deal is good? Do you look at original MSRP and then try to see how much of a discount there is vs the number of miles used etc? Just wondering what the best way is to tell you're getting a good deal. I know from the main CPO thread that it sounds like the best...
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    WA residents can finally buy extended warranties?

    Saw something posted here: Service plans referencing WA residents can buy direct at a service center now. To clarify if I wanted to buy new and extend the 4 year 50,000 mile new car warranty is it possible to do that now being in WA?
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    New S60 with 75 kWh upgrade option battery question

    I see threads where people talk about how they never range charge their Tesla's (charge them to 100%) because it can impact battery longevity. If you buy a recently announced S60 without the 75 kWh upgrade and fully charge to 100% are you still effectively not charging to 100%? Or is the whole...
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    Memory seats?

    My wife and I will drive the MS. Memory seats is just part of the car now any new one right? Then is there any variation in the past that may be on CPO vehicles that wouldn't offer memory seats? e.g. push a button and seats move for the particular driver
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    Must have options for resale value / what a first time Tesla owner may not know?

    Looking to buy first Tesla MS. Going to test drive on Tuesday at Tesla store. I've been leaning towards CPO or buying an inventory car they are trying to push out (e.g. the $1,000 per month saved and $1 a mile or whatever the equation is now) mainly to avoid the 1st and (maybe) 2nd year...
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    Blind spot monitoring in side mirrors?

    I own a 2015 Highlander Limited and the last car I owned before that was a 2008 Subaru WRX. Something I've really liked about the Highlander is the lighted warning of a vehicle in my blind spot on the actual side mirrors (never had this on my WRX). Is this something that is in a Model S or it...
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    Is the CPO 50,000 mile limited warranty any good?

    I've been reading though but thought others may have picked out the big concerns already? https://www.teslamotors.com/sites/default/files/model-s-preowned-warranty.pdf Thinking I am a little less interested in buying a 2 year old Tesla via PP with 25,000 miles and only 25,00 left on original...
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    I work from home with zero commute, am I allowed to buy a Model S?

    My wife and I have only had one vehicle for 8 years. I've worked from home for 5 years now and with kids now I finally feel the call for a second car. I work from home though and so I wouldn't really be driving that much. I'm mainly posting because I'm interested if any other people that work...
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    Data based depreciation curve?

    I've read a variety of forum threads about depreciation (e.g. low trade in offers from Tesla complaints etc) but I haven't found a data backed depreciation curve based on actual sale price numbers. Does this exist for S60, S85, P85, 70D, 85D etc and anything else that comes along? (I know the...
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    Why do people always say "never range charged" is that a bad thing?

    I've been looking at the Tesla for sale forum and I routinely see listings that say things like "NEVER range charged" as if it's one of the worst things you can do to the car. Why does this matter?
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    Model X + 3 kids in car seats?

    I have twin daughters that are nearly 2 years old and another on the way in April. Please save me from buying a van. Is anyone using their Model X for 3 kids still in car seats? EDIT: I wasn't sure if anyone besides the initial 6 deliveries has received their vehicle or not yet...
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    How to tell how much of a discount is on a CPO vehicle?

    Just saw this P85D with only 2400 miles: 85 kWh Performance Model S 083161 | Tesla Motors is there any easy tool to check this somehow or just need to look at online configurator? (I guess that wouldn't work for older cars though)
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    If I reserve an X now will the $7500 tax credit still be there?

    I searched the forum but the threads I found were from 2014 or earlier. Just curious how much longer the $7500 tax credit remains. I assume it won't be there by the time Model 3 is out but if I reserve an X now (and it's delivered at least sometime in 2016) will I still get it?
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    When the Tesla Gigafactory is build in ~2016 - Will the Model S drop in price?

    The purpose of the Tesla gigafactory is to reduce the cost of the battery packs used by Telsa by at least 30% and I read recently that the 30% claim was probably a little too conservative. So my question... Will the Model S drop in price when the gigafactory comes into play or will Tesla...
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    Why doesn't Tesla distinguish between new Model S years e.g. Model S 2012, 2013, etc?

    We've all seen the car commercials for a other automakers where they talk about the great new deal on a 2015 BMW blah blah. Why doesn't Tesla distinguish between the years of the vehicles? I assume there are changes between each model year or perhaps not? Is there a thread with a list of...
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    Anyone buying TSLA at $200 a share for long term holding?

    I'm more of a buy and hold investor. Currently just investing via WealthFront ETF funds with a risk ratio of 7 / 10 (not sure if there are any WealthFront investors here). In any case I currently am focused on maxing out my business SEP IRA, but because I live on a lot less than my income I'd...

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