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    Window rolls down even though doors are closed

    Had a strange occurrence today. I am aware the windows drop slightly when a door opens and then rolls back up after closing the door. However, today all four windows were up and when my daughter opened the rear passenger door that seemed to trigger her door, plus the two front windows to roll...
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    RPMTesla Model Y Cargo Cover

    Ordered it months ago not knowing the Model Y would take so long to arrive. Have since changed my mind about installing/needing it. RPMTesla is offering store credit but would prefer to sell it if I can. Located in Sacramento, CA and may consider shipping. Asking $200/obo.
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    Weird tear near VIN window

    Hi all, just took delivery of our Model Y yesterday. Car looked great and no major issues other than two doors requiring extra force to close. I have an appointment to get that adjusted. There is a second issue that my OCD noticed. The little rectangle window cutout for the VIN, at the base of...
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    Regen gauge?

    Hi all, took delivery of our Model Y yesterday. I am coming from a Model S and wondering if the Model Y has a regen gauge somewhere? Not the regen setting but rather a meter that displays how much regen you’re getting. Thanks!
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    Keeping 12V on to power eCooler

    We are still awaiting delivery of our Model Y so I couldn’t test this out myself. We have an eCooler from Costco and plan to power it from the Model Y on a camping trip. I have searched the forum and consulted the manual. If I’m understanding correctly, to keep the 12V continuously powered I...
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    Model S CoverCraft sunshade

    For sale is a custom fit CoverCraft UVS100 sunshade. Works great for added heat protection. Item is listed on FB Marketplace with free shipping: Log into Facebook
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    Model S 3DMAXPider Kagu floor mats (2 rows + cargo)

    These came from a 2019 Model S but should fit 2012 and up, I think. Full set includes front row, second row, and rear cargo area. $180 + shipping through Facebook Marketplace link: Tesla Model S 3DMAXPider 2 rows + trunk floor mats
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    Model S Modern Spare for sale

    *Mods, please move if this is in the wrong area. I couldn’t find a for sale section. 2012-2020 Model S Modern Spare Complete tire kit. Includes carrying case, 4000-lb ratcheting scissor jack, telescoping lug wrench, sockets, and wheel spacer. Never been used and still new. Asking $375/OBO...
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    How to keep dog cool in cargo area?

    I’ve read up on all of the pet-related threads and plan to get the Evannex pet cargo liner to take our Labrador on travels. We tried the hammock style pet protector over the rear seats of my wife’s Lexus ES330 but the family dog was too antsy and a dangerous distraction during driving. For...
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    Does 24" bike fit inside Model Y with one seat up?

    Tried searching forum and Youtube videos, but did not quite find what I'm looking for. Leaving one seatback up in the second row of the Model Y, has anyone tried to carry a 24" bike inside? Did it work?
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    New windshield camera array?

    The SC replaced my Raven windshield today due to the old one having waviness/distortion. When I got home I noticed the camera array at the top has two bright yellow lines. I don’t recall the old windshield cameras being so conspicuous. Anyone else’s windshield look like this? I will ask the SC...
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    How to deal with Model X width?

    I test drove a Model X LR and love it, but it feels awfully wide on city streets. The X doesn't look that big when I see it on the road, but behind the wheel it really is humongous. I can't believe it is 79" wide (without mirrors)! That is wider than our old Sienna minivan, and about as wide as...
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    Has MCU2 slowed down?

    I remember thinking the main screen was so responsive on our 2019 Raven S, but there now seems to be a slight lag since the past few updates. Has anyone else noticed this? I am not sure if the code has just become more bloated and causing lag. When I tap Suspension there seems to be a slight...
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    Parking next to others

    The X is pretty wide and the FWD help mitigate some of that when parking, but do you worry about the car next to you? Even with the benefits of FWD, do you park further away or look for a secluded parking spot (or one next to another X)?
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    No more Vroom, Carvana, Shift, etc?

    I love our Raven S but have been contemplating a move to a Long Range Raven X. I tried to get a few online appraisals from Carvana, Vroom, and Shift but none of them are taking Teslas at this time. I think the price drops and volatility scared them away from the brand. Any other options besides...
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    How much floorspace for dog in 7-seater?

    Hello, I currently drive a Raven S and am considering moving to an LR X. One of my arguments (to convince the wife) is that an X would have more room to take the family dog on trips with us (as I'm skittish about letting our Labrador retriever in the S). I know our dog could easily fit between...
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    Measurements of X front door

    Greetings, all. I have a strange request for help, please. I have a Raven S and am considering upgrading to a Raven X. The X is 2.3 inches longer and quite a bit wider than the S. The issue is we have a refrigerator centered at the front of the garage. The S fits perfectly in the garage with...
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    Are my daytime lights dim?

    Just noticed the reflection of our S at the doctor's office. The daytime lights appear dim or burnt out in the inner corners. Since it's on both headlights I can't tell if it's normal or not. Does this look normal for others? Going off of memory of other oncoming Model S, I think it should be...
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    Rough ride after 2020.36.3.1?

    Anyone else experience rougher ride after 2020.36.3.1? It seems to ride stiffer regardless of suspension setting, Comfort or Advanced doesn't improve things. Cold tire pressure at 42 PSI.
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    Backup camera update covers up Homelink

    Ever since Tesla added the side repeaters when in Reverse, the cameras block the top menus and cover up the Homelink when I'm trying to close the garage after reversing. I know I can set up Homelink to auto open/close garage but there are moments when I don't want it to occur, and it can get...
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    Raven S to X - pros and cons?

    I passed on a used X last year and bought a Raven S instead because the pre-Raven X road noise and ride quality were deal breaker at the time (along with a variety of quality control issues with the FWD and monopod seats). I finally test drove a 2020 Raven X last week and was duly impressed by...
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    Do i need stickier tires?

    We have a 2019 Raven Standard Range and when I put down the power to pass, or merge onto the freeway, I feel the car sort of veering the right then left. It is not so bad that I cross over to the next lane but enough that I anticipate it and make small steerimg corrections during periods of hard...
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    Reduced AC after hard acceleration?

    I don't know if this warrants a visit to the SC, but has anyone else noticed reduced A/C performance after a short burst of speed? Car was registering 107-degrees outside and I had the AC set at 70. I was merging onto the freeway and sprinted for about 4-5 seconds and instantly felt warmer air...
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    18" Modern Spare tire

    Not too many threads on Modern Spare for Model S. I am considering it except for the 26.5" overall diameter of the 18" wheel and tire combo. Our 19" OEM wheel and tire have an OD of 27.7". Has anyone had an issue using the Modern Spare kit? I know it's okay to use a smaller donut spare on ICE...
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    Trade 2019 Raven SR for 2020 Long Range?

    Hello all, Now that Tesla has dropped the price of the Model S and increased range to 402 and Supercharging to 225 kW, I am tempted to trade in my 10-month old 2019 Raven Standard Range. What do y'all think? I reached out to Tesla and am awaiting to hear back with some numbers. Our Standard...
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    Help understanding range estimates

    Our 5.5-month-old Raven S is rated at 285-miles range. New, it reported 276 on a full charge and then lowered to 273. No big deal. Last weekend I accidentally left the charge limit at 100% and woke up the next morning to 99% charge and only 264 miles of range. That seems mighty low. I figured...
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    Do UHP tires equal faster 0-60?

    I couldn't find much info about this on the forum and Interwebs, will the S accelerate quicker with Ultra High Performance tires versus Grand Touring tires? Or is the UHP tire too grippy and ends up with the same acceleration? I know UHP tires will have the advantage in handling and turns, but...
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    How does existing S X Y have increased range?

    Tesla claims the Model Y, Model S, and Model X can now go longer between charges, further strengthening its foothold in EV range Article doesn't explain how range has increased for Model Y and existing S/X? Is this coming in a software update? Why is Model 3 unaffected? I wonder if it benefits...
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    No more vampire drain?

    After the latest update, I noticed it takes longer for my S to wake with the app. Seems like it is in a deeper sleep state and using very little power. I have mobile access on, Sentry Mode on (except for home location), and Summon on but not continuously connected. Under these settings, I...
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    Creaking/groaning sound on rollout

    I have an appointment in the morning for some vibration and ticking/chattering sound from the front motor during moderate acceleration. This could be common shudder but I want SC to check it out because it happens during moderate acceleration (from 15 MPH to 45 MPH), not hard sprints, and also...
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    Sentry Mode no longer storing older driving videos?

    Today I pulled out my TeslaCam USB drive hoping to find some Sentry Mode videos of an interesting area we drove through. To my dismay, the SentryClips folder only contains videos of when the car was parked, and the RecentClips folder only contains driving videos from the last hour or two from...
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    Unable to schedule service through the app

    Is anyone else having issues scheduling service through the app? I plan to call Service Center once they're open. Everything else on the app is working. Option to schedule service just presents a black screen. Logged out of the app but still same issue.
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    Automatic max volume when entering the car

    Just updated to 2019.36.2.1 recently and noticed that when I re-enter the car the music volume automatically cranks up very loud. Has this happened to anyone else? This didn't happen prior to the update. If anything, I could never adjust the car's volume with my phone's volume buttons but now I...
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    Electronic gremlins when Supercharging

    Recently started to notice my windows won't work or the dash would go black (main screen still on) while Supercharging. Only happens when Supercharging. Not sure if there's some electromagnetic interference causing issues. As soon as I unplug the charging cable then everything returns to normal...
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    Arw pre-Raven S/X more powerful?

    We have a Raven S that is in the shop for a paint defect. I was given a loaner pre-Raven S 75D that was built Dec 2018. While our Raven S has more range and is undoubtedly smoother riding, the pre-Raven S seems to pull stronger and with slingshot acceleration that pins you against the seat...
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    What does pressing star do in Caraoke menu?

    When singing to Caraoke, what does the star icon do? I assumed it tags a song as a favorite to make it easier to find later but there's no favorites list. Furthermore, "enabling" the star makes it stay on so that all subsequent songs become favorites...unless I'm misunderstanding what the star...
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    Raven S - Low height rides better than Standard

    Hi everyone, We have a Raven S Standard Range. It came with 21" wheels and Continental tires and rode quite smooth. I downsized to 19" Slipstreams to have greater selection of tires and more affordable tire options. The 19s have Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Right after swapping wheels I felt...
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    Some map tiles brighter than others

    Ever since V10 I have noticed parts of the map screen being brighter than other spots. Has anyone else experienced this or know the cause/reason?
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    V10 Sentry Mode now includes rear camera

    V10 release finally includes ability to overwrite old files automatically when Sentry Mode USB fills up, but now also includes recordings from the rear camera!

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