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  1. Mach Y

    Charging buzzing noise & stuck @ 6 hrs left

    Ouch ... in your video the noise sounds louder than what I have heard from my car. The video I posted suggests the vibration is caused by laminated core plates that aren't fastened tightly enough together ... it looks like the Tesla on-board charger...
  2. Mach Y

    Charging buzzing noise & stuck @ 6 hrs left

    This has happened to me a few times, mostly recently early this morning -- Since I don't drive the car much I just use the 110v charger for normal charging. After running errands for the day the car usually has anywhere from a few to 10-20 hours of charging remaining when I plug it in. This...
  3. Mach Y

    iOS App: Configurable Shortcut buttons on home page?

    I thought the product mgrs would be combing these forums ... maybe not ... I just texted my son, he works in Finance there but says the employees were all told to keep eyes and ears open for feedback from customers.
  4. Mach Y

    iOS App: Configurable Shortcut buttons on home page?

    Enhancement Request for the App -- The three "shortcut" buttons on the home screen -- Climate, Frunk, Lock -- would be nice if those were configurable. Or at least replace the Frunk with the Trunk ... I haven't opened the Frunk once since I got the car ... open the trunk every time I go to...
  5. Mach Y

    Frunk shortcut on the Tesla app, can I change it to the trunk?

    +1 ... I never use the Frunk, always the Trunk ...
  6. Mach Y

    "No Brake" Days

    I was reminded of the obvious need to push the brake pedal in order to disengage Park ... but I cannot edit my first post so the wording stays as-is ... ;) Regarding regen at low speeds ... forgetting about regenerative charging for a minute, doesn't dynamic braking (e.g. shorting out the...
  7. Mach Y

    "No Brake" Days

    How often are you able to drive your car all day without ever touching the brake pedal? I'm finding this to be not too difficult to do ... it does require you to moderate your speed in heavier traffic and plan your stops well ahead, which has the positive side effect of forcing you to be a more...
  8. Mach Y

    Perf range just increased 280 -> 291

    Just noticed that along with the price reduction, they pulled the non-sports suspension option for the Performance model ... now the sports package is standard. However the range has been increased from 280 to 291 mi. Question -- is this range increase in software or hardware? We just had the...
  9. Mach Y

    Model Y range 400 miles

    Lol ... I have only 238 miles on the car as of today, and I made that mistake a couple of times this past week ... ;)
  10. Mach Y

    Pics of white Y with and without Gemini covers

    On the white body car I think the wheel covers better match the flush trim look of the body.
  11. Mach Y

    Fit and finish excuse

    Considering the fact that the plant was closed for half of Q2 and they still cranked out a pretty high volume of cars, I am just happy that my car has all of its parts ...! ;) As for $60k perfect vs not ... where else will you get a vehicle with this engineering, drivetrain and performance ...
  12. Mach Y

    What will you name your Model Y?

    "Mach Y" ... California plates are already taken though :|
  13. Mach Y

    Issues with Model Y wireless phone charger

    ** 2nd UPDATE ** Fyi I got bored yesterday, and decided to try to fix this phone case myself. I detected six magnets on the inner case, managed to rip out the middle two (they are rectangular), and now the phone charges in the Y :) and ... the four remaining magnets are more than enough to...
  14. Mach Y

    Model Y Hitch

    Fyi here are a couple of pics of the cover so you can see the various catches on it ...
  15. Mach Y

    Model Y - Financing?

    Fyi I just got 2.49% financing on my Y through a Tesla arranged loan ... maybe end of quarter had something to do with it, but I'm not complaining. +1 on Tesla stability ... they are doing something that no other car company has ever done, I imagine people would be lining up to back them and...
  16. Mach Y

    Issues with Model Y wireless phone charger

    ** Update ... looks like it's my Zover detachable wallet case (see photo) ... with the inner case on the phone it won't charge in the Y or on a cheap desktop wireless charging unit ... but with a non-magnetic case, or with no case, it charges fine in either place. I didn't have this issue with...
  17. Mach Y

    Odometer read 15miles...was this a previous rejected MY?

    My loan contract says 15 ... I think it was either 3 or 9 when I picked up the car (from the Fremont plant). Yes it would be pretty cool if the cars could drive themselves to you for delivery ... ;)
  18. Mach Y

    Issues with Model Y wireless phone charger

    I have a Zover wallet case for my iPhone SE, that has the removable inner case held to the wallet by magnets in the corners ... I am finding it very hard to turn charging on without pulling the phone out of the inner case. From your experience is my issue the corner magnets in the case or is it...

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