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  1. scooter62

    Supercharger - Lutz, FL

    Bearss and I-275. Great place for a supercharger.
  2. scooter62


    Same with me!
  3. scooter62

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Love Car Wash mode! Was very annoying when I wash my car and the darn charge port door would open. Now let’s get ‘The Button’
  4. scooter62

    Re: 2021.4.15.8

    Installing right now.
  5. scooter62

    Just venting over “first scratch”

    Same issue here, had some gray Honda touch up paint and that really helped. Also, got sideswiped coming home from having PPF installed, 6 days after picking up my car.
  6. scooter62


    And for the first time in quite a while, had a phantom braking episode under 15.6 this morning.
  7. scooter62


    Same for me.
  8. scooter62


    15.5 installed just now.
  9. scooter62

    2021.4.12.2 SW Issue? Jumps back in Lane at lane change

    Not saying it should have done anything differently. Was the first time it happened and thought maybe it would be helpful to the OP.
  10. scooter62

    2021.4.12.2 SW Issue? Jumps back in Lane at lane change

    Happened to me today on NOA on 12.2. Realized it was trying to make the lane change over a solid white line in a construction area and refused to do it. The blinker stayed on and the blue target stayed on and the lane change happened after the solid white line ended.
  11. scooter62

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Beautiful! My Mom's side of the family emigrated from Bergen only 3 generations ago.
  12. scooter62

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Elektra freshly bathed and polished with Car Guys Hybrid Wax
  13. scooter62

    Before I screw up my Model 3 in the car wash...

    My XPEL installer has in writing he will replace the PPF for free in 5 years. I pay for the old to be removed.
  14. scooter62

    What did you name your Tesla?

  15. scooter62

    Proposed EV tax in Florida

  16. scooter62

    Selling a car through Vroom, Carvana, or Carmax

    Got the best offer on my Accord from webuyanycar.com
  17. scooter62

    Model 3 size - more like an Accord or more like a Civic?

    Model 3 is 10" shorter than my 12 Accord and 5" longer than my son's 20 Civic.
  18. scooter62

    Windshield cracked - Any suggestions to replace in SFL

    Depends on your insurance. Generally if the crack is shorter than the length of a dollar Bill, it won’t be replaced and repair is usually covered. Safelite in Tampa replaced and recalibrated my wife’s Passport cracked windshield and coordinated everything with insurance
  19. scooter62

    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    My Model 3 is the first non-Honda new car I've owned. Really is apples v oranges, depending on what you want. I sold my 2012 Accord to purchase my Tesla. My Accord was the best, most reliable car I have ever owned. I went into the Tesla purchase knowing it may not match that standard. I am...
  20. scooter62

    How to reduce road/wind noise?

    The strips have 3M adhesive tape attached. Haven't had any issues.
  21. scooter62

    How to reduce road/wind noise?

    Here’s a couple pics
  22. scooter62

    How to reduce road/wind noise?

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y9R7JT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This has helped the wind noise a great deal. Installed over gaps where windshield meets the roof glass and gaps from A-pillar all the way back to the rear door.
  23. scooter62


    48.35.5 coming in now.
  24. scooter62

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    When I was hit, driving home from the shop where I had the PPF put on, the other driver's insurance paid for the wrap. As long as I had the receipt and declared it they paid.
  25. scooter62

    Why the obsession with deleting chrome?

    The two best horn bands ever!!
  26. scooter62

    FM radio - is yours working?

    48.30 and works fine.
  27. scooter62

    Wind Noise Solution?

    I found this to be helpful in reducing the wind noise, covering up the windshield channels. A lot of the issue is the non-acoustic side windows...
  28. scooter62

    Help Requested with new boombox feature

    Did you mean the double button reset?
  29. scooter62

    Help Requested with new boombox feature

    Same here. Wanted to listen to music while washing my car but as soon as I closed the door the boombox shut off.
  30. scooter62

    Did anyone come from bigger size sedan to Tesla Model 3?

    I came from a 2012 Accord (a real Dad car). My 3 is 10" shorter and fits better in the garage. Front seat room is nearly as good, back seat room is OK, but obviously not as good as the longer Accord. Comparing the 3 and Accord are apples/oranges. For an ICE car my Accord was the best I ever...
  31. scooter62

    Firmware 2020.48.x

    Release notes for Model 3.
  32. scooter62

    Firmware 2020.48.x

    48.26 coming in right now. Just got the notification from the app.
  33. scooter62

    Firmware 2020.48.x

    Same here. Nothing different from the other 48.x updates.
  34. scooter62

    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Thanks TEMAI for the control panel decoration kit! Was easy to install. It took more time to remove the covering of the adhesive strips than it did to install the panels. The Matte Black panels are even less reflective than the vinyl I had on previously. So far so good. It looks like it...
  35. scooter62

    Converting a pool to salt water

    We switched to salt a few years ago and love it! We have no more algae issues and crystal clear water with much less effort than previously and you don't smell like chlorine when you get out of the pool. Once a week I add a little hydrochloric acid as I know what it takes each week. A bag of...
  36. scooter62

    M3 Dimensions for garage layout?

    My garage parking spot is 10’ x 17’. That allows for doors to open one notch and room to walk in front and squeeze around between the car and garage door.
  37. scooter62

    Here is a cooler that fits inside...

    RTIC are terrific as well.
  38. scooter62

    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Central control panel decoration
  39. scooter62

    Model 3 errors (APP_w305, APP_w269)

    Its a hardware issue. Many of us have had it. Cameras need to be replaced. Make a service appointment.
  40. scooter62

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Nor mine. Also had a phantom braking in the middle of a drive in a clear lane with no cars near me. Never happened before to me.
  41. scooter62

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Went from 40.8 to 44.10.1 just now.
  42. scooter62

    Next Step - Drafting Contract

    When I talked to a sales guy at an SC, he brought up the web page for my vehicle after it was 'born'. It gave the logistics and projected dates of arrival. It was cool to see.
  43. scooter62

    Is it even worth the effort to call Tesla about order status?

    I got better answers when I stopped into the SC and chatted with associates who helped me each time.
  44. scooter62

    Next Step - Drafting Contract

    I stopped into 2 different SCs and asked about my order. Both places happy to help. My car was built 8/25 and delivered to the Tampa SC 9/13. That's the typical time frame for the SE. Delivery in the middle of the last month of the quarter. Cars are built in CA then get on a train to...
  45. scooter62

    Tesla Ring.. Which one?

    Here's one reviewed:
  46. scooter62

    Autopilot cameras unavailable?

    Mine went out and never came back on. Replaced 3 weeks ago and no issues since.
  47. scooter62

    Autopilot cameras unavailable?

    Dropped it off as there were other things needing attention. Had a 2015 Model S loaner for a few days.
  48. scooter62

    Autopilot cameras unavailable?

    The invoice didn’t say how long it took because I wasn’t charged anything. Sorry.

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