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  1. Muzzman1

    Mobile Ceramic Coating experts in the LA area?

    Hi guys, Can anyone in the LA area recommend a "mobile" ceramic coating expert. SFV specifically.
  2. Muzzman1

    Model S Refresh Dash Removal/Lift?

    I'm looking to see if anyone has a resource where a service manual for the 2021 Refresh Model S can be found. There's a rattle under my dash pad that I want to sort out, but I don't want to start taking things apart until I view the service manual. The SC already made an attempt to "fix" it...
  3. Muzzman1

    Help! Need DynoMode Data from Plaid Owners

    Hi All Plaid Owners, myself along with 2 other forum/plaid owners are having significant pack issues on our cars. It would help us out immensely if you could please post a screenshot of your "HV" Tab inside of DynoMode. To Enter DynoMode click on the software tab of the car, then hold your...
  4. Muzzman1

    "Balance Required" BMS Alert on Plaid

    So my plaid IC gives me a grand total of 300 miles with 19" wheels at 100% According to the HV section in the "Dyno Mode" page my total pack energy is 73kWh. Needless to say there's something amiss. I noticed there's an alert indicating that "Balance required" in the BMS. Normally this alert...
  5. Muzzman1

    Plaid Phone charging pads

    Is it me, or do the Plaid phone charging pads do nothing more than heat up the phone? I did 2, one hour drives yesterday and put my iPhone 12 Pro Max (without a case) on the charging pad and noticed that the phone did not take any charge, although it did show the lightning bolt on the phone...
  6. Muzzman1

    2021 Black Tempest Wheels From Plaid

    I will have a set of Model S Plaid Tempest Wheels in Black with Tires and TPMS complete for $2000 this week. Less than 500 miles. Tires alone are $1400, TPMS are $300. So you are getting wheels for $75 Each! These are new take-off's no scratches or anything. I would STRONGLY prefer Local...
  7. Muzzman1

    Plaid Charges Past set Limit

    I took delivery of my Plaid 2 charges ago, and both nights it charged to 97 & 98%, and it's set to 90. I've had model S since 2014, and have 2 HPWC's, and I've seen this before on our other cars, but usually it's a 1 off thing. Today I did a reboot. Anyone else experiencing this with plaid...
  8. Muzzman1

    Tesla (Yakima) 4 Bike Bike rack for Model X/Y

    Im selling the a 4 bike rack. Used 2 times. Works perfect. No issues. Cleaning out the garage $275 Local Pickup, or buyer pays shipping. It's 40Lbs. https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-x_y-hitch-rack Cross Tube adapter included as well...
  9. Muzzman1

    LightHarmonic Amp for Sale $550

    I have a perfectly working LlghtHarmonic Amp for sale A direct plug in for any UHFS car.
  10. Muzzman1

    Has anyone with a Plaid Reservation Received a VIN?

    I was a Battery Day reservation holder for the plaid +, and since the day it was cancelled, I became a plaid reservation holder. I was told by operations that I was one of the 1st to order the car so I will be close to the front of the line. I was also told by him that Carbon Fiber decor...
  11. Muzzman1

    My Plaid is coming, so my 85D is for sale!

    Hi I should be taking delivery of my Plaid car soon at this point. My daily driver will be for sale. I am in SoCal. I can sell the car prior to the Plaid arrival if needed. I have an White on Black 2015 85D 83K mi, with every factory option (except the rear facing seats) The UHFS Sound...
  12. Muzzman1

    No more radar means the car cannot see through fog?

    Remember one of the "amazing" selling features of the radar was the car could see through fog, and could even see the car in front of the car that was in front of you. So "If a UFO landed on the road, the car in front would hit it and the Model S will stop because the radar can see through the...
  13. Muzzman1

    Model X rear passenger window not closing.

    So my wife's MX rear window will not close from the FWD switch or the driver switch. The window lock is not active. Any suggestions? It's a 2016 early VIN. No clue where the fuses are. Anyone have any tips?
  14. Muzzman1

    This might be for any Network engineers....Please help!

    HI guys. I have Model S & Model X in the garage since new. 2015 & 2016. I've never had any issues getting map updates to either car until recently. Both cars are attached via Wifi through our Ruckus R610. To confirm signal is not an issue I installed a 2nd AP (apple airport extreme)...
  15. Muzzman1

    eMMC Repair is now covered for 8yrs 100k

    I just got this email, which also means people like me that paid for the replacement, get out $ back! Nice that Tesla did the right thing!
  16. Muzzman1

    When upgrading to MCU2 will I lose "included" premium connectivity too?

    Premium connectivity is included on my '85D, and I'm getting the MCU2 upgrade. Does this mean I will have to pay annually for connectivity as well?
  17. Muzzman1

    Has anyone with LightHarmonic Amp upgraded to MCU2?

    So I have an appt to upgrade the MCU2 but remember hearing somewhere there's an issue with MCU2. Or. Does anyone with MCU2 have a lightharmonic amp, are there any issues? Has anyone done it?
  18. Muzzman1

    It's too late, my MCU1 Died....

    It started with garbled words about a week ago. I did a typical reboot. This time though every time the MCU got to the point where it needed to draw the map tiles, boom, black screen and reboot. This cycled for about 5 days. I contacted a mobile tech I happen to know, he pulled logs and...
  19. Muzzman1

    eMMC repairs in the LA area?

    Does anyone know anyone or has anyone had their MCU eMMC repaired in the LA area? Mine is exhibiting reboot regularly problems.
  20. Muzzman1

    MX 20" Wheels & Tires $600

    That's right a complete set of MX wheels and tires with 5mm on all tread. That's more than 60% remaining. All Sensors and Wheel caps everything included. I even have a have chrome caps if you want them. My wife is excellent at scrubbing the wheels on the curb, so 3/4 have light curb rash. (see...
  21. Muzzman1

    Light Harmonics Model S Amplifier $600

    This amp is incredible. 1200 continuous (1950 peak) watts of efficient class D power are delivered throughout your Model S. This amplifier consumes 50% less power and delivers five times more power than the factory installed amp. The stock amp this replaces is 360W. This amp is a drop in...
  22. Muzzman1

    Falcon Wing Door Strut leak?

    Hi guys, Has anyone else seen or heard of a FWD strut leak?
  23. Muzzman1

    Long Press the Park Button gets a Red "P" on the IC

    I remember reading somewhere that a long press of the park button puts the car into a more rigid park mode where it applies the brake harder. Is this true? I searched the manual and on page 66 it indicates that the red "p" shows up only it is activated on the touchscreen, but it also...
  24. Muzzman1

    Is it true that all new cars are delivered with 48A chargers, no other option?

    Wow if this is true, that's kinda nuts. There' have been countless situaltions for us over the years where we needed 80A on my MS and 72A on our MX. Is this really true?? When it comes time to get a new MS, I wanted to upgrade only. :( Onboard Charger
  25. Muzzman1

    LA Area People, watch out! They are stealing Nose Cones Now!

    In case you guys would like to share I have great quality camera footage of the ass hat that stole my nose cone from my 85D. This happened at 5pm in front of a bank in Northridge CA. People all over. The perp had paper plates.
  26. Muzzman1

    WTB Nose cone assembly with sensors

    So today someone came along and stole my nosecone off my car. THey were nice enough to disconnect the sensors without cutting the wires. I'm hunting through my dashcam footage to put the guy on social media in the hopes I can shame him/her. So if anyone parting out a car has one please...
  27. Muzzman1

    Does this mean we can legally hack and distribute knowledge about hacking our cars for repair?

    I'm not an attorney, but when I read this I immediately thought to myself it should now be ok for the geniuses like @wk057 and others to share/sell knowledge freely to allow us to work on our own cars? In Groundbreaking Decision, Feds Say Hacking DRM to Fix Your Electronics Is Legal
  28. Muzzman1

    Seriously The Atari games are SO much fun!

    I grew up on the 80's, so playing full screen with steering control is beyond fun for me! The audio is insane too. When you crash the lunar lander etc, the sub shakes the car! It's so awesome!
  29. Muzzman1

    Has anyone else had a beep at the same time as the 1st visual warning?

    This has happened to me on 2 occasions. Since Tesla added the red hands of shame for 3 audible alerts I have never heard a beep once, until the new nag update. Since the nag update, on 2 occasions I got a beep with the 1st visual indicator. The 1st time it happened I thought well...
  30. Muzzman1

    MCU 1 2018.6 vs 2018.12

    Can you guys see the difference? Our Model X has 2018.6 and the Model S has 2018.12. I ran the same route to see who is faster. 2018.12 definitely feels smoother and faster. Also.... Has anyone with a 85D or 90D noticed a performance increase with 2018.12 or am I imagining things?
  31. Muzzman1

    Any interest in a set of Grey Arachnids?

    Hey guys I have a set of Grey Arachnids I had on my car for a short while. The tires have 5mm on them all around. Wheels are perfect, no rash no scratches. These are nearly the most rare OEM wheel around. When I had the car in service at Van Nuys a bunch of staff came over and...
  32. Muzzman1

    Seeking advice for upcoming LA to Tahoe trip

    Hi Everyone, We are planning a trip from LA to Tahoe next weekend and snow is forcasted for our journey. I have a couple questions for the seasoned snow condition experts in that region. We are taking an S 85D, 19" wheels with all season tires, and I have a set of chains I bought from...
  33. Muzzman1

    Road Noise 19" vs 21" Hard Numbers

    So I just replaced my 21" Arachnids with my 19" cyclones(with Pirelli P7's) for an upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe from LA. I figured I'd take a dB noise measurement over a 5 mile road at exactly 50mph in the same lane and see what the average Decibel reading over the drive. (I used dB meter pro...
  34. Muzzman1

    Brand New never installed Light Harmonic Amp

    I have this amp in my Model S and LOVE it. I bought this 2nd unit in anticipation of installing it in my wife's model X. Turns out it will not go in an MX. Its specs are astounding. If you'd like to hear it in my S, I'll be happy to meet you for a listen if you're in the area. The...
  35. Muzzman1

    I cannot find a tire replacement thread...

    I've searched and searched. I'm looking for a thread that the tire experts have created with recommendations for tire replacement for the MX. Specifically the 20" version. My wife's MX has about 22k on it and the Conti's are on their last leg. I'm hoping for a longer lasting...
  36. Muzzman1

    NIB White Kids Model S $350

    Hi guys I have a kids Model S refreshed front end, with grey turbines for sale. It's New in the original box unopened. Local pickup here in the LA area. I bought 2 thinking my kids wouldn't share. I was wrong, they are sharing the one we opened nicely. It's a relatively low price...
  37. Muzzman1

    Anyone interested in 19" Grey Cyclone OEM wheels?

    I just installed my arachnids and love them , so if the price is right, I'd be willing to sell my 19" Grey Cyclones. They are complete with 2nd Gen TPMS, center caps and Pirelli P7's rated for 70k miles and have 30k on them. All the wheels are perfect. So scuffs or scratches. Never been...
  38. Muzzman1

    Calling on the Experts: Exporting to Indonesia

    Hey everyone, My good friend has decided to get a new P100D MX, and he took delivery of it here in LA. He bought it with the sole intention of taking it back to indonesia. Besides the regulatory stuff: Such as RH/LH drive, will he have trouble charging the car? I know the onboard...
  39. Muzzman1

    CPO Profit Margin

    I recently traded one of the cars on my account for 87k back to Tesla, and I found it on the CPO website. They added $10k to the trade-in price. The car had 4900 miles on it and not so much as a nick. It's immaculate, so it's unlikely they will need to do anything to it to re-sell it...
  40. Muzzman1

    Rear HVAC only goes to 7?

    Today was a scorcher here in LA. My wife was doing some stuff with a couple of her sisters and our 2 yr old, and we met up for lunch. The ladies (and baby) in the middle row were sweating upon exit. I told my wife to crank up the rear HVAC speed to "11", she said it only goes to "7"?? I...
  41. Muzzman1

    In case you want/need to swap out your arm rest decor....

    Here's a very very short-cut to get it out. I've seen quite a few posting about how to get the center console apart just to replace the decor piece. I was shown this method by a Ranger when we were discussing the small screws for the leather slider that fall off at times. This is the east...
  42. Muzzman1

    "Security Package?"

    Those of you across the pond, would you mind telling us what the security package is? I'm curious. Thanks! Here's an example (not sure how long this link will live) Model S 85D 5YJSB7H24FF091236 | Tesla UK
  43. Muzzman1

    A Pure Electric Household with an MX & MS Consumption for 2016

    Hi Guys, I have a separate meter on my panel to measure the cars electrical consumption and I finally pulled a report for 2016. Here's the numbers: In total we consumed 13,207.316 kWh. We drove the MX about 12k miles and the MS 20k miles. We have a 12kw PV system, so the true electrical...
  44. Muzzman1

    WTB CF Decor

    I'm looking to trade for Matte Obeche plus cash, or outright purchase of the 4 CF interior parts. (3 dash and 1 main console)
  45. Muzzman1

    Yet another shout out to Calibred Customs

    Johnny from Calibred installed my wife's Blackvue, in fact hers was Johnny's 1st install on the X! That was about a yr ago, and since then I managed to break the center pin on the rear camera cable, so the rear camera was inoperable. I bought the connectors and tools in preparation of a...
  46. Muzzman1

    Has anyone accessed the lower dash to replace the UHFS amp?

    I got my hands on a LightHarmonic amplifier to try out on my wife's Model X. I installed on on my Model S, but ran across some instructional videos. (the LIght Harmonic amp is a bolt in replacement for the stock UHFS amp) Has anyone done it, or has anyone seen any video's posted...
  47. Muzzman1

    Side Collision Avoidance with no AP active

    I posted this over at the reddit page, but I figured I would cross post here in case there's some of you that don't follow reddit. I know the manual states that the car veer and beep when a side collision is eminent, and tonight I experienced it. I didn't realize I was so close to the rail...
  48. Muzzman1

    Who else is loving the 105 degree interior temp limit??

    I live in SoCal where it's still summer, and since 8.0 when I get into my car that has been left in the sun, it is no longer so hot inside it's hard to breathe the air!! (I've seen 135!) I realize I could activate the a/c with the app, and I often do, but I my schedule isn't fixed, and at...
  49. Muzzman1

    Model X vs. Model X Real World Consumption Comparison

    My wife and I met up in Buelton on our way home from Solvang. She in her her X90D 20" wheels, me in my 85D 19" wheels. We both charged up with room to spare to do the 112 mi drive. We both drove the same route home essentially following each other within a 1/4 mi. I was alone in the S and my...
  50. Muzzman1

    Does this happen to you when going N on the 405?

    Here's the spot: 405 N in the carpool lane as you are about to go under the 101 with AP active at 70-75. Do your tires hit the reflectors and miss the barrier by about 1mm? I keep thinking when I go there, AP will learn, AP will learn, ......AP Hasn't Learned and scares the crap out of you...

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