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    Will Tesla open up the SuC network?

    Tesla chargers are currently not public but I expect the legal definition will change at some point in the future. Ionity doesn’t have contactless they have a remote call centre in Germany. I like the idea of contactless but poorly worded legislation has made that still a pipe dream.
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    No reason not to sell Cyber truck in South America and Canada. Europe…nah.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Thurrock SuC: looks like UK Power Networks are laying 1.1km of cable. Depending on which website you look at that could take anywhere between 17 December (temporary traffic lights on one section of the arterial road) and more likely something like 10 February (lane speed restriction). Arterial...
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    Model 3 Roof Bar Installation

    If it helps: Mine does touch the glass but I wouldn’t necessarily say squeeze. Screwed down the rear rack does seem to run out of thread to get to the required torque.
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    Accommodation advice please

    Worth noting Keele South just has 4x V2 stalls and is commonly busy. There is the new V3 at Trentham but it is a bit off the motorway. Try your ABRP route with an early stop at the BP site M6 J27. M6 Toll isn’t cheap but definitely recommend. Rules out V3 at Hilton Park though. Warwick South...
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    Climate control - How to get a consistent temperature?

    I thought my 2019 Model 3 was good/ok. 2021 Model 3 definitely seems a bit off (yes it’s had the sensor fix/recall done).
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Northbound was back up and running today. Can’t speak for Southbound.
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    Cost (charging)

    Although, once Tesla have finished the snags on the first car you have to repeat the process on the next one. Grrrr.
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    Ionity Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    Looks like this is now open.
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    Will Tesla open up the SuC network?

    At the point you add long cables it’s time for a new tombstone design. Not insurmountable but git to be more elegant that just long cables.
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    Green number plates

    The green does (technically) need to be retro reflective.
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    Heated steering wheel - nope

    Is there a conclusive answer on whether the early 2021 (Fremont) cars do or don’t actually have a heated steering wheel? Hoping I do and it just needs activating.
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    Apple Homekit / HomePod / Siri Tesla control/interrogation of the car

    Not sure if it’s the Tesla App or iOS 15 but my Apple Shortcuts / Tesla Remote don’t seem to be working this year. Very annoying.
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    Is a Tesla easy to steal?

    I’ve always avoided the Apple Watch - just another thing to charge. Do you like it / rate it? My thinking is starting to change.
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    Accommodation advice please

    Holiday Inn at Dumfries was satisfactory and several CPS charger points 300m or so away with free parking. RFID card worked fine. 10 mins from M6.
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    Gov Open consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles

    Just don’t provide electricity to anyone that isn’t authenticated. The first time you plug in you identify the stall you’re on in the app and associate your car (ID3/Polestar/etc) to your account. Voila. If you don’t have the app you can always phone up to pay haha. We’ve been conditioned into...
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    Gov Open consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles

    Having challenged a council parking fine I learned that each local authority writes its oven regulations for its off-street parking (public). We need someone to lobby the councils - it’d be a start. Something activists like XR & Insulate Britain could do to help the cause.
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    Help fix dodgy map data

    Tesla vision is building its own HD maps of the world, on the fly in real-time. Why buy maps that are at least 6 months out of date?
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    Tesla Model Terrorist

    Some time in 2050….. In the meanwhile try the retro Indiana Jones ice shoes.
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    Octopus Plans and renewals

    If you’re at the end of your fixed period you could just re-fix on the new Go tarrif? 5p at night…25p-ish day. Email them. https://octopus.energy/go/rates/
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    Cost (charging)

    Pretty much yes. 7.4kW added every hour is about 10% of the battery on an LR. Which could be anywhere between 20 to 30 miles depending on how you drive, temperature etc etc.
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    Cost (charging)

    CMA: Competition & Market Authority (follow the link ;)). MSA: Motorway Service Area
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    Gov Open consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles

    Gov consultation: Future of transport regulatory review: zero emission vehicles DfT proposals: introducing a statutory duty for Local Authorities to plan for EV infrastructure mandated charge points in new & existing non-residential car parks Rapid Charging Fund (for England only) DfT...
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    Cost (charging)

    One to think about. When the CMA did it’s market study (Final report) it used estimates of £7m to put a new supply into a single MSA. Might be worth finding out what agreements are being handed out to get access to the Road Charging Fund. If they’re loans and not grants, then the cost will have...
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    small roads question

    There’s only so much you can do; Turn on Joe Mode helps for some. Speed limit warning set to ‘Display’. Single lane roads are single lane roads I’m afraid.
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    Cost (charging)

    Don’t forget that not all apples are the same. Tesla measures DC to the car (battery?). Everyone else measures A/C to the chargepoint. There’s something like 15% loss in the conversion for A/C to D/C so Tesla’s 37p would be more like 42p with anyone else.
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    “It is truly bonkers”: Greg Jackson, Octopus CEO, on the UK’s broken energy system

    Tidal: A few pilot sites off Shetland, some plans for Severn and Mersey barages. Probably no quicker than Small Modular Reactors.
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    I assume that after the technical coding/dev and testing (haha), that Tesla then make a regulatory assessment for each feature for each country. If that hasn’t happened yet the feature doesn’t get loaded and comes through in a later round. So stuff like GDPR, UNCE, gets captured reasonably...
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    "Hey Siri" Commands

    iOS 15 seems to have broken my Tesla shortcuts :mad:😢
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    Tesla Model 3 was the biggest-selling model in the UK last month

    Q1 & Q2 2021 UK registrations about: LR 9,990 P 1,253 SR+ 3,457 Total 14,700 Source: https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=Tesla Add on September 6,879 and your 23,000 looks about right.
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    Octopus Go price increases..

    Hand over your Tesla credentials to Octopus and they’ll start/stop for you.
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    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    25 yrs. that seem short sighted given infrastructure costs. You’d want options on lease extension…. and break clauses if you need it.
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    Sentry mode power drain

    Can’t be improved without hardware changes. Sentry was an OTA update following owner requests. It’s an afterthought that relies on running the car computer. Computer uses say 200W/h plus a little bit for the cameras. It does amaze me that a car manufacturer with a sustainability mission adds a...
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    How reliable are Tesla delivery dates?

    Pretty unreliable. There’s usually boats landing in late Nov/early Dec so in your case you might be ok.
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    Charge place scotland since takeover - all fine?

    Used new RFID card a few times now. CPS haven’t charged me anything. Bonza.
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    Tesla official mudflaps and splash guards

    Controversially, you could just not bother at all. Aerodynamic & elegant. [Ducks before being shot.]
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    Biofence mode basically recirculated (scrubs) the air through hepa/carbon filter. Elons vid was pretty impresssive - a new filter will clean the air in 2 mins. Might not scrub the methane but should work for smelly airborne human byproduct particles - can anyone confirm or deny ;)
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    SyncEV Charger - problems?

    Podpoint works well. It’s taken them years to add scheduled charging but that’s now sorted. The app doesn’t log charging periods or costs well.
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    Tesla staff have an all hands meeting (1st Oct).. Model Y about to go on sale?

    I hope not: Message to tell customers when we open up the Superchargers is….
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    Help fix dodgy map data

    If you find it’s wrong across several platforms you can also update: HERE Map Creator - 2020 (used by 4 in 5 satnavs) https://www.openstreetmap.org Between these and TomTom usually does the trick after a few months. Google and Apple Maps also allow you to report changes: best done from a...
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    Incorrect model graphic showing in app and car

    It’s def 2021? Double lam glass, wireless charging, electric trunk, heated steering.. Could it have sat around in Fremont for a bit, pulled from the line for re-work, or a testing model. 3-6 months on, trim replaced & pushed back onto the line. See if you can pull dates from any of the plates or...
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    Green number plates

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    Green number plates

    I’m not clear, if you have a green stripe, with the UK letters do you need an oval sticker as well?
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    [UK] 2021.32.x

    My router channel is locked / not on auto so its not that. Will keep an eye on it.
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    [UK] 2021.32.x

    Happy for others to disagree but does the WiFi signal seem stronger on this update? I got 3 bars today after the update which seemed good/unusual. Might just be a one-off? Or they may be working on some of the UK RHD requests from a few months back? Wiki - UK/Ireland and RHD Only - Queries and...
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    The electric bills are all going up then, even if they treat it as capital work and borrow the money. Great!
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    To be fair to the DNO’s a street without power gets sorted pretty quick. My street cable replace in 2 days from it blowing, tarmac and all.
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    Strange charging issue. Charges beyond the set point

    Lots of possibilities. What rate are you charging at? This will sound dumb ….but if it’s dropped below the typical 7kW it’ll take longer. Charger fault? Cable fault? Worn pins? (Did you try the new app & dial down the current by mistake?!) change of weather - did you leave the...

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