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  1. MrBigSmiles

    Cybrtrk RN #

    Deposit placed! Let’s see when it will actually arrive!
  2. MrBigSmiles

    TMC Member Spots Tesla Model Y in the Wild

    Saw this red Model Y on the road this morning.
  3. MrBigSmiles

    Are RWD really being fulfilled within 4 weeks?

    wow.....I placed an order on 10/3 and I am still waiting for someone to contact me about delivery dates. I'm based out of the CA and have a BLK/BLK RWD, 19" on order. I think I need to ping NA Sales to find out what is going on here!
  4. MrBigSmiles

    Just ordered, now what?

    In the same boat...ordered over the weekend and still waiting on a delivery specialist to contact me to work out details about payment, delivery date, etc.
  5. MrBigSmiles

    2015 Model S 85D (Tech Pkg/Free Supercharge) FS - $49,950

    I am selling a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. I am the original owner of this vehicle. This vehicle comes with Gen1 Autopilot and unlimited Tesla Supercharger network access for long-distance travels. This vehicle also has AWD with dual-motors for better acceleration and greater energy efficiency...
  6. MrBigSmiles

    New HOV Stickers

    I just received my HOV stickers and I’m not thrilled to put it onto my white Molde 3. It seems that DMV wants stickers all around the vehicle.
  7. MrBigSmiles

    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA (expanded to 16 V2 stalls)

    Awesome find! I can tell you know, this SC will be packed especially once the city center opens up.
  8. MrBigSmiles

    APR for Financing Model 3

    I was able to get 1.99% for 72mo from Financial Partner CU. This includes a .25% reduction w/ autopay setup.
  9. MrBigSmiles

    New Model S 21” Wheels

    was At the Dublin SC today and came across this red Model S with the new 21” rims.
  10. MrBigSmiles

    No blindspot warning on Model 3?

    The ultrasonic sensors work but aren’t all that reliable. Compared with those on my Model S, I’d say the Model 3 sensors are probably 10-20% more reliable. I Dont believe the range of these sensors has improved by 2X from earlier models, which had limited range and only picked up vehicles...
  11. MrBigSmiles

    Will Porsche Mission E be the right vehicle for me?

    If you have the means to, get a Tesla now to fill the 2-3yrs it takes to see the Mission-E in production and then trade in the S!
  12. MrBigSmiles

    2018 CA HOV Stickers

    no clue....i hope it won't be purple or yellow.
  13. MrBigSmiles

    Issues closing the doors

    Yes, it does take a great deal of force to get the doors to close. Hopefully, the door seals will soften over time and will require less force to get the door to close.
  14. MrBigSmiles

    2018 CA HOV Stickers

    You will be eligible to renew your sticker before your white stickers expire at the end of this year.
  15. MrBigSmiles

    Already on 50.11 but just got an update notification.

    I am currently on 50.10 but my vehicle does not have EAP. I wonder whether these updates are more specifically designed for vehicles w/ EAP.
  16. MrBigSmiles

    Can't "Unsee" These Defects...

    I just picked up my model 3. Well, QA is still a bit off the mark. Here you can see some examples of how panels are still not exactly lining up.
  17. MrBigSmiles

    Model 3 parking sensor - no audible warning

    I did try that a few times but it didn’t do anything. I’ve sent an email to Tesla Service for guidance.
  18. MrBigSmiles

    Model 3 parking sensor - no audible warning

    Yes checked it and it was NOT muted. Looks like this is going back to my local SC!
  19. MrBigSmiles

    Model 3 parking sensor - no audible warning

    i JUST picked up my model 3 from Fremont. Was testing it in the parking lot and noticed that while backing up, the parking sensors picked up distance but there was no audible warning like with my model S. Is this normal or an error with my sensors? Tesla delivery rep says it’s an upcoming...
  20. MrBigSmiles

    Misbehaving Windows

    my windows seem to have a mind of their own. They go up and down even though I am pulling up on the triggers to close the windows.
  21. MrBigSmiles

    Tesla Buyback for your Model S?

    I recently had tesla appraise my 2015 85D w/ 58k miles on it. They completely lowballed me on the appraisal and came in way below KBB prices. CarMax actually gave me a value that was more than 15% above what Tesla offered.
  22. MrBigSmiles

    Highest production VIN in the wild

    I’m scheduled to pickup the model 3 on Jan 13th as well! Reserved online on 3/31 and I’m a current Model S owner in the Bay Area.
  23. MrBigSmiles

    [POLL] CA Current owners ONLY. Have you received your config invite yet?

    I received my invite last Sunday and I just submitted my design for the 3 today. I’m a model s owner (2015 Model) and reserved online. I’m in the northern CA area.
  24. MrBigSmiles

    2017.48 a774ed8 Is out!

    I wrote an email to Service NA last week stating that I wanted to take advantage of Easy Entry and that I was still on .42. Early this week, I received a response from the Fremont center stating that they would push out a software update to me so that I can access Easy Entry. Updated my...
  25. MrBigSmiles

    2017.46 3387a54 is out

    I want Easy Entry Damnit!
  26. MrBigSmiles

    new model s: panel / chrome trim alignment issues

    It is very common unfortunately. I had one of the SC take a look at it and basically the way they go about fixing it is to roll down the window and then, using both hands, to pull the trim from the bottom and adjust the trim until it aligns with the trim on the rest of the frame. Apparently...
  27. MrBigSmiles

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Here are a few photos I took during my stop at the Dublin SC today.
  28. MrBigSmiles

    Why all the hate for the Aero wheels?

    I wish they would have an aero option for the 19" wheel options. I think that would look better and probably closer to the wheels during the first unveiling.
  29. MrBigSmiles

    2015 Model S w/ Misaligned doors

    I'm nearing my 50K mile warranty and I'm debating whether to ask Tesla Service to fix my misaligned doors (see pictures). Has anyone else taken in their vehicle to have these misalignment doors repaired and were you satisfied with the results? My concern is that Tesla may just refuse to fix it...
  30. MrBigSmiles

    For Sale: Founders Series Model S for Kids Radio Flyer

    What is your asking price?
  31. MrBigSmiles

    Model 3 with Ultra White interior

    that passenger in the back is throwing daggers at your way!
  32. MrBigSmiles

    Tesla Weather App?

    Yes - definitely needed. Lots of micro-climates here in the Bay Area so having a dedicated weather app would be very useful.
  33. MrBigSmiles

    New CA bill AB1184 being considered: Up to $10K rebate for EV purchases

    Should California spend $3 billion to help people buy electric cars? - bill goes to Gov. Brown for signature on Sept 15th!
  34. MrBigSmiles

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I saw these two at the Fremont factory today. The red looks awesome on the model 3.
  35. MrBigSmiles

    Slooooowwww supercharging....

    You are lucky, I was at the Dublin, CA supercharger and was only able to get 38kw charge rate on my model S.
  36. MrBigSmiles

    v8.0 Update Failed. Was that my only shot at an update?

    I got a similar response after I brought my car in for a checkup on my firmware. the SC was aware of my software update failure notice but did not load v8 onto my vehicle after the service. They said Tesla engineering is still rolling out updates in batches and basically just keep waiting for...
  37. MrBigSmiles

    Software Update 10/18 ??

    I'm still waiting on my v8 update. The SC wasn't able to load it on my car. They said it wasn't staged yet so they can't push it manually to my car. I'm very bummed!
  38. MrBigSmiles

    Still Waitin on 8

    I eventually had my car in at my local SC asking about v8. They told me that my vehicle along with a whole fleet of cars are still on v7. They said v8 is still being "fixed". I asked how long will this take and they didn't give me a timeline saying that it's up to Tesla engineering. So I'm...
  39. MrBigSmiles

    Still Waitin on 8

    I'm here in the states in CA and I am still waiting for my OTA for v8.0. I think its time to visit the SC!
  40. MrBigSmiles

    Waaaah! I don't have 8.0 yet!

    I have not received my v8.0 update yet. Three days ago, I came across a software notification via my mobile app telling me that the Software Update had failed. However, I never came across the yellow timer icon telling me to accept an update in my car and I've been keeping my car connected to...
  41. MrBigSmiles

    Firmware 8.0

    Am I the only one yet to receive my v8 update? this is very frustrating!
  42. MrBigSmiles

    Recommendations for Tesla Authorized Autobody Shop (East Bay)

    Today was NOT my lucky day. I accidentally backed into a parked SUV at a supercharger lot. Now, I need to pick an auto body repair shop to repair my damaged bumper and hatch. What a way NOT to start the weekend! Does anyone have any recommendations for either the Pleasanton area or Fremont...
  43. MrBigSmiles

    Tesla Referral Program

    My referral link here: http://ts.la/michael9003
  44. MrBigSmiles

    Tesla Referral Program

    One more to add to the NA region: http://ts.la/michael9003
  45. MrBigSmiles

    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    Just reserved, no email confirmation. I can't even access MyTesla now due to some kind of error with the site. I'm not worried though. Today is a glorious day!
  46. MrBigSmiles

    Official "what's your drink" Model 3 reveal thread

    Just had two margaritas with salt! Feelin good!
  47. MrBigSmiles

    Invite to Model 3 Unveiling ...

    Just got my email 2hrs ago.
  48. MrBigSmiles

    Just got rear ended

    I was rear-ended about a month and a half back. It was a low speed impact and the driver left two dimples on my rear-bumper. I brought it into my insurance for an adjuster quote and it came out to be around ~$800. I then had to wait three weeks before I can bring the car to a certified Tesla...

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