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  1. jdcollins5

    Map auto zoom not working?

    It only zooms for me when I go from highway to off highway or vice versa. Why would it change based on speed?
  2. jdcollins5

    Dealing with Tesla service.

    Evidently it depends on where you live. I have had excellent results using the app with Raleigh SC. I have even just asked technical questions and received excellent advice. I had a Mobile Tech request once where the appt came back as SC which is 150 mile. I cancelled the appt and requested...
  3. jdcollins5

    Charging option doesn’t appear on the main menu

    The Charging menu item was removed to make room for new menu items. Replaced with lightning bolt for quicker access.
  4. jdcollins5

    Car won't charge on 120v or 240v but will still fast/Supercharge

    It sounds like your onboard AC to DC converter is faulty, since you can charge at Supercharger. Supercharger is DC and bypasses the AC to DC converter. You would have to check with Service Center to find out if this is something a Mobile Tech can replace.
  5. jdcollins5

    Charging shutting off constantly. Anyone else?

    Call an electrician to check out your charging equipment and connections.
  6. jdcollins5

    Charging shutting off constantly. Anyone else?

    Do you have any scheduled charging functions active?
  7. jdcollins5

    Schedule Departure While Unplugged

    I use Scheduled Departure all of the time and it always works perfectly for me. I think a lot of the issues is not understanding “how” it is designed to work, but wanting it to work the way you “want” it to work.
  8. jdcollins5

    SlackerRadio Repeat and Fav song

    It works like Pandora or Prime Music. When you ask for a favorite song, it names a station. It will play a list of songs similar to this song and with similar artists. You have a chance to like or dislike each choice, thumb up or down, and to list the artist as a favorite, star icon at the...
  9. jdcollins5

    Turn off recirculation, car sounds like a jet

    Condenser coil - The coil inside the car is the Condenser Coil. I just said coil thinking Condenser was understood.
  10. jdcollins5

    Turn off recirculation, car sounds like a jet

    When you turn off Recirc you are letting hot, moist air into the car. The Climate Control system has to ramp wide open trying to suddenly cool down this hot air. Auto does a good job of controlling recirc. I just leave mine in Auto and adjust temp as needed and have not had a problem...
  11. jdcollins5

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I am only sharing my personal experience. Not meaning to give anyone any false hope.
  12. jdcollins5

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    258 miles / 0.9 = 287 miles at 100%. When was the last time you charged from 20-100%? This will help recalibrate the BMS. I have a similar 8/2018 M3 LR RWD at 30k miles. I am getting about 264 miles at 90% which extrapolates to 294 miles at 100%. So we are fairly close. I have not charged...
  13. jdcollins5

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    When was the last time you did a 20-100% charge? If you typically charge between like 50-80%, the BMS will develop a memory for this range. If you charge over a wider range, BMS will recalibrate for the wider range.
  14. jdcollins5

    How to compare home charging costs with supercharger costs

    You can go the Tesla website and click on Charging. This will give you a complete summary of your charging history, including cost per kWh or cost per minute if it is a Tier charge.
  15. jdcollins5

    Which NEMA Adapters to carry?

    I have the adapter bundle plus a couple extra, just in case. I have two UMC’s and two 14-50’s. One for home and one for travel. The only ones I have used on the road, so far, is the J-1772 and 5-15!
  16. jdcollins5

    Does This Plug Charge a Tesla Model 3?

    True, if you have know-how and confidence to make your own. I make my own for my emergency generator to my house panel. Tesla adapters at $35, I would rather buy one if Tesla has it rather than make one. I was going on the assumption that the OP did not have a lot of electrical knowledge due...
  17. jdcollins5

    Does This Plug Charge a Tesla Model 3?

    I was surprised that Tesla Shop does not have the 10-50 adapter. It has the 6-50 and 14-50 but the 6-50 is out of stock. You could have an electrician do one of two things: 1). The 10-50 is L1, L2 and Neutral. The 6-50 is L1, L2 and Ground. You could have the electrician change the...
  18. jdcollins5

    How to schedule charging so it finishes at departure time?

    You have the ability to set the time that TOU ends to whatever you want it to be.
  19. jdcollins5

    No trip B on odometer

    On my 3, I used on of the Trip meters and renamed it Lifetime.
  20. jdcollins5

    Tesla wall connector vs NEMA 14-50

    The standard UMC Gen 2 (shipped with the car) is limited to 32A, 80% continuous on 40A circuit. The plug in adapter connection is part of the limitation. They sell a High Power UMC Gen 2 that is rated at 40A, 80% of 50A circuit. The 14-50 adapter is hard-wired to the UMC, removing the plug-in...
  21. jdcollins5

    How to schedule charging so it finishes at departure time?

    I agree that the Scheduled Depart is not the simplest solution, but once you take the time to understand how it works, it works very well.
  22. jdcollins5

    How to schedule charging so it finishes at departure time?

    From what I understand and have seen, when you first plug in after setting departure time, it will start to charge to calculate time needed to charge. Then it stops charging and schedules the start time in order to complete 30 minutes before end of Off Peak.
  23. jdcollins5

    How to schedule charging so it finishes at departure time?

    You can go in to Charge Settings and change Off Peak ending time to match Departure Time.
  24. jdcollins5

    Charging in a rainstorm

    It would be hard to design a sealed plug end that still allows the male pins in the car to enter the female pins in the charge cable. Normal rain is normally not a problem. I can imagine in a driving rainstorm it would be hard to keep the plug end dry. Thus the use of a towel.
  25. jdcollins5

    1st Electricity Bill since purchasing the tesla.

    Are you by chance comparing to your previous month’s bill? If so, there are way too many variables in month-to-month. You really need to compare to the same month a year ago or to seasonal averages. My mileage and usage is similar to yours and my cost increase is so minor it is only noise on...
  26. jdcollins5

    Energy Graph not scaling properly when switching between 5/15/30 mi

    The number of sample points does not change. For 5 miles you have the most sample points per mile. For 15 miles you have less and at 30 miles you have even less.
  27. jdcollins5

    Scheduled departure - what if I don’t “depart”?

    I believe the CC will keep the temp setting until it is turned off. There is a setting in Departure where you can enable or disable preconditioning. I typically leave my precondition off. I set mine to charge by 6:00 for off-peak. If needed I will turn CC on with app before leaving.
  28. jdcollins5

    License Plate Question

    Yes, after car was in DMV system I went to DMV office and they were able to transfer.
  29. jdcollins5

    Scheduled Departure Charges Prematurely

    Evidently my car behaves different than yours. If I schedule a departure for say 8:00 AM, with offpeak ending at 6:00, my app notifications says charging started at 1:00 AM and completed at 5:30 AM. This is with the latest 2021.4.12 software.
  30. jdcollins5

    Questions about condo charging near the ocean

    My sister has a 14-50 outlet in a weatherproof box under her house on Oak Island, NC. Her son-in-law had it installed for his car. I would think it may take a few years before it rusts. I have told her that I can replace the receptacle for her every few years if necessary.
  31. jdcollins5

    Scheduled Departure - Warm the car up?

    You have the option now to pre-heat or not with Scheduled Departure. With Scheduled Departure screen I believe there is a setting selection that lets you turn on or off pre-heat.
  32. jdcollins5

    Charging From a Whole House Generator

    If the generator is large enough to handle inrush it should work fine. Since it is tied to the house service panel then the ground and neutral will be connected properly. I have a 6500W generator where you have a jumper point to tie neutral and ground together. I can charge at 120V, 15A but...
  33. jdcollins5

    Locating features after update 2020.48.26

    The trip and tire pressure cards are right where they used to be. Look at the three dots at the bottom. They have just moved the info for the middle card to the bottom toolbar in order clear the middle card. This lets you see behind the car while driving. ‘After finding everything that...
  34. jdcollins5

    Charge cable rubber cap needed?

    The HPWC has a slot in the side where the cable end is inserted and hung to cover the end. I use a 14-50 receptacle and purchased a Tesla cable organizer. This also has a slot in the front to hang the cable end and supports the excess cable length.
  35. jdcollins5

    Model 3 “running” while parked

    It is pretty cold in VA right now so it could be trying to maintain battery temp above a certain level. Normal.
  36. jdcollins5

    Scheduled Departure Charges Prematurely

    From what I understand, Schedule Departure does an initial charging check to determine the charging rate in order to determine when to schedule the charge start in order to be complete by 6:00 AM.
  37. jdcollins5

    12 Volt battery Issues - Varied, Urgent

    Check with your nearest Mobile Tech. My local Tech says he keeps a few batteries in his garage for this purpose.
  38. jdcollins5

    NC State Inspection

    I would think the SC has better things to do with their techs time than vehicle inspections.
  39. jdcollins5

    NC State Inspection

    It sounds like the guy at Jiffy Lube has no idea how to inspect an EV. The inspection only includes the basic headlights, turn signal, brake lights and wiper inspections. My local Valvoline shop did not inspect front wheel bearings and suspension last year but did this year. They lifted the...
  40. jdcollins5

    160 miles on charge 92%-4%

    Columbia to Asheville is an uphill climb with a large elevation change. I made the trip in the opposite direction and averaged 206 Wh/m in my LR RWD.
  41. jdcollins5

    Does Connector Button Now Wake Up Car?

    You just need the phone key just like a door unlock.
  42. jdcollins5

    Does Connector Button Now Wake Up Car?

    Maybe not for you but for me. May depend on how you do it. After car unlock I release the button per manual. Then press again to unlatch.
  43. jdcollins5

    Does Connector Button Now Wake Up Car?

    No. If you walk up to locked car and hold charge wand button for a couple of seconds the car will wake. Then a second push will unlatch port.
  44. jdcollins5

    Does Connector Button Now Wake Up Car?

    Before the update, the button could only to release the latch, after the car was awake. It now takes a second or two to hold the button to wake the car, and then once again, a single push will release the latch. Just as the manual stated. I do not understand the reason for your post.
  45. jdcollins5

    Where do you want a new Supercharger?

    Winston-Salem, NC
  46. jdcollins5

    Tesla DC V2G with a CHAdeMO adaptor

    The Model 3 onboard charger power bridge is already bidirectional. The only thing needed that I am aware of is software and maybe some protective hardware. ‘From what I have read is that Tesla’s concern is battery warranty if battery is used for other than normal driving. Depending on the...
  47. jdcollins5

    Does Connector Button Now Wake Up Car?

    I just updated to 24.6.9 and the button does wake up the car. Press the button once and you can hear the contractors pull in and then the screen appears. Press it a second time and you will hear the port latch unlock.
  48. jdcollins5

    How does the 2 stage regenerative braking work?

    A difference in the regen limit setting in software. Standard allows max regen. Low allows a lower regen limit. Some people do not like the feel of full regen and prefer the lower setting.
  49. jdcollins5

    Wh/mi rate at startup -- calculation or consumption?

    Think about it. It is Wh divided by miles. It updates every 0.1 miles. The first few updates are due to low bottom number. After you drive enough to get larger bottom number then the Wh/m number becomes more reasonable. Also if it is cold or hot, you are using more heat or AC to heat or...

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