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  1. FastGTR

    Using AI to precondition the car - prototype, maybe overkill, but whatever.

    One thing that sucked last winter was my kids would come down to my office ahead of needing a ride to various activities and I had forgotten to condition the car...sucked esp. when it's 5F outside and we had to leave immediately and so the car barely getting 1 min of preconditioning. Then I...
  2. FastGTR

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    I will just open source once I figure out how to automate the deployment such that anyone who want to use it can simply deploy their own instance in cloud and never have to send/share their password/token and never have to worry about legal ramification of being shut down by google or tesla.
  3. FastGTR

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    Damn...if only I had found this post months ago. :oops: Do I regret any of the thousands of lines of code I wrote for this? 🥵Maybe...but it was a fun covid project.
  4. FastGTR

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Winter sunsets are the best....especially the day after a snow storm....0% humidity 10F outside.
  5. FastGTR

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Fall is in the air...
  6. FastGTR

    RacingBrake or MPP BBK rotors only

    Thanks! I am already used to the rust with higher iron content rotors/pads. My GT-R rusts the pads on so hard that when I back it out they go bang! Now to wait for a MPP holiday deal to come along to buy a set.:D
  7. FastGTR

    Tire Rotation Miles

    FWIW, I measured at my current mileage of ~5100 miles using a depth gauge which costs all but $3. The front depth was just at 8.5/32nd. The rear depth was at ~7.5/32nd. These tires new come at 9/32nd. The rear wore out ~3x faster than the front, and I have an AWD. so I rotated them. It's a 45...
  8. FastGTR

    RacingBrake or MPP BBK rotors only

    Quick Q for those who have installed the MPP or other slotted rotors: Have you noticed any increase in noise level? Every slotted rotor I have ever installed on any my other cars, adds a whirring noise. especially noticeable at low speeds in parking lots/ramps where the sound can be heard...
  9. FastGTR

    Vendor DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits

    I can vouch for Chad. Good communication, quick shipping directly from Xpel distribution location via Fedex and really good prices. Completed my DIY of Hood and Fender Bikini cut, Mirrors and full bumper. Def a learning experience but great DIY project. --> Tesla DIY Geek: DIY Xpel Ultimate PPF...
  10. FastGTR

    Lowering Springs: TSportline vs Unplugged vs Eibach

    I did a DIY install of the Eibach and cannot be happier. Should have done it sooner. A quick before and after shot (tried to get same angle) I posted complete DIY instruction along with many subtleties of doing this as a DIY in the garage without a lift and some tools needed. A few...
  11. FastGTR

    UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE front lip review

    Was about to pull the trigger on this, but then I saw this video: I think its probably cheaper to keep the tires inflated to the correct PSI over even slightly higher and drive slightly slower. :D Could save me almost $1000 shipped , but car looks better with the front lip.
  12. FastGTR

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    Update for my Model 3, Telsa finally escalated and diagnosed the issue. Texted me to check if my AC was working without telling me how. I concluded AC was not working. Took it into service center, they replaced bad seals, recharged lines and it works now - both then AC and app. Haven't had...
  13. FastGTR

    Homelink not working with my gate

    Same difference...rolling codes. Check Manuals and Specifications - Resources - Information | Apollo Gate Openers For your specific model and look for the learn button or can always call the manufacturer.
  14. FastGTR

    Homelink not working with my gate

    Use these instructions: Model 3 Automatic Garage Opener - HomeLink After using the remote, you may have to go to the actual garage door opener unit (the one on the ceiling) and click the LEARN button on it within a few seconds after programming the Model 3, and then press the HomeLink button...
  15. FastGTR

    Made my own Visor Clip for parking tickets (the good kind)

    10 years of muscle memory:mad: was hard to beat, I needed to put the parking tickets in the same place so I made one last week :): Still version 1, but it was a fun little DIY project.
  16. FastGTR

    Model 3 mirror folding behavior after using Summon...

    This is a bug and Tesla is aware of it from my understanding. Question to those encountering it: Do you have a HomeLink installed? For me this issue started after HomeLink was installed and had nothing to do with Summons. I have the setting for auto-folding mirrors when parked enabled, and it...
  17. FastGTR

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Having worked 12 years for a storage vendor. I feel that based on the plummeting cost of storage devices these days most manufacturers are going to make warranty claims difficult, it costs them too much. I can tell you that Transcend sucks, but I have had good luck with SanDisk warranty. Most...
  18. FastGTR

    Failed to Turn on Climate

    Had the problem pop up on Model 3. Completely randomly. Open a service ticket. A week later I was told new version was being pushed out. Got the latest model 3 version that came though last week and the problem still exists. In fact it is worse now. It accepts the turn on command and any changes...
  19. FastGTR

    Anyone Buy Modern Spare Tire Kit?

    I built a kit for a previous car and was able to re-purpose that for my Model 3 with 19" wheel option nicely with a little DIY effort. Maxxis T145/70R18 on Enkei Wheels, road-force balanced, nitrogen filled, with flat head 21mm M14x1.5 Lug nuts, a scissors jack, lug wrench and Tesla Jack Pad...
  20. FastGTR

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I have been testing a few different combinations and I can share some results. I started with a Transcend 256GB JetDrive that I used to use on my Mac with a Trancend USB 3.0 Card reader. I had read on here that GPT was better than MBR. (Note that most SSD cards/ USB drives come formatted as MBR...
  21. FastGTR

    Model 3 delivered with 75 foot-pounds lug-nut torque [Update: 75 ft lbs to loosen, not tighten]

    Glad I found this post. I took off a wheel today on my week old P3D- and the lugs came off way too easy for 129ft-lb. Checked another wheel and it was about 79ftlb, which is common for many alloy wheels and 129 ft-lb seemed way to high because even in my gtr with 20" on track mode is...
  22. FastGTR

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    New owner here. Took delivery of the car on Monday 2019 P3D-. Was on v9 (not sure of exact build). AP but not FSD. I just got the notification on my phone while the car is in the garage. Updating now...excited. There is WiFi in garage, car was plugged in and not set to scheduled charge. I...
  23. FastGTR

    Most current delivery checklist?

    Thank you! This checklist will help me on Monday. Can add to your list checking seat heaters. Can you tell me what cables and mats come with the car? - carpeted floor mats? - carpeted trunk & frunk mats? - USBC or lightning phone cable? - any tire wrench or toe hooks? - To test Sentry mode...
  24. FastGTR

    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    Thanks for all the responses! Really appreciated. Placed the order earlier this week. M3 AWD with Performance Pkg (includes 0-60 in 3.2sec & track mode) and 19" wheels. Stuck with the smaller brakes on account that getting RBs 2-piece will be a much better upgrade, both for unsprung mass and pad...
  25. FastGTR

    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    So I test drove an M3P and P100D with the family finally yesterday in Chicago. Cost not being an issue, they all hands down to my surprise liked the 3 over the S. Kids said it was way more comfortable in the back and getting in/out was easier. The 8 year old said.."dad I can see outside better...
  26. FastGTR

    Model 3 LR AWD bald rear tires @ 4200 miles

    Does Tesla service center not perform a PDI before delivery that involves alignment, pressures, etc.? Every $45k+ car I have every bough this was pretty standard. Concerning, might have to ask them for this as a condition of my future purchase.
  27. FastGTR

    Cold. Cold. Cold. Strange / Interesting screen reading.

    I am super interested in your results, just being north of you in Madison. This has been my biggest hold back on getting an M3 -- range anxiety in extreme cold. I don;t think I could make it madison to milwaukee in the cold on a charge. Are you planning on charging your to the max on Monday and...
  28. FastGTR

    Issue with water getting trapped in door

    Wow this is concerning. I have had doors freeze shut in the winter after a wash to remove the salt and stuff. This much water freezing would not only hold the door shut but also probably warp the door sill just based on expansion.
  29. FastGTR

    90 or 30 amp circuit breaker for charging?

    I preparation for a model 3, I have recently gone though the effort of running more amperage to the garage in a finished house and its not fun, cosst way more than a couple of cable runs, material are the cheapest part in doing more electric. This chart comes in handy when planning for the...

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