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    2017-2020 Front Bumper Parts for Refresh

    Still available . bump
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    MX17 - FalconWing Door weather stripping deteriorating - Not covered by Warranty

    They also replace both glass because of this issue at the SoCal center with no issues
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    FSD price to be reduced to $3K for EAP owners

    I don’t think we’ll ever see 3k again like we never saw the 2k come back. Prob the cheapest he’ll do is 4K again at some point. His stock is at all time highs, making lots of money, don’t think he’ll care to reduce the price when he wants his value of the car to go up. I also had a 2018 model...
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    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    why do I only see 2 idle fee supercharging in my history?
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    Raven wind noise?

    Exactly how I feel. Coming from a Range Rover that you couldn’t hear anything. This thing sounds like an old van on the highway. It’s a joke it’s worth 100k for this amount of sound. Can barely hear the music. If I knew about this noise prior to purchase , I would of never bought it.
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    Loud Grinding Noise while steering wheel is turned

    I took mine for this exact issue last week. They charged me $200 to diagnose. This is what they said they did “Cleaned and lubed under the vehicle bash plate. After repair verify no more abnormal when turning left or right.” the noise was still there so I complained to them and they waived the...
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Just want to say they are top notch customer service. I had asked him a question regarding something and he did me a huge favor for no reason. Definitely recommended these guys. Thanks again
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    2018 Model X 75D White/Black - CA

    Isn’t full charge supposed to be 237 miles ?
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    New take off 19" slipstream rims with tires less then 50miles $900

    I’ll drive there for $500 if interested
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    New 2019 MX Long Range

    can that rep represent me too lol. Did u have to pay transport fees ? Was this car listed on their website as well or hidden sale
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    New 2019 MX Long Range

    but how did you find it? Did you find it on a website or had an advisor ?
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    New 2019 MX Long Range

    Wow how did you get that price ?
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    Model 6, Six Seater - long trips and 2nd row comfort

    Then I’ll have to have them check mine. Mine I can rock it side to side
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    Model 6, Six Seater - long trips and 2nd row comfort

    nice! Is yours wobbly or grounded with no movement ?
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    Light red stain on white interior

    I noticed this stain on both sides of the 3rd row. No idea what it could be since no one sits there ? I tried using alcohol to remove it but couldn’t. Any suggestions ?
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    More Rodent Damage *PHOTOS*

    A rodent caused 30K in damages before it got Totaled last month. I finally put a camera in my car to confirm that was it. The Tesla service repair couldn’t believe what it had done to the car once they opened it all up. It chewed every wire up
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    Model 6, Six Seater - long trips and 2nd row comfort

    nice. Do you have picture of it installed?
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    Model 6, Six Seater - long trips and 2nd row comfort

    Didn’t know they stopped making center console. Is there a reason why? I got it with my 2018, it makes it look like a van without it. Hopefully you can find a decent aftermarket one
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    My Used X Buying Journey...from Tesla

    I had a similar situation. Found the exact car I wanted. 2017 90D 25k miles, FSD, all packages, 5 seater for $61k. I saw the pictures and had some paint work in front and back bumper. Didn’t look major in the pictures. When they delivered the car, it looked like both bumpers got into an...
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    SC confirmed for FSD upgrade(MCU1, AP2.5)

    I have AP2.5 with MCU2 and I see construction cones on my 2018 model x. Maybe it’s a MCU2 thing?
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    15 used Model X's under $50K now

    Black exterior for some reason sell very cheap. I guess no demand for it. There’s a basic 2018 black/black 30k miles for 58k. Prob would of gotten that since most problems fixed in 2018
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    2019 Tesla model X 100D for sale

    price ?
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    Purchasing 2017 (March) Model X 100D with FSD - good buy?

    Depends on condition of the car. Look at all pictures. I purchased a 2017 90d FSD with all the options for $60k. I refused at delivery because it was obviously in an accident in the front and back bumpers with a clean history. Paint job was bad. Someone else accepted it hour after me. To me...
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    Must have accessories for MX

    How much do the center consoles go for in the new model x or do they even offer them now ? bought my 2018 recently that had this included. Love the look and gives it more Luxury feel to the 6 seater
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    How to turn on ambient interior lighting without the Premium Upgrades Package

    Does anyone have any pictures of what it should look like ? My lights turn on at night when I open the door but don’t know what the pup looks like
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    How to turn on ambient interior lighting without the Premium Upgrades Package

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but did anyone get this to work?
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    Upgrading to hardware 3.0

    I don’t know why people with EAP have to pay 4K to upgrade to FSD. Difference should be 2k
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    Upgrading to hardware 3.0

    March 2018 and later have AP2.5 and MCU2
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    MXLR+ no FSD SoCal receiving

    Installing this now. Have 2.5AP with EAP. I guess just bug fixes ?
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    SC confirmed for FSD upgrade(MCU1, AP2.5)

    I declined a car with mcu1 and bought a car with mcu2. Mcu1 was so laggy I couldn’t handle it
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    SC confirmed for FSD upgrade(MCU1, AP2.5)

    Infotainment more useful than ap3.0 imo. That mcu1 is brutally slow compared to mcu2
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    2017-2020 Front Bumper Parts for Refresh

    no you still need the 2 louvres (if you don’t want to cut the bumper for originals to fit) and front shield tray and a grill mesh
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    Our Teslas over last several years

    Wow that’s a big diff. Now I’m contemplating if I should sell my 22 to get 20. 22 onyx looks so much nicer tho lol. But it doesn’t feel like a 100k car when driving it cause of the noise and comfort ride
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    Our Teslas over last several years

    How much range diff are you getting on 22 vs 20? Noise from outside ? Comfort ? I have 22s and feel like the drive should be more smooth, which my model s was. Not sure it’s the 22 in onyx
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    Finally Purchased a 2018 Model X

    Pvt sale? How much ?
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    Finally Purchased a 2018 Model X

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    Finally Purchased a 2018 Model X

    I just did a 100% charge to see how much degradation battery has. It stopped at 219 miles. Not that good with the epa of 238. Almost around 10% in 2 years. Can anything be done ?
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    Free supercharging Transfer?

    How many miles do you get at 80%?
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    Finally Purchased a 2018 Model X

    In my previous post last week, I asked if the 2017 90d FSD white/white MCU1 5 seater for $60500 was a good deal. After seeing it it looked like it was in an accident for rear and front bumper. Bad paint job on both and a dent in the rear. So I declined it since I thought would cost another 4-5k...
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    Free supercharging Transfer?

    Can you tell me where it would say it so I could ask the owner to check in his account ?
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    Free supercharging Transfer?

    I wonder why she told me that both do transfer then? She said only if you trade it in Tesla then they remove those. She said transfers with vehicle? It’s a 5/18 and didn’t get it from referal code.
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    Model X 20" Slipstream Wheels for sale

    Price ? I’m in SoCal
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    Free supercharging Transfer?

    I know this has been asked numerous times, but I called in my service center and they told me internet and free supercharging transfer to next owner. Is this correct ? I’m looking to buy a used model x via private sale and I’ve been seeing some2018 have it already.
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    Ultra White cleaning solution that works...

    Is ultra white same as white premium interior in 2018? If so I’ll buy a can
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    Does anyone regret their purchase?

    That’s not quite true. Mcu2 came out in March 2018
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    Does anyone regret their purchase?

    Why is it considered a unicorn? Thanks

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