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  1. kornelyus

    Small accident

    Make sure you have a flash drive installed for video recordings, and enable "save clips on honk". New v10.2 feature: Save Clips on Honk Tesla Sentry Mode & Tesla Dashcam USB Step by Step Setup and Guide
  2. kornelyus

    Report Supercharger Damage?

    I was able to get a live human on the Tesla Chat with these steps in the past: Tesla SSO - Sign In "Ask A question" will appear either: Vehicle & App Features -> Software & Firmware or: Vehicle Charging -> Supercharging Do you need more help? YES Describe your question -> Enter something here...
  3. kornelyus

    Battery Range decreasing

    This appears to be informative as well: Tesla battery management system (BMS) calibration
  4. kornelyus

    Warning about accepting delivery

    When you ask about inspecting the interior, their first answer is, "Open the app and accept the car first". During my delivery, I told my DS, "I'm sorry, I can't take delivery without inspecting the interior." Then he went inside the building for a few moments, came out, walked over to the car...
  5. kornelyus

    Adaptive Cruise Control Freaks out

    In my case ACC slowed down for a truck on the opposite lane, seems it thought the truck was on my lane on a collision course. Very dangerous, I could have been rear ended. Another case, car in front turning onto exit lane also caused the same false alarm. In 3 other cases, when there was no...
  6. kornelyus

    Heat pump acoustic cover

    Yes, you need to pop the plastic frunk cover off, the one around the windshield fluid refill. I must say, it is hard to put it back on. I wasn't able to snap back a few of them close to the front. Here is a picture. You will (or not) see a black foam sleeve around the orange. It's not fully...
  7. kornelyus

    Heat pump acoustic cover

    Sandy Munro suggested that it would have been great if Tesla used proper noise insulating housing for the heat pump on the Model Y:
  8. kornelyus

    Phone charging cable - installation question

    I was about to get a USB cable with the right angle connector, but when I started lifting up the rubber pad and the cover that slides off sideways, like @leftfield and @route-66, I too got confused about how the rubber pad would insert back and still allow the charging connector to protrude...
  9. kornelyus

    My MY delivery experience at Rocklin, CA delivery center

    Congratulations to you too. That's a beautiful blue. The enjoyment you get from driving this car helps you forget the few blemishes it might have. Enjoy the ride!
  10. kornelyus

    My MY delivery experience at Rocklin, CA delivery center

    I picked up my MY last Saturday, white exterior, black interior, dual-motor, long range, 19" wheels, hitch option. It was ordered Dec 2019. VIN=20xxx. This is my first Tesla. I was armed with three checklists and ready to reject the car if there were any serious issues. My wife and I combed...
  11. kornelyus

    White on White..Perf..FSD..VIN 19xxx

    Fantastic. Congratulations. Thanks for posting a success story.
  12. kornelyus

    ("Normal" delivery states): Does it make a difference to wait to make final payment?

    Were you able to inspect the inside of the car prior to handing over the payment?
  13. kornelyus

    Delivery Support Specialist: a black hole

    Yes, through teslabot (text message). Delivery scheduled for this Saturday. VIN 20xxx. Fingers crossed.
  14. kornelyus

    Still expecting June Delivery?

    Don't lose hope. I got "expected delivery Jun 23-25" text on the 21st, got my VIN on the 23rd, and "pick a delivery date/time" on the 24th. 26th and 27th were the only options.
  15. kornelyus

    Highest VIN on "View-Source" for MY

    No definite delivery date/appointment, but last delivery window in text message was 6/23-6/25. VIN: 20,6xx in MVPA
  16. kornelyus

    Chill Mode

    Coming from a Prius and mostly driving it in ECO, I may need a 'super-chill' or 'near-freeze' mode for my upcoming MY. :D
  17. kornelyus

    Delivery Support Specialist: a black hole

    I ordered back in December 2019, and had two conversations with my 'delivery specialist' early May. I left one VM with him early June when I got the 2-4 week delivery text. That VM did not get returned. Got an automated text on Sunday 'expecting delivery June 23-25'. No VIN on the website. I am...
  18. kornelyus

    Test drive before accepting delivery

    For those of you who went through the delivery process, I am curious if you were able to test drive the car that was assigned to you before accepting delivery? After inspecting the car, and assuming it is in good condition (no blocker flaws), I would like to test drive that same car. Did your...
  19. kornelyus

    Has anyone who got the 2-4 week text gotten a VIN/delivery scheduled?

    I got a 2-4 week delivery text on June 2nd, then 1-2 week delivery text on June 14th, and now 6/23-6/25 delivery text yesterday, June 21st. Rocklin, CA delivery center. White/Black, LR, 19" AWD, hitch.

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